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  1. Hello friend, I used to use LTC or Dollars directly, it has the lowest fees according to me. I mostly convert my BTC in LTC, because it supports most of my other wallets as well and has low fees on yobit too. But you mentioned XRP, and I might use this too because it also has low fees, so thank you for sharing this information.
  2. Yes, I agree with your post. We should only write valid things. There are thousands of members who see our posts. If we write anything wrong or nonauthentic, then we will be punished for spreading wrong information. So always post authentic information. Or else just mention that it is your opinion it might not be authentic.
  3. Yes, English is a. Very important language. This forum evolves our English skills to higher skills. The reading and writing skills are improving. It gives us the confidence to write topics. Which is very important for everyone. It helps us to improve our overall communication skills.
  4. I disagree with what you said. I think whatever we post is important. Even if those are opinions about our journey on this forum or if it is about our experiences in the crypto world. I just try to post relevant to the post. If someone has asked about my journey, of course, I will write about my journey, I can not write about trading at that point.
  5. Yes, I joined this forum for learning and earning. This is the best place where you can do work. The work here is simple, and easy. All you need to do is learn rules first. Following those rules, you should post good topics and comments, and you will be fine in this forum.
  6. Well yes, I joined this platform in a planned way. I have a friend already working here. He asked me to join this forum so that I can learn and earn both. I had no investment. And I could have gotten some BTC to learn by investing in the market. So yes it was planned.
  7. Thank you for this useful information. Most of people are afraid of creating topics because of warnings and bans. Even I am not very good with the topics. My topics are mostly gets deleted, now I have to follow this new policy and work accordingly. I will try to create good topics on this forum from now on.
  8. Dear friend followers are not necessary on this forum. You will not get banned even if you have no followers. The purpose of the following is to stay in touch with all the posts and topics posted by their favorite member. So it is not necessarily important for an account to survive here.
  9. You are right my dear friend. Hard work is good. Sincerity in work is better but smart work best. With proper planning and knowledge, we can achieve our goal in days which we would have achieved in weeks or months. So to earn better with less effort we all should adopt smart work.
  10. Everything requires study. You have to search and study different articles and stuff to get knowledge. You will find many gaps. Share those gaps with members, if you don't have the answer to it then ask for the opinions of other members. Members will gain more interest in such topics. You will gain more reputation.
  11. It is very important to learn before you achieve anything. Especially when there is a market filled with frauds and scammers always trying to lure you to fall into their traps. And no one accepts you to stop yourself from falling into their trap. It is only possible if you have complete knowledge and some experience about it. Crypto is a very volatile currency. So before you invest big, gain knowledge and make some small investments, so that you can get used to this marketplace and identify the frauds. So good luck.
  12. Hello dear friend. You have to cross certain post quantities to be promoted to higher ranks. For example, you are a jr member now. You will become a member after 300 posts, then you will become a full member after completing 1000 posts, after that, you will be promoted to the senior member at 3000 posts, then hero member at 6000 posts, legendary after 9000 posts, and Vip member which is the last stop will be owned at 12000 posts. So good luck and like if it was informative for you.
  13. Well, I will work normally on this forum. Does not matter if they pay us or not, I will work here like I used to do. It will be good if payment starts coming but even if I do not I will always work here. Because this place is teaching me about crypto and I respect this a lot.
  14. In my opinion, yobit is a very good exchange. They did a really good job by introducing such a forum. They have started a good circulation of knowledge. They pay a decent amount to their members as well. They exchange our coins very conveniently. It has a very user-friendly interface as well as it is very fast. Overall I love yobit and I am very satisfied with it.
  15. The scammers are always trying to attract with you smart offers and offers that can make you rich. They scam you by asking you for investment and promise you to provide you double or triple of your money back. most of the time scammers might offer you gifts and other lucky draw offers in return for your investments. So never try to accept such offers and stay away from such people. Do not ever give anyone your account details of any type.
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