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  1. One day, I received an email inviting me to earn bitcoin by making a simple click and returning every 24 hours to claim again. That platform is FreeBitcoin and that's how I started to investigate and I liked what I was discovering and all its
  2. It's true, there are a large number of people working from home on the Internet who generate good income. But it will always require people's work for activities that cannot be done on the Internet, such as putting gas in the car or cleaning a street. They always have to be both because they complement each other.
  3. Above all, security and privacy is paramount. Everything will depend on the blockchain network where the operation is performed to be more or less fast
  4. The world of cryptography is divided into three Cryptographic Methods. Its aim is to encode messages through encryption algorithms, so that only those who know the key can unravel its meaning. One of these methods is the digital signature, which is developed through a type of cryptography known as Asymmetric or Public Key. The private key algorithms or Symmetric Cryptography and lastly, Hybrid Cryptography that joins the good of the two previous ones. My doubt would be? if you refer to inversion methods or cryptographic methods
  5. Nowadays, there is a wide range of ways to deceive others. One of the most common is when they offer you to make an investment with an immediate return of more than 20% in a short term
  6. The important thing is to accept our mistakes and see them as constructive criticism! I don't know all of them but I try every day to learn something new and be a better human being. I congratulate you, because if you are here it is because you want to learn. My recommendation would be, go slowly but surely and if you don't understand something, you can investigate but draw your own conclusion when you post. Successes
  7. First of all, I congratulate you for sharing such valuable information with the entire Novice community and it would be good to put it into practice and see how far it goes. It would be like doing a survey within a specific post or answer. My question would be how many people can you add?
  8. No, it has an official name as such but it could not be called satoshi because Dux is a fork of Litecoin and cannot be called Litoshi either. It would be in a case of naming doge's fractions
  9. Hello to all! The beginners section, as its name indicates, is the section where we can all acquire knowledge about the bases or rules to learn about the different topics of the forum and its rules. It allows you to train as a person with a better vision of criteria when making a comment or post for discussion.
  10. Coinbase, is an extremely secure wallet that allows the user to keep control of the private keys of all the wallets and the best thing is that the key is written on a piece of paper. The disadvantage would be its high feed rate for transactions
  11. 10 best Chinese crypt coins, to which one should pay attention. NEO (NEO) NEM (XEM) Ontology (ontology) Zilliqa (ZIL) Aelf (ELF) Nebulae (NAS) Elastos (ELA) Waltonchain (WTC)
  12. This is a new smart contract that allows payments in bitcoins, ethers and other cryptom currencies via email. The Chainsfr initiative is offering this service without custody, which can be integrated to Google accounts and purses like Ledger and MetaMask, Coinbase, BitPay and Trust Wallet,etc.
  13. Yes, Cryptotalk is having a higher volume of visits and the topics that exist are very educational and easy to understand. Since I am here I have acquired a lot of knowledge and benefits about cryptomonies and their different uses.
  14. To me, Bitcoin will always be like the Sun and everything will revolve around it. I see a lot of future for Ltc as well as for Waves another one that will always be present will be Ethereum and of course TRX(Tron)
  15. Hello to all! No, I think that because of the pandemic there has been a decrease in the publication of new posts or topics of discussion. I think it's because many older users have lost interest in making new posts. Also, I imagine the elimination of users who were spamming in the different sections of the Forum. Yes, I would try to make new posts for discussion but it's impossible because I'm a newbie and I can't participate in all the forums
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