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  1. What I suggest is that you talk about things that you have a minimum of knowledge, over the last few years I have seen many people talking about the subject without having the slightest idea of how the blockchain works, simply because of the idea that they themselves They have created in their head, without any foundation they claim that it is a scam or a waste of time, but always without any foundation or knowledge
  2. Verify that you are not a fraudulent person by completing multi-accounts to receive more rewards in different campaigns
  3. Coinmarketcap was bought by the binance exchange and I have always thought that there are many business interests behind this acquisition. It is good to use alternatives such as coingecko or coinpaprika so as not to be left with only one source of information
  4. I honestly have more than 170 publications between responses to threads and posts and posts, I have never copied anything from anyone, each and every one of the words that I have written have come from me under the experience of the last years in the world of cryptocurrencies, I have deleted more than 70 publications and it does not seem fair. I understand that there are many people copying and pasting without writing on their own, but I know many other people in the same situation as me and it seems a bit unfair. In all my posts I have tried to add value to the topic of the thread and I think that more publications have been deleted than they were really due
  5. At the moment Binance is undoubtedly one of the best that exist today thanks to its great variety of popular cryptocurrencies that you can trade. You also have many options to earn money within the exchange itself with tools such as saving, lending, etc.
  6. A cryptocurrency exchange is the meeting point where the exchanges of these are made in exchange for fiat money or other cryptocurrencies. In these online exchange houses where the market price is generated that marks the value of cryptocurrencies based on supply and demand.
  7. I am here to also learn every day about the world of cryptocurrencies and its disruptive technology
  8. I have been using it for a long time and frankly I really like the user experience, I find it very useful to be able to make micropayments in a simple way and without having to pay very high commissions.
  9. The post is very interesting, I am going to study it during these days to see if we can really make real profits with this method
  10. In my opinion I think there is no need to leave bitcoin, today bitcoin has the largest computer network in the world and offers us the greatest security we can find. It is true that you do not have to bet everything on bitcoin and it is good to diversify, but I still believe that bitcoin is the father and it will continue to be during the medium long term
  11. I don't really like this project, they gave me the cryptocurrency for having BCH but I sold it because it seems to me that it is very centralized and goes against the ideals and main philosophy of bitcoin and decentralization.
  12. My favorite currency is Bitcoin because of its trajectory and its strong value. There are many others that I like a lot, but every day I am more maximalist of bitcoin, since they are all risky, but I see more viable to accumulate bitcoin in the future than any other cryptocurrency
  13. Thanks for the post and for helping new users to know how to function better within the forum, the truth is that there is very good information about the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies.
  14. I think both are very good investment havens as long as we physically have the gold in our house and the private keys of bitcoin in our possession, if finally the one who stores our assets is a third person we will never have anything.
  15. Interesting but a little more information is missing to be able to carry out the task, if I could detail it better I would appreciate it. Greetings
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