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  1. i don't have a favorite coin i think any coin or token that give u profit is good but if i have to chose of course BTC is the best and also ETH & BNB are good for investment
  2. the best coin that give me a good profit is NLC2 but it's not good to invest now i remember when i was buying at 800 sat and selling fast at 900 it was pumping and dumping fast i make 2000$ in one hour lol
  3. XLM is a good coin with nice future i think it's good for invest the current price is low and good to buy in think it can at least hit 2000 sat in the near future
  4. DOGE is good coin and it's very famous and already listed in Binance exchange so it has a good future i think it go higher at least to 60 - 80 sat i think investing in DOGE is not a bad idea
  5. i didn't heard about this coin but if u did ur search and u like the project of the coin u can invest on it i don't have any infos about this coin so i can't give u my opinion
  6. QUBIX was a ICO in yobit exchange but it's old coin and i think it's died now because peoples dump a lot of coins from QUBIX IB so i don't think it will raise yobit ICO's good only for short term
  7. i don't like this coin "XRP" peoples take a big lost on ripple when they bought at +8k and the price drop hard i don't think XRP will go higher because it's become less popular and investors start to exit from this coin and don't forget the huge supply of ripple
  8. if BTC legal so LTC is legal crypto in general are good and legal i don't care about gouverments opinion but if peoples accept and use crypto so yes it's legal LTC still a good coin maybe one of the best 5 coins
  9. of course it's possible why not if peoples want to because BTC become more poplular everyday and more peoples and investors join BTC even gouverments trying to ban and fight BTC and crypto but by the end they will accept the reality
  10. of course ETH is the best and the strongest i don't like XRP and i think it will drop in price more with it's high supply and less demand but ETH is good to invest and it can go more higher in the future
  11. LTC is a good coin for invest but i don't think it can hit 1000$ maybe 100$ - 200$ but yes LTC still a good coin with a good future but i prefer to invest in BTC because it's the best for the long term
  12. ADA - XLM and TRX are good but i don't think so about RDD i thought it's a shit coin u don't think so ? it's dumped hard at was trading at +100 sat and now 10 sat it's supply is very high almost 30 billions and there is no infos about max supply i don't think it's good to invest
  13. why 2020 exactly ? of course BTC can fly after may 2020 but im not sure about other coins maybe ETH - LTC - DOGE - DASH those coins are famous and go higher and folow BTC storm
  14. u want a good coin for invest or trade ? if u are talking about investment BTC is the best and also ETH can go higher but i prefer BTC because it can go X2 - X5 after may 2020 (reward halving)
  15. i think BSV is a scam coin because it's just a pump and dump coin it will end like Bitconnect i guess it's already delsited from Binance exchange so of course it's not a good coin to invest your money on it if u want my advice stay away from BSV
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