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  1. The transactions are based on the speed of the specific cryptocurrencies. The speeds are also different than one another. The eth takes almost 16 seconds to complete a transaction and btc is quite more in this matter. But they have to take permission from almost 12 networks to complete a transaction. But the speed differs from the time to time and also depends on the platform sometimes.
  2. The digital currencies have been always a strength to the economic status. Cryptocurrencies are also like that. The dominance of the cryptocurrencies was at 70 but now it seems to have a break through its record. The current point is at approximately 73.2. So it is quite unpredictable that what will happen when will be controlled.
  3. This is now the stupidiest question to ask about. Because all the users of the crypto world know that the creator of the bitcoins is still unknown to all. So there is no point of making a post about it again and again. The mystery cannot be solved without the proper proof and unfortunately no one has able to give any proof to be the inventor.
  4. The mystery of the creation of bitcoin is still not revealed and no one seems to have an proper introduction of the inventor till now. Some people have claimed themselves to be the owner of bitcoins but with no proof. So it is shady that the creator can be a man or a woman or a group or any agencies. Still we can only imply different kinds of theories to this creation of btc.
  5. Uzbekistan has taken a great initiative to introduce the cryptocurrencies to the people of Asia more legally. The uzbeks are quite fond of new and extremely pure projects. They seem to have a good faith in crypto world. Soon the other Asians countries will be able to see the consequences of this projects and we hope for the best.
  6. The prices of cryptocurrencies always goes ups and downs according to the market. Sometimes it emplodes and sometimes shows something extraordinary. But all the users are always surprised in either way. The dash is quite in the top chart for its prices. But all on a sudden it seems that the price was calculating high at that time. Now the price of other cryptocurrencies are also in a high position.
  7. The cyber world is now full of spams and also fraud marketing. But as a user,we need to be more careful and relevant about checking the domain name and the insight data. Few fishing sites are exactly made as the orginal ones. But with a proper inspection we can avoid ourselves from getting spammed with our money or cryptocurrencies.
  8. Banks should built another section of developers who can actually create some good projects with cryptocurrencies. The bank authority is actually afraid of the cryptocurrencies and they don't seemed to be reliable with that. Actually they should be more trustworthy with this projects and make people understand the good uses and facilities of cryptocurrencies. Then they will be successful and they can make a great impact on the crypto world.
  9. Sometimes people scam others or drag them towards disaster by creating fake news. The moderators are always doing their job so fluently that they have removed the trojan virus post as soon as possible. But there are also other spams are available about various cryptocurrencies also. We should be always aware about those and you did a good job by definiting of this virus and showing them the way to delete it.
  10. By a lot of query and searches can only solve this kind of curiosity. If a user need to work in an online based network where they will be paid by cryptocurrencies, he has to research about the website. As we all are here by hearing from friends or youtube or research. So a good site payment system will always be good and we can simply learn that by reading reviews.
  11. Saj555

    Need help!

    Either you make 20 posts or more ,you will only be paid for the 20 posts those are useful. However if the posts are not worthy then you will not be given specific tokens. So it is quite important to create and make useful posts instead of making irrelevant posts. That will give you warning points by the moderators.
  12. This is quite shocking that bitcoin couldn't last in the top order list. The coin is worth of 10k usd. But still it couldn't make to the list. And it seems that in China they are quite not addicted in investing in bitcoin projects. They are the center of cryptocurrencies movement. Maybe they are not interested in making btc projects and they also want to launch their own cryptocurrency.
  13. It is quite simple to say for now. The existence of bitcoins have been since a decade. And if it was meant to be disappeared then it would have been already. But it hasn't that means that the bitcoins will remain in the market as long as the virtual world exists. Banks are controlled by an authority. But bitcoin isn't. That's why bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are in my priority.
  14. The platform seems to be good for a specific fetaures. But It is tough to say either everyone will accept it or not. Because the email and password system is applied into all platforms now. But it is hard to say that when and how actually it will get success. There are several platform exists that makes a good sense for every trading or investment. So this PayID needs a good advertising.
  15. This is actually a true event. Back in 2010,the price of the cryptocurrencies and also for bitcoin was too low. So at that time they wanted to promote bitcoin so badly. That's why they gave a good amount of btc to the users who joined the faucet. But now it is impossible to reward this amount to the users.
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