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  1. Nice to give your talent here. Shows how well your post was written. Maybe the article. I admit that I am weak on the use of English as a medium of communication, which is why I am delighted to improve my skills here. But all I can say is that it has been learned and trained. And now I can say that I have developed my skills here in cryptotalk. With that I am very grateful.
  2. This might be a good idea to attract members to open the Lessons section! But in my opinion, those who are interested in educational programs will look for them even if the lessons section is at the end of the forum page. This section should be placed next to the main sections at the top because in this way everyone will be able to access this section with ease and comfort, and I hope that will be done quickly.
  3. Cryptocurrencies and other digital currencies are not recognized as official or fiat currencies. Consequently, many countries and their governments do not allow transactions between these digital currencies and currencies They are unaware of the potential and possibilities the country can govern from this digital platform all you have to do is respect the rules in the forum, which is a forum, where we not only come to make money in dollars but also learned about cryptocurrencies.
  4. My life-changing here is that I made money from my crypto job, maybe not that big but what I'm grateful for is that I was able to satisfy myself even just at home. I find myself so influential in the way I share my thoughts with this community, it's really invaluable to me, thanks for coding and yobit of course.
  5. Of course they will see because there is a notification that comes when someone gives us a reaction. So when we do interact, they'll get a notification I think Crypto Talk Manager is fixing this because that's why others are not using their design.
  6. It's a really cool platform that is constantly evolving and adding many great features like this forum that provides you with getting some bitcoins for your daily activity on it. Encrypted I spend trading in Yobit and now I have another job is writing on this forum, sharing experiences with others and seeing their experiences. This is a wonderful cryptotalk forum for the YOBIT platform
  7. To all people on this forum. The best way to avoid the same responses. First you read the topic. And do not try, it is very important that you give us a solution to this problem and sometimes we answer the same question and it is just a waste of time because our second response did not count and we never received a payment for it and sometimes if we respond again the forum returns our first response.
  8. Dice is a game of luck and no strategy can be used to achieve successful results and I have always tried to stay away from it. These games depend a lot on luck, and I play these games in order to get profits from the investment fund because we must play 10 games that respond every day to withdraw investment profits. So I suggest keeping your dice token and trading with it, or investing in an investment fund
  9. The cryptocurrency market is a decentralized and traded market We need to learn crypto every day because we still have a lot of things to know that will help us reap profits from investing in cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency where experience is the best teacher. Those who have no idea about it may learn from someone else's experience.
  10. I don't think the cryptocurrency will replace the national currency because there are a number of countries where cryptography is banned and they have some issues with encryption but they can't do that about the future but at the moment I don't think so.
  11. My friend, do not worry, this problem always occurs and lasts for several days. I think that in a while, if you are having a problem sending profits, it will be solved soon. Patience is the key here and in the world of cryptocurrencies.
  12. Knowledge and reputation are two very important things on a forum But in my opinion you have to have the knowledge first and then get a good reputation. Knowledge is a great power. Knowledge is the key to success When we provide better knowledge through our ideas and experiences, we can automatically obtain a better reputation. Therefore, first and foremost, improving and increasing knowledge. So always make good efforts for good performance.
  13. I agree with you because many scammers who have to choose the currency option will multiply because it is not a good thing for them to earn because they are cheating on the other and not giving out the currency. And this is unbelievable to me and completely illogical, especially when I see their advertisement, when they say send 50 dollars today and you will get 100 dollars tomorrow, this is ridiculous ... snatching the coin that you won you do not trust anyone anymore because you earn the currency you will not get More and more.
  14. Dear friend, you should read the conditions carefully and abide by them to avoid banning. No account is banned without a clear reason and violation, and if you are banned or even get warning points, but the reason must always be the same, a violation of the rules. So I would suggest being cautious and not copying others and following the rules.
  15. Yes, they still pay in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies available on yobit currency.Y ou have to wait seven days for the site to start paying you Bitcoin.There But dear you need to have a reputation in every post to get paid, so you have to work hard to earn 0.00001 Bitcoin and that is enough for one post.
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