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  1. Real Research This is a new application that depends on the blockchain system and provides surveys every day and when answered it gives you tnc currency and you can withdraw it on the hotbit platform and its price is about 150 satoshi, and the higher your level, the more profits. Good luck everyone. Application link: ๐Ÿ‘‰ Real research ๐Ÿ‘ˆ These are some of my withdrawals:
  2. In order for us to develop in the field of digital currencies and be successful traders in the future, we must spread any useful information with all members within the forum so that we can benefit each other and also gain a good reputation from positive feedback.
  3. Hello my friends, some may see that the warning points system is somewhat strict, but if these laws are canceled, chaos will prevail among everyone, so be careful and do not violate the terms in order not to lose your account.
  4. Patience may bear fruit with strong and honest projects because the demand for them increases with every day, like Bitcoin, as the general trend has been rising since 2009 and is now achieving record numbers that we have not seen before. But some are patient with digital currency for years and see their money being burned every day due to the continuous decline, and this is a huge mistake.
  5. Opinions differ from person to person, with some believing that traditional banks serve their interests more than digital currencies and starting to convince the world that blockchain will never work. But what is certain is that banks will be canceled in the near future and digital currencies will dominate our world.
  6. We cannot deny that blockchain technology and digital currencies have swept the world of money with great power and the future will certainly be better, but the only problem remains in the sharp price fluctuations, as it may play a negative role at times.
  7. Most of the time, I avoid any airdrops asking me to send my personal data to get the reward, because I fear that my sensitive data is at risk and I should not share it with anyone.
  8. Facebook does not accept cryptocurrency promotion because it carries high risks, but we will not stop talking about cryptocurrencies, and there are many platforms such as YouTube and other forums with respectful interaction.
  9. We are in the year 2020 and we still see such things. Really, this is very unfortunate because digital currencies were established to liberate people from the control of the state and banks, but in reality it does not look like that in the United States of America because the dollar for them is the strongest currency and will remain the strongest.
  10. We are in a world where money plays a very important role and if you can make big money you will be able to do anything you want without a hitch. And cryptocurrencies have made very strong achievements.Some people have invested in amounts that do not exceed 10,000 dollars and are now among the millionaires, so they seize every opportunity as the wonderful things will not end in the blockchain field.
  11. Really, it would be a good idea to combine music like rap with cryptocurrencies, because this would bring a new audience to Bitcoin and this would work positively in its circulation around the world.
  12. Leverage is a double-edged sword, and when you use it in the wrong way, this may lead to zeroing in your account and losing all your money, and I do not go beyond a leverage by two because I can stop the loss in the event of a reversal of the deal.
  13. I watched many large analytical channels in the field of digital currencies and financial markets, but unfortunately, I had a bad experience with them, so every analysis they publish is the opposite and I do not know the reason for that. But lately I have pursued cryptomed Accedmy and he is really a great analyst and I benefit from his long experience every day.
  14. Long-term investing is the best thing, as the investor buys bitcoin and practices his daily activities and in his thinking, he will not sell except at the price he set, and the daily movements do not scare him. But whoever has a small capital will be forced to daily trading in order to be able to provide profits that meet his needs.
  15. It's not just a coincidence of people who have trusted and committed to Bitcoin without selling. They are now millionaires, and Bitcoin is likely to repeat the same scenario that happened in previous years, so they took advantage of every opportunity the market has been positive since 2009.
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