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  1. Yes, I advise everyone to read this topic before starting any activity because adherence to the site’s rules is very necessary to continue to succeed on this site and reading the useful topics on the site helps many members to increase good knowledge of cryptocurrencies
  2. The more you work on this site, regardless of the titles, your experience in the field of cryptocurrencies increases and your knowledge of them increases and accumulates so whenever the topics are useful, everyone benefits so we all work hard to promote useful topics and work constantly
  3. Very sound words. Most of the topics that are deleted are that sometimes we respond to topics by members who are in contradiction. Therefore, the best way is that these topics that do not abide by the rules of the site are not to respond or deal with them, and not to participate in them
  4. After the experience in the big forex field, from which I learned technical analysis of all kinds of supply and demand, Elliott waves and retracement levels for Fibonacci and others, I cannot rely on anyone to predict prices, but I do my own analysis and expect prices so if I find an opportunity I enter the market based on my analysis
  5. What I like most about this site is its way of attracting me on a daily basis to the site and reading its topics and benefiting from knowledge in the science of cryptocurrencies other than the material benefit that made me a good capital through which I was able to trade in cryptocurrencies on the platforms and other many things I advise everyone to continue working on it
  6. I have been dealing with the Yobit platform for a long time, as it is an easy-to-use platform, and its interface is simple, and the conversion processes in it to other currencies, exchanges are simple, and withdrawals from them are done in an immediate and fast manner and do not take time There are many investments in currencies, some of which are very well known, and some of them may be fraudulent, and you only have to review the currency before investing in it.
  7. Yes, I agree with you. We have worked for periods in collecting cryptocurrencies from sites that need a long time to earn cryptocurrencies from them. Yes, it's a good comparison between these sites and CryptoTalk What we benefited from and compensated for all this period that we worked on on those sites, and the benefit was material and scientific in cryptocurrencies. Yes, we are lucky with this important site to continue working and providing the best
  8. Yes, the first thing that attracted me to this site is the financial profit, as I have now had a long period in the forum, but after a period of time I feel that I must read a lot of topics in the forum in order to get to know the cryptocurrencies more and today I am aware of many things Which means I have developed and everyone may be surprised that I sit more often on the site even after my work has finished with it and read everything new. I advise everyone to continue working and advancing on topics so that everyone benefits
  9. Yes, this topic is very useful for everyone who enters the forum and registers for the first time in it, or the person is a beginner in the forum These are the sound rules that everyone must follow because failure to follow these rules makes you receive a warning and it is difficult for the novice to receive a warning from its beginning, so he must read the site’s rules before starting any work or activity
  10. Yes, it is a good feature that I use and I think that beginners on the site will benefit greatly from it. These things facilitate a lot of work. I read the topic through this feature and I know who wrote the topic good information
  11. Yes, this is true. New members depend on comments, but my brother, let them take their opportunity to learn. They read the topics and benefit from them scientifically and learn. Then you will find those who continue on the site who have a good scientific inventory about cryptocurrencies and you will find them writing useful topics later. It is important that we welcome the forum with useful topics that benefit Including the reader, whether a member of the site or outside it
  12. My brother, the forum and site we are working on provides you with a great opportunity to create good capital through which you can earn a lot of cryptocurrencies and you can trade them on the platform or invest in them and buy other currencies inside the platform and I for me prefer trading because it is profitable if you know a lot about Trading, but if you do not know, trading is difficult, so I advise everyone to do trading .
  13. Yes, no, it is a personal question But I think that I have tried many sites that did not give profits like this forum, as my profits reached three hundred and fifty dollars, so in fact everyone must work according to the rules of the forum that lay out its system and with hard work you will get your profits on a regular basis
  14. I believe that if this happens, it is a recognition of it, which will make its prices increase and rise dramatically and will increase investment in it, and because it is fast in its transactions, it will have a great deal in the future. Fully trust any deal on currencies that will increase their value
  15. It is an investment of the currency at a predetermined interest rate. You can find the profit rate may be on the day or in the week depending on the currency in which you want to invest and when you deposit the currency in it, it will pay you the specified interest and you can withdraw it at any time you want
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