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  1. @JOUD92 It is not easy to find a topic to write at the moment, there is so much in the forum that perhaps one ends up making a publication that is similar to another or that has already been published, so I think we should focus on the other sections and talk about other topics, leave the beginners section, because that is where there is a greater risk of making mistakes and being sanctioned.
  2. @Lewis01 That is something obvious, no new person is going to go to the other sections by entering the forum, even if they know about cryptocurrencies, the first days will always be in beginners, because that is the dynamic that is imposed, then one goes to the others and He makes his publications, I have done few in the other sections, in the beginners section I have done more because I realize that it is where there is more interaction.
  3. @itznoraz The publications and comments must be clear, that is why we must always learn what we can to be able to write things about which we know, many do not publish because they are afraid that they will not look good, that is a mistake, but breaks the rules what can Finding someone else who criticizes you, but that is good, because it encourages motivation towards the good.
  4. @Hamdan1 All that and the interaction are things that we must keep in mind if we want to see our account grow in the forum, for a publication to be useful it must contain a sense of what is meant, talk about cryptocurrencies, attract readers, because if not They read what we write, we lose what we want, so we have to look for a working method, that will allow us to obtain the necessary reactions to motivate ourselves to continue working.
  5. @Alema Yeah, It is an option that the forum has, it is very good, although I do not use it, but if you have something to share, you can do it there and it does not break the rules, of course you must have what is allowed and not exceed those requirements, the signature is something that many have and is used to promote something mostly.
  6. @Cloy Life is a constant learning, every day we learn something new, information is gold and as such we must treat it, people who are informed and use information to obtain benefits always have an advantage in life, because they have ways of being able to do important things, learning is something we must take seriously and always learning about what we like is a good opportunity to get what we want.
  7. @saersloom Not only the Arabic language, any language other than English and Russian will be eliminated, there are many factors by which a publication or comment can be eliminated, from the number of characters, to the copy and paste and the lack of positive contribution to the forum, When we make a publication we must be aware that it complies with all the rules, it must be original, written in our own words, I know something that contributes something positive to the forum, etc.
  8. @Lewis01 This user asks something, but does not write more, then you can see that others respond to someone who is not active, this is an example of ineffective interaction, because the person is not going to read you and will not be able to interact with you, then it is something that should not be done, because time is wasted, it is best to interact with who makes comments and thus the effectiveness has a higher percentage, a lesson in how to handle yourself within the forum.
  9. @SahlShahm And we have to take advantage of that, being here is an excellent opportunity to learn about cryptocurrencies, teach others and earn coins, that is something great that the forum has, we can do many things for ourselves and other users, help each other others and grow our accounts every day, working with perseverance and dedication, so Cryptotlak is there for many good things on the internet.
  10. @Emma Clark That's right, Cryptotalk is a legitimate site, far from being a scam, that's why thousands of us are here every day, because we have verified that we can post and comment and make money with that, in addition to being able to obtain knowledge about cryptocurrencies to To be able to use them in trade to gain profitability from our investment, here we can learn a lot if we work with patience and dedication.
  11. @Abd ra Learn, teach and win, three things we can do in the forum, an opportunity that is unique in the network, Cryptotalk is a great place to do many things, reading and writing makes the individual more intelligent, every day we have to work constantly and dedication, so that the forum grows and thus the benefits are the best for everyone.
  12. @M sajid The investment will depend on the level of investment that each person owns, for example a bitcoin whale, you can do it in that currency, but those of us who do not have large capitals, better to use coins with low value to accumulate and hope that it can increase its price and win Rather, the investment of TALK token is a good decision, accumulate them to obtain profit with greater amount at a time when the price rises.
  13. @Majd27 That is correct, even when income has fallen due to the lack of reactions among users, it is important not to give up and continue fighting for what one wants, with patience everything can come and then we will feel good about ourselves, because we have fulfilled the goals with perseverance and dedication.
  14. @Hume This is an excellent forum to learn, teach and earn, if we focus on that we will surely be very successful in it, we can not think about the bad that can happen to us, on the contrary, we must think that we will always do very well, so the motive will always prevail over laziness, it is not easy to be here every day, but making an effort can be achieved to be as long as possible and see the benefits.
  15. @Lewis01 It can be, what happens is that studying is tiring, many times we are studying and tiredness surrounds us to such an extent that we end up falling asleep on the sofa or wherever we are studying something, focusing on what is important is very good, it makes us concentrate on what we have to do, but if one day we do not feel like doing anything, but only want to rest, then we should rest and leave the work and studies for later, after all, the body is in charge and if it tells us to stop, we should do it.
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