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Found 10 results

  1. Is payment made by Crypto Talk in partnership with Yobit platform or do we have to wait for TALK? And if the answer is yes How long is the wait after posting posts?
  2. The formal language of this forum is English. So, most members should communicate with each other through this language. If we don't write it correctly, it will be hard for others to understand what we want to tell. I think it is really necessary for each user to produce quality posts to improve the forum. Sometimes I see some members don't care about their writings and there are lots of mistakes in their posts. Anyone should check his/her posts before submitting them. It is not difficult to edit posts. You should go back and check if there is any spelling error in your posts. Also check to find grammatical errors which will reduce the quality of posts. You can check your words and sentences in Microsoft Word to tell you which part of your post needs correction. It only takes a few minutes to read your own post to make sure there is nothing wrong in it.
  3. Relationship, Topic Vs. Post This Topic has been discussed for some time in the Forum, from several perspectives, that if there are few Topic in relation to Post, that the payment for Topic Should be increased, that certain users when reaching rank "x" can publish Topic, etc. In other words, there is an interesting debate. In one of those Post is occurred to me, that users should have a Post/Topic ratio of at least 10%, I think there should be a contribution, at least not mandatory but symbolic as with the Rank currently. Let's do this analysis first of how much is our percentage of Topic created versus Post, mine is... Source Quote: I am very low 4.1%. I have decided to place the source of my appointment because there I explain the reasons why my percentage is so low. The reality is that far from going into those details, what I would like to know about this Topic is: What is your percentage of Post / Topic? and What do you think should be relation that an average user should usually have? or What do you think?
  4. Guys, I come here to make a suggestion to my forum friends, because I see that many posts and few reactions in relation to them, so I thought, are the posts not so good not to deserve a reaction from another member? But I guess that's not it, I think a lot of people don't know about this feature of reacting to other fellow forum posts. Guys, I see it as an encouraging resource, giving a reaction to a colleague's post is a way to encourage them to always write quality posts or even give an opinion that is helping others, so as I've learned in my life: kindness generates kindness !! Do not hesitate to use this feature that is a very important forum instrument, because whether the positive or negative reaction, it somehow feeds more and more the desire of forum members to always write quality and constructive posts. So do not hesitate, your opinion or reaction directly impacts the quality of the posts, the reactions are limited in the forum so do not hesitate to use them as this makes it all the more rewarding for those who write and read. Hugs to all.
  5. How to make your post HOT ! and Trend ! Introduction You must have asked yourself how to make a post and become Hot, trend and on the popular now list! And who doesn't want his useful post to be above all! OK lets analyze things together ! How to make the post very popular! And why it appears in the popular now list! The post will be on the popular list and Triend for several reasons! : When commenting speed increases ! That is, when people commented to your post in a short period of time (example 10 comments in 20 minutes) When your post is new! Not on the forum before! Contains important information Follow people! So that you can also follow up! So when people follow you, they get everything new from you! When you learn something new through external articles! Post it here! It will meet a great interaction! Choose a clear and easy subject ! Encourages others to enter your topic ! Do you have any other tips!? Put it in a comment! Now you can notice that this topic being Hot after 1 Hour !
  6. To improve my quality writing in this CT forum, I must learn more and more all about writing skill, specifically, how to create a good constructive post. many sites just said a constructive post should contain discussion, thoughtful question, answer and question, argument and opinion. So I still don't know how to start creating a good constructive post. If you have an idea how to create it, please share on this forum, maybe can be useful for other member.
  7. Celebrating my 1,000th Many have passed through here quite quickly, I have opted for the slow road. A thousand post is a large number for any specialized Forum, even more, one referring to cryptocurrencies. It is an opportunity that gives us the Crypto Talk Forum, in many places they do not forgive you if your contributions are not accurate, correct and in general useful. Crypto Talk has allowed us to grow in Post and in the process to gain knowledge. (+ PPP) In recent days, someone here in the Forum talked about Crypto Talk should make an Airdrop. We are living one, since they have allowed us to write, write and write in the Forum, without eliminating so many unnecessary posts and getting paid immediately, you are being part of one. The Airdrop began with the Pay Phase from the first post, then came the second stage with 30, then 50 and currently those who are arriving late start at 100. You have to identify the opportunities, they are always there, find them. Finally I want to say that I have been growing in knowledge and that I am not here to run for "X" PPP, but to contribute and make community, 4 months here and 1000 post, to certify it. In any case I am prepared to start taking new challenges that come for this community that grows every day in this Crypto Talk Forum. For those who walk around in the forum near or far from this number, just follow the rules of the forum and when things do not go well, You just is encourage to follow, here they do not take anything unfairly from you, on the contrary they give you many opportunities. So a little gasoline fuels the desire to post, and as they say give me a like for these 1000 posts. When you see my content support it.
  8. I wish I had the time to write a whole book or guide on how to invest in IB’s of a variety of products that Yobit Exchange has to offer. But I fully understand at this stage, this forum and the exchange both need to bring onboard as many new users as they can. So, I thank you, new users or would-be users of the exchange I love. Greed is what can destroy our finance. But we all also need to take some risk for greater reward. It is against the conventional wisdom to share your secrets of making money, because the more people do what you do, the less chances that your strategies would still be effective. But I don’t mind to share. Too many people have tried to make it in crypto only to see their money shrinking in size.. Yobit is completely different. Treat it like your long term investment with a minimum funds that you would not mind to let go.. and be ready to nurture this investment with weeks and months to come. Let time work for you instead of against you. Let the compound interest work for you instead of against you. In the meantime, learn the English language and make friends and have fun chatting in Yobit chat box. It’s not even like an ordinary chat box. Yobit Admins often get on this chat box to make important announcement. And all of the guys from the West are completely hilarious with great sense of humor. So, read all of my posts and don’t wait for my book you may have to wait forever 🙂
  9. Well folks I'm new here on the forum, but I'm already enjoying the forum a lot. I see that members interact with each other and this is critical for a forum to progress. My experience so far in this short time that I am using it is to post or to see posts I can say that is one of the most enjoyable. And surely Cryptotalk will be a great source for research on crypto information and more. Happy even to be part of it. Well, I opened this post to share this joy in being part of this forum and also to seek through the members tips on how to behave in the posts, because as I said I am still new and hope that through interaction with other members I can progress in my posts. Hugs
  10. I have got 2 warning point and they say i am spamming.but i do not spam .I want to improve my self how can i do this.kindly guide me senior members please.
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