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  1. Dear friend from your mentioned list i prefer ledger nano x wallet. It is more secure hardware wallet. As you know hardware wallet are more complicated to use but ledger nano x is easy to use. It is attractive due to its advantages features and low withdrawal fee. Its make users transactions safe, secure and easy. Its security system is also good due to scammers can't access over this wallet.
  2. You can do your work easily with this wifi connection because you have your own net work. Make sure an other person who is working at crypto is not connected with this wifi. I am using my sim data i am not using wifi because i don't my in my surrounding who is working at cryptotalk. I want to advise that you must use data on your sim instaed of wifi. One of my friend was working with wifi he can not stay more at cryptotalk .
  3. In my point of view beginners should invest bitcoins because bitcoins are easy to invest and bitcoins have high ratings in trading market. Maximum people can easily trade bitcoins because of bit experience. Beginning have no more idea in start so bitcoins is the best crypto currency to invest and we can make maximum profit through bitcoins investment. I am also investing bitcoins and i am sure you will get success through bitcoins investment.
  4. Crypto talk forum does not apply charges for registration here, it is totally distinguish than other site.we can make sure our registration without any charges. I don't know about bitcoins talks rules and regulations for registration, may be bitcoins talk forum have to take charges for newly register person. We can work at cryptotalk without any investment and with out and we have done our registration free of cost at this platform.
  5. You are right without proper knowledge no one can create useful and essential topic. First you have to need to make a proper search on a topic which you want to create. After getting sufficient knowledge you will be able to write some thing special in your topic. Be careful to make any topic because if the topic will impressive people will come to your topic and will give your topic replies and positive reputations as well.
  6. Dear friend its depend on you that what you can do easily if you have no more knowledge about this forum or crypto world you can just write other topics replies which known as posts. Your posts will useful and not deleted when you will use meaningful material in your posts. Be hope full and create good posts you will stay here a large time and you will learn more about crypto currencies as well as ern appropriate money. Make sure to follow the rules of this cryptotalk site. If you don't know about forum rules you can go at "about forum" and read all rules of crypto talk campaign.
  7. Dear sir i have voted to crypto campagin 5 minutee ago. It was my right because crypto campagin is much supporting platform to me. I am earning as well as learning from this forum.I have noticed that our crypto talk campaign has high votes instead of other forums but a lots of members are not aware of this announcement to vote crypto otherwise their will be a lots of votes of our crypto talk forum.
  8. You are right a topic which a person publish in this forum will get attraction when it will be good in each and everything, it means that a topic must be good in conent and the purpose of creating a topic must be meaningful.It is good tip to check your topic carefully before creating it or before publishing it in this forum. Make sure to create impressive topic through which you will get positive reputations automatically.
  9. Exactly we should improve our grammer .Spelling mistakes can change the meaning of content which we use in our specific post or topic. Before submitting our post we should check spellings carefully, in this way there will be a small chance of deleting posts. I am sure that if every person make posts with full attention and make a search before making post he will write useful content and his post will be impressive which will get good reputations.
  10. Your question is important for all beginners i want to tell you that i am here to improve my writing skills and i also want to get experience about trading and and crypto currencies benefits as well as earn money. As you know in this pandemic situation earning money has become tough to each of us so i want to earn money too to accomplish my needs of life. I am trying to improve mistakes and i am sure that one day i will make attractive posts here.
  11. Off course success always depend on our efforts which we do for betterment and at the end we become a successful person due to hardworking. All people who do work hard and have eager to put in effort then they get easiky success due hard working and regulations in their work. So success is directly proportional to hardworking. Not all people do work hard a very low community of people do work with full effort and they are the real successful human beings.
  12. You are 100% right that we should never give negative reputation to others where we saw any mistake or the post which is not according to our pooint of view. We must resolve the issues which newbies are facing just make sure to make their mistakes correct through this the newbies will improve their mistakes but when we give then negative reputation they feel uncomfortable and they left this platform. So make sure to increase the development of cryptotalk campaign by giving courage to the beginners.
  13. Personally i don't know about any wallet which has hacked before but i have red about online wallets that these wallets can be hacked easily at any time due to connected with internet but i want to advise you that you should use paper wallets which have cold storages due to this these wallet can not hacke easily. These wallet protect our transactions and make them instant. I know Electrum wallet which is best to store bitcoins wih great ease.
  14. I am agree with your point of view. You are right that we should learn good skills in few monthes first and then we should go at any track to earn bitcoins. Trading is a best one way to earn bitcoins in maximum amount. I am also looking for trading but i have no sufficient knowledge about trading or investment. I am also getting knowledge about currencies benefits and about best way to invest coins i hope so i will do better in future. Good skills and hard working makes our work attractive so by gaining skills we will be able to make more and more benefits from crypto trading.
  15. As far as i know every person who is working online wants to self control on his money but some time due to lack of specific knowledge he get loss his funds due to clicking some wonderful mails providing by scammers.So i want to tell you that never believe any one's message and avoid to share your private keys with other members if you do this your money will steal automatically and you will do nothing. Make sure to protect your funds with strong password and make your self control on your funds.
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