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  1. that is true mate because in this cryptotalk forum we must seek for other knowledge from old posts also and to other new posts but make sure that you can learn to other members topic posted here at campaign we must never disclose the facts that we must learn from it.
  2. for me on my own experience to this cryptotalk forum comments on the same topic is not suggested but if you found some useful and informative comments to that topic you can also do some quote and share tour own opinion about that. As long as you comments are not the same as your first post it was nit deleted by moderators.
  3. we must need to overcome with our strugglers in life and as a member of this cryptotalk forum we must have also be more productive always and perseverance to work hard and to share some of our informative topics and ideas about cryptocurrencies just research first in google about it to get more knowledge.
  4. that DLRS msgs category in yobit refers to old events that yobit done last year and in yobit you can also see and monitor your deleted posts by the use of that dlrs msgs and also my first payments here is great and it was very helpful for me and i was happy to get my first payment.
  5. there's a instances that some of other cryptocurrencies is not suitable for better tradings because of some prices in the market causing that some of people don't want to trade in said currency and prices but if you do some research you can earn more productive profit for me it was a great idea if you have side earnings like those investments and invest box in the yobit page.
  6. as for my own opinion if you want to grow here and earn more profitable earnings from this cryptotalk forum you must do some hardwork and following the rules and regulations of this campaign so in that way you can get more learnings about cryptocurrencies and earn at the same time.
  7. in order to get more positive reputations in this cryptotalk forum you must post first useful and more informative informations and meaningful topics about cryptocurrencies to make help out other members here such as newbies and share own opinions meaningful ideas about cryptocurrencies.
  8. you can also register first on yobit account to monitor your earnings and counted posts in cryptotalk forum and in that page you can also determine if how many your posts is being deleted by moderators, useful posts is more important than anything else just post more informative informations and meaningful topics and ideas to earn more profit.
  9. in this cryptotalk forum we get paid for our useful posts and ideas here and it will actually payments occurs every 7 days but it will always depends on your earned Positive ratings and to moderators if they pays your posts in a day just be more productive always to post more ideas.
  10. in this cryptotalk forum you must do first read and understand the following rules and regulations of this cryptotalk forum and post first 100 valid posts as entry for being new member here and post only more useful and meaningful topics and ideas about cryptocurrencies.
  11. for me patience is the most important thing we must keep here because if we don't have enough patience we cannot do such productive things like posting our own ideas and knowledge about cryptocurrencies here at cryptotalk forum like other says patience is the only key to be successful and patience is a virtue.
  12. cryptotalk forum can gives us more positive opportunities and knowledgeable topics and ideas also about cryptocurrencies in this field we must learn some new by sharing some of our ideas and opinions here about crypto, since I've joined here there's more alot better experiences this was a great platform for us.
  13. yes quoting some topics or comments here will get us more opportunities to make learn some useful ideas about cryptocurrencies here at cryptotalk forum so better to quote those useful and meaningful topics and other opinions take time to reply to those whom needs a answers quoted to give them advices and help them out.
  14. the most important thing you must keep in mind always as you work here is you must post the most informative informations about cryptocurrencies and ideas that they will get ideas about it and it was a great platform that gives us more opportunities like we can earn money profit from our useful posts that paid by moderators and learn more about crypto at the same time.
  15. for beginners section is a highly recommended section of this forum for those new members of this cryptotalk forum because this section contains more informations about cryptocurrencies and also about to those whom needs a informative ideas about cryptocurrencies and to getting ideas also on how to start.
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