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Found 13 results

  1. Swissborg – блокчейн-платфома, основанная в Швейцарии, как инвестиционный хедж-фонд, управляется на принципах DAO. В рамках платформы выпущена криптовалюта Swissborg с тикером CHSB. Swissborg устраняет необходимость в финансовых советниках и трудоемких юридических контрактах при создании инвестиционного портфеля. Компания использует смарт-контракты в режиме работы и планирует развернуть платформу robo-adviser и криптовалютную биржу в дополнение к современной компьютерной панели, которая выступает в качестве интерфейса для инвесторов. Swissborg – является членом швейцарской финансовой ассоциации стартапов. Проект решает проблему, с которой сталкиваются многие институциональные инвесторы - нормативными сбоями, которые усложняют или делают невозможным инвестирование в криптовалюты. Swissborg предоставляет таким инвесторам выход на рынок, используя фонд в качестве стороннего инвестиционного инструмента. Не так давно компания выпустила Swissborg Community App, которое на сегодня уже скачали больше 90 000 пользователей и, с абсолютно нулевым риском, предсказывают цену Биткоина в рамках 24 часов, зарабатывая за это токены проекта CHSB. Приложение доступно как для iOS, так и для Android и скачать его можно ЗДЕСЬ После установки, чтобы получить дополнительные 3000 поинтов введите инвайт-код: 2KUCMGA
  2. One of the best translations that I use and the best for ease of use due to the presence of all the languages of the world.You only need to copy and paste the text and also can work on it without the Internet with the voice translator feature
  3. I format my mobile phone and all applications deleted and when I want download the app of binance from Google play I don't find it , any one have the same problem?
  4. Gaming Industry has become Billions of Dollars Industry. Around Two Billion people worldwide have become part of this industry. The Gaming Industry with including billions of people, is also experiencing a Paradigm Shift through Revolutionary Blockchain Technology. I aim to introduce you this Paradigm Shift of Gaming Industry with the apps that i have. not just only game apps but all legal CryptoEarning apps. to be honest i have not much time to spend in here. Just want to be a participate of cryptotalk's bounty which is partnered with yobit. so lets start big and let me share One Of The coolest BCGames on my archive with you. Introducing WAR RIDERS You can also use the referal code if you want to join "Bitmovio" - bitmovio-bvTTO ~ War Riders: Mine or Die, Your Next Favorite Blockchain Game ~ * What’s the deal here ? * War Riders place itself as the next generation, post-apocalyptic MMO Strategy Game in which you can blow up cars and mine BZN Token. With the benefits of the blockchain, the players will enjoy a peer to peer decentralized marketplace for their needs. Users can trade their in-game assets by using BZN, the only form of payments left in the Wastelands. By playing the game you will be able to accumulate Loot Crates and Virtual Goods in their way to BZN Waypoints, your next-door Gasoline Store. In War Riders players will be able to rob others on the move or at least, their cars by using your own. Let’s say for example the enemy goes for BZN Hunt, you can follow him, steal all the goods and return safe, hopefully, to your garage. So in summary ; WarRiders is the game similar like "Flatout" or "WreckFest" And little bit "Blur". Simply - Smash and Destroy the opponents, be the last one and claim the bet with "Mining" please remember that i have not much time to spend here and please consider my post's with this rule. Love You All ...
  5. Introducing StepChain, a responsible Fitness App that uses the power of blockchain technology to encourage fitness and health by rewarding its users for their activity with tokens, STEP coins. Whether you run, walk, cycle, jump, dance or swim. This application will track your move every step of the way. StepChain's reward system consists of calculating the steps you make even if it is a simple activity such as walking to work. Get rewarded by getting fit with StepChain, the innovative feel-good app today! Download the app here: Google play Link the app with Google fit For Apple Here is how to install the StepChain Fitness App. Join StepChain's active community for live discussion.
  6. Yobit is one of the best exchange platform, but I would have liked that there is an application for mobile device: android and ios platforme.It will be more practical. I don't know if yobit administration is thinking about that! What do you Think ?
  7. Good evening, in my opinion the best wallet so far for android is Coinbase, due to all the advantages it presents. You can enter coinbase from different devices either from the app or from a computer, it gives you tokens of some new cryptocurrency for taking courses and now, it can also be extracted directly to your bank account, bitcoin is bought and sold in the most convenient way. easy as possible, your application does not have ads or anything like that. For me this is the most complete and beneficial wallet possible so far.
  8. Curse Voice was born in 2006 offering a solution to security problems in voice talks in PC video games. It originated due to the increased risks when conducting voice talks that revealed personal details or the identification of the place of residence of the players that produced tasteless practices such as Swatting. For this reason, the Curse company proposed a new solution in its application that guaranteed greater security and privacy. What is Curse Voice? It was a program totally focused on voice chat for games, in such a way that it shielded communication using a server in the Cloud instead of a Peer-to-Peer system, limiting the channels that a malicious person can take advantage of to generate a attack or obtain personal information in an illegitimate way. After the years since its launch, this application quickly gained great popularity among the gamer community, drastically improved its application and interface display, and its logo as shown below: A short time later due to its great success, "Twitch", an Amazon-owned platform that offers a video streaming service, announced that it had bought Curse who focused on the target of massively multiplayer online role-playing video games, obtaining a great community in forums, databases, guides, and mods of many popular video games through its application the development of its software that allowed players to chat and talk over VoIP with others in a secure way. For all the above, this acquisition was important for Twitch, which will take advantage of Curse's experience to manage communities, and would integrate communication technology to create a more practical solution when broadcasting games and chatting with others. Twitch's goal is to have more services to compete with YouTube Gaming. What do you think? Do you think he has succeeded?
  9. I recently downloaded the Crypterium app from the Google Play Store, and I just love it. You can load up to 7 different coins. The list includes LTC, BTC, CRPT, ETH, USDC, BCH, and XRP. You can also gain interest up to 5% on the crypto that you leave in your wallet. It's better than my last wallet because there was no interest payment. I plan on filling this wallet with all the different cryptocurrencies. Would you download the Crypterium Wallet?
  10. Есть куча приложений на телефон для крипты. Какие самые безопасные?
  11. CryptoConvert App --- Link I just do not understand whether the cryptoconvert app is a currency calculator or can actually be converted to crypto currency. In fact I want to know what is the function of this app.
  12. Ever since I started using Yobit exchanger, I started searching for Yobit Android App but couldn't find any App of Yobit exchanger online, is there really no App for Yobit?
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