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  1. If you are added to any new group you must be clever and search there are many fake groups.
  2. I work with my team to make the enter in crypto field easy , and we walk good steps and we hope do more and more.
  3. Thank you for your comments, and I hope we can make the crypto currency field as easy as possible for Arab members.
  4. How could it not be true, my friend? I posted a tweet link from the official account when they announced to group. And thank you to all members for their beautiful words.
  5. Of course we translate all new news in group and explain it Because I know there are a lot of Arab members in Cryptotalk I post my topic .
  6. I used this exchange more than year and I invest in their token , there was very good but now They have removed almost all token and there is no volume for trading and I do not know what they are planning .
  7. I advise you to get to know a local person, so you can transfer between Crypto and Paypal through him.
  8. Hello to all Arab members in Cryptotalk . I would like to announce we opening the Arabic telegram group for BitMax exchange . We are pleased to join us and we will answer to your inquiries. We also welcome any question in this topic. The official announcement from the Twitter account
  9. The future is to Blockchain technology and the father of all coin the king bitcoin , this ten years will be very important to bitcoin.
  10. There are no trader always win the strategy is the win deals is more than the loss so the management your money is first my friend.
  11. I don't see any new signature campaign moved from bitcointalk to crypto talk but I don't delay alot maybe in next month.
  12. I see it's just lottery and the members with lot of tickets will be more lucky to win in this lottery.
  13. Always there are other ways to open telegram you can use app number to create the new account and open telegram with VPN .
  14. There are important zone from 10300 to 11500$ if we go above we say hello season of bitcoin and altcoin and we see wonderful price.
  15. Thanks for this advice to the beginner and I want to add before start trading you must know it is more Risk than any thing you know so be careful with your money.
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