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  1. Every warning point has a limited date of expiry. After that the restrictions are vanished and an user will be able to post again as before. Always try to avoid warning points to work here on this forum. Because if you do anything that breaks the rules,you will get warning points and eventually you can be banned also. So always try to create valuable posts to avoid any restrictions.
  2. Faucets are not worth of giving time and industry. Because from a faucet,we get a tiny amount of rewards which is never satisfying. That is the reason why I don't have the desire to create a faucet actually. It will be profitable for me but the people who attend a faucet gets so disappointed after their so much work getting only a few amount of money. Instead of that maybe users will be interested in making crypto related projects.
  3. The main motive to create this forum is to spread the knowledge and information about cryptocurrencies all over the world. To show the world the importance of cryptocurrencies and the advantages of using it. And it's done a beautiful job in this matter. The forum managed to put ideas into the heads of the users of crypto world. The evolution is quite extraordinary. We will learn from time to time also.
  4. Investment in crypto projects are always so profitable with a basic knowledge. I have been trading since 6 months and my experience is quite good. I at first gained knowledge and learn the basic steps of tradings and then actually I got to do some tradings. But gambling is not like that. There is always risk of losing the money in gambling. That's why I think that gambling is not good. Trading or investment are the best way to earn.
  5. When I first joined the crypto world I had no idea about cryptocurrencies or airdrops or faucets or tradings. But I only heard about bitcoin once or twice. After joining her eon this forum,I got to know everything slowly. I got to know how big the crypto world was. I was actually able to explore the world more precisely after joining here. So always keep learning and gaining knowledge.
  6. Giving up is not a solution to any problem. Always face it and try to solve it. In trading sometimes we face losses but it's not for always. If we try and gain experience from our tradings and also try to learn about trading then we can Actually do good in the market. Gaining knowledge about trading will give a permanent solution actually and you can earn profits then. So never give up.
  7. I had some TWT.But I sold it a long ago because the price was not increasing at that time. So I thought the token is not worth of holding. But at that time I earned it through referral. But recently I noticed that the referral system is changed and tough to earn from it actually. The coingecko has also listed TWT and it's higher in price now. I hope to earn more TWT in the upcoming days.
  8. Currently there are only two legit platforms are available that pays good for publications in crypto world. Bitcointalk and Cryptotalk. But among these two the best way to earn and the easier and trusted forum is Cryptotalk. It takes several months to warn from bitcointalk. But in Cryptotalk, you can do that in a day. It's quite impressive actually. That's why I think that this forum is the best.
  9. The amount is not fixed for anyone. That's why no matter how much money you have you can just start only by what you have. This is the best thing about crypto world. Whenever you want to invest in projects you can start with any sum. I only had 100 dollar and I started trading with that. So don't lose your courage.
  10. It's easy to earn money here but no one has to worry about that particularly. Because if someone research about some topics then they can easily make good posts. And this forum only pays for those relevant and informative posts. So if your ambition is only to make informative posts then you are getting the money automatically. So the main motive should be that.
  11. Cryptocurrencies are so popular because of some reasons. The first what the users like is that it's easy to earn cryptocurrencies rather than earning flat currencies. It's also safe and stored easily and no one has to face any difficulties to store it. The number of projects and trading system and the profits are quite remarkable of this coin. That's why it's actually so popular.
  12. There are several sections are available in this forum. But not all of this section gets the same attention always. For beginner section is the most used section in the website. It's because a newbie always post here and learn new things. And the number of people who join here is a lot. Also the Crypto world section has more experienced users. They discuss mainly about everything related to crypto there.
  13. To earn here in Cryptotalk, one must do informative posts. Because if the post is relevant then you will be rated in positive marking. That's why it's important to make up a mind for doing informative post actually. That should be the ambition and if you are right and stick to your ambition, you can earn quite well and it will also help you to get payments.
  14. People who send spam messages are called spammers. Spam messages are those messages which contains unimportant stuff or viruses that can cause to erase the important data of a computer. So it is really important to avoid spam messages. They will make some useless email message to harass people or to steal information from them. Always be secure from these spammers.
  15. The problem has been fixed a few months ago. There is no such problems now. Actually the problem occurred at that time because of some technical errors as the administration team had already clarified. So there is no chance to face this problem once again. But if it happens they will fix it again. Because they are always so aware about the users comfort.
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