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  1. I am agree that mobile wallets are more comfortable and secured wallet due to remaining all time in our hands and are not always connected to the network.Due to this scammers can not attack at mobile wallet easily it becomes too much difficult to steal money from mobile wallets.I also recomended you desktop wallet which is well known to store btc and other coins is Electrum wallet.it is a stable wallet and also have good layers of security.
  2. Coinbase digital wallet is also an important crypto currency wallet which can easily control by user only.Coinbase wallet also known as DAPP browser and this wallet store our financial funds or currencies in our mobile devices with great security.Instead other wallet this crypto currency wallet has low withdrawal fee and it also makes our withdrawal protective due to great security.
  3. Burhan12

    Trust wallet

    Off course trust wallet is also an amazing wallet which is using a lot in whole crypto world.It is too much easy wallet for beginners espacially.Trust wallet has ability to support multiple crypto currencies and also have low transaction fee.It is easiest to use due to which in crypto market it rating is too much high .Its security level is also innovative and is reliable for users.You can enjoy this wallet by using its fever features.
  4. Corona virus is damaging crypto market more and more and financial markets are also damaging in this pandemic.But now the situations has changed due to increasing the price of bitcoins, it is very good for investors and traders they can get more profit .But i don't seem that corona virus will end these crypto currencies it is impossible because due to covid situation a lots of people have joined online work and they also invest and trade crypto currencies .So the usage of crypto currencies will never end.
  5. We should use spam filters to protect our devices .For protecting data we must use anti-virus software and firewalls also.We must keep our devices up to date to protect from scammers.Other thing which is important that make sure to protect your passwords don't share these passwords to any person otherwise any person can take access over your funds and it will be risky for you.
  6. We must give likes only to deserving posts which seems to be useful.I also like to give likes to meaningful posts and it is also our duty that we should be responsible in this forum to make it more beneficent.By giving positive reputations the people become more courageous and do better work here.Be positive and give positive reputations for the better development for the growth of this forum.People will get more and more interest in this work when they will take courage by getting positive reputations.
  7. Offcourse your giving data about currencies investment is more appreciated.I have also started to make investment of my funds which i am getting from crypto talk campagin.After read out your such topic i am also hopeful that i am at right track and as i am doing for long time investment it will remain good and i will get good profit.Again thanks for making important topic.
  8. Yes sir i am agree with you that we should never give negative reuptations if the posts of any person is not impressive or it has some lake of useful content.We should have to improve this forum by advising others to send messages that how should they create post or topic.Definitely good posts deserve positive reputations but when we see any useless post we put a negative reputation it is not a solution to make this forum progressive but we should have to improve it by telling others good way of making useful post.
  9. Thanks for providing such useful link through which we all can check our posts that how much has it characteristics.This forum require 100+character of a post which will consider a useful post.It is really good and new stunning to me.In my opinion we should make post to apply all rules of this forum in this way the post we will create will be useful and would have 100+ characters.Be attentive while making post because our consideration play important role in making useful posts.
  10. Dear friend it is not a big issue you will get notifications when any one will quote you otherwise not.If you want to see your notifications go to notification setting and check all settings your notifications options are on and you have never receive any notification it means no one quoted you previously.Don't worry if you never receive notifications it is not a big issue just do your work with honest.
  11. Waoo your topic is really amazing and features which you have mention in your topic are also surprising to me.As i i like all super members of this crypto talk forum your topics are also attractive because of your good work.Definitely we should do some thing new as we should give new topic with useful material to creat posts here.Now i felt there is a lack of useful topics here as when i want to post i see i have made post already in all topics so it becomes difficult to me to choose topic for creating post.
  12. You are right friend that verified wallets are more beneficent and keep high security system to protect our money and data.I have atomic wallet which is a verified wallet and it gives users access over data .This wallet also support a lots of currencies and tokens it means it is a well secured non custodial wallet.Verified wallets protect our funds from scammers too.
  13. It is easy to send your LTC from yobit to any other wallet.My friend has made transaction in previous days and he send his ltc very easily and he face no problem in sending his litecoins.If you have some issues you should contact with any old super member or you can ask it from moderators may be it can be a technical issue .Don't worry about it and make sure to avoid to share your keys with any other person.
  14. Dear friend you have created most impressive topic so i appreciate at your work.Personally i always prefer to the electrum wallet which is a best desktop wallet and have high security level instead of other wallets.Second wallet which i also like is atomic wallet it is also good and easy to use.Being non custodial wallet no body can stole our financial funds and personal keys.So these are best desktop wallets in my opinion.
  15. 2capcha is also good work for earn good money but it requires too much time which i can not give at this site.I am also a student i have a short time to do online work crypto talk is best to do work because in 24 hours we can do work here in any time and we can get goof income as well as a lots of knowledge.I always prefer crypto talk instead of 2captcha.2capcha is best for those people who are free but it is not good for students.
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