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Found 17 results

  1. I had my time with the trading patterns for a few weeks, and for the last two Bitcoin is correcting, we can't deny that. My chart is the daily, (1D candle) and the price action looked that it entered this bearish channel the two blue lines are indicating. I make this post because I still think that the bull run is not over and we will probably have to wait for a few more days until the beginning of February to know for sure if there will be a change of scenery. The light blue lines are the previous trend that was broken, however, the vertical line at $30,000 was only broken for two hours if you zoom in the chart at the hourly candle. It bounced at $30k and yesterday's green candle was giving to BTC obvious support at $30,000. The black vertical line at $28,000, is where I think is the most important support located at this current chart. If it breaks it will then be a possibility that Bitcoin will also enter the Ichimoku cloud and face bigger support. I see support in many levels and Bitcoin most possibly will not break below $28,000 however this is only how I see the price action. This is my amateur technical analysis, based not on professional trading, just what I picked from some traders I watch. I did this chart yesterday when the price dropped below $30,000 and I was surprised with the top being at $33850 which was where the light blue line from the previous trend forming. Now, if the top blue line is broken in the following days, this will be once again super bullish and will lead to a retest of the all-time high, or to a huge rejection that will mean bearish news, but the last sentence is only a thought I have about what might happen. Any thoughts, or mistakes I maybe made will be highly appreciated. Maybe I used too many lines that were not needed, I am still a beginner in trading and just see this pattern that may be important to indicate the near future for the Bitcoin trend.
  2. Here is my personal analysis of the Bitcoin movement in the coming days on MetaTrader: There is a general Up Trend that is being formed by the BTC / USD on the 4 hour chart.. Yesterday, the pair retreated to near the 14000 USD level in anticipation of a rise towards the 15000 USD level, and with the support points that were formed as the chart shows, the pair is heading towards the upside towards 16000 USD.. There is movement and resistance in the price, so it drops to rise again as we see in the chart, but its decline will not exceed the support points shown in the chart because there is a strong UP Trend that formed in the past days, which makes the price take a general trend towards the upside to rise. .
  3. If you are member of this forum you probably know for TALK token, and that this token was launch before few days. But, members of this forum start earn/get this tokens before few months and I will talking about that and some more things in following sentences. - At beginning I would like to talk about about new payment system which includes and TALK token. Old payment system (BTC) was/is 1000sat per one post and currently payment system pay 10 TALK tokens for one post (fact). But, interesting thing is that members for one topic get 50 TALK token and 1 TALK token for every reputation point which they give to other members (max 50 per day). Good thing is that members dont get instant TALK token they must to wait 7 days to get their tokens for that day. This above I just share some facts about new payments system (TALK). - Now I will talking about price of TALK token after launch. (Yobit exchange) On this screenshot you can see that when TALK token was launch price hit 200sat, which if we compare with old payment system it's double (10TALK*200sat=2,000sat per post). But like you can see few days after that price drop till 88sat, which means that or someone sell big amount of TALK tokens or there no was big "walls" which will support price. But in any case price of TALK token recovered. (Yobit exchange) Like you can see on screenshot above, TALK token price recovered and hit 127sat which is around +44% from 88sat which was before day or two. And you can see volume when price pump, which probably means that someone buy large amount of TALK tokens. And currently price of TALK token is around 116sat which is again good price for members of this forum. - Now I will talking about plans for TALK token. If you read (or not) topic about TALK token and what will be the purpose of this token you probably become interested which price will be of TALK token. Topic: Pay attention on "2) Where and how TALK will be used ?". You can read that TALK token will not be just bonus for forum community, than will be use for other things too. Like for example, "sell ads, raise topic, upgrades, and additional items. services". I dont want to make prediction or something like that, but you can figure it out for yourself what this means. And most important will not be token which will members just get for writting, because that will affect on price. - In the following sentences I will talking about TALK token price inflation. Yes members will get TALK tokens for writting, yes TALK token have investbox plan with 1% daily interest, and yes that will affect on price for sure. But with things which I mentioned above ("Where and how TALK will be used") maybe that "inflation" will not affect that much on TALK token price. And one more thing, I will suggest to moderators and admin (I thing that would be good) that investbox plan for TALK be with less percent. For example that investbox plan for TALK token be just 0.1% daily not 1% like now that maybe will be good for price of TALK token. - And finally to write a conclusion Currently price of TALK token is solid and drop which we saw is not that big, if we consider that members earn/get a lot of TALK tokens for few months and price is not drop below 88sat which is good. But we will see in future what will be with price because every day members get more tokens and plus there are more tokens from investbox too which of course can affect on price. But I hope and I think a lot of members here too that plans for TALK token will be realized soon which will support TALK token price. In any case it remains for us to be more creative to write more contructive topics/posts and that this forum become one of best cryptocurrency forum and of course to support TALK token because that is official CryptoTalk forum token.
  4. I posted this topic in the beginners section because I saw that many people do not know about the Japanese candles used in technical analysis Japanese candles: a type of charts on the trading platform, which allows to display price fluctuations to the trader in the market. It is one of the most popular methods of technical analysis. It looks really like candles. and It is essential in many forms of technical analysis. " If you like my topic please give me like " ! ❤️
  5. My trading has given me strong lessons. Being a rookie, I made many erroneous and fatal analyzes that caused me serious losses, this forced me to study more the patterns, figures, indicators and momentum of the asset. Trading is like a column that consists of analysis and many aspects that you have to force in some way to be nonlinear, linear many technical or fundamentalist parameters does not guarantee you a direct result. Always keep a simple but lazy plan when learning, you will always have mistakes but it will be for your growth as an operator, remember that you operate your psychology not the market! 😉
  6. This is a quick Trade Analysis lesson as I see many people in the forum asking how to do TA. While I'm not an expert, I do have some knowledge so I'd like to share. This can be great way to find the bottom and it worked in this scenario. Doesn't always work but more times than not it does. This works 90% of the time or better when accompanied by volume to support the move. So here we see it sold off pretty good and we know it's oversold at that point. That setup can be very rewarding and is worth looking for. We watch for some sharp downward wicks that pop back up. This is a sign that bottom may be close. Then the next low is higher. This is where I either buy or get my order ready. The next candle opened green (higher) and that's confirmation for me so I'd be in there. When right you can hold until the upward pattern breaks, but better to take the 5% just 2 hours later.
  7. BTC / USD analysis 20-12-2020 This is my analysis of the recent movements of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin .. The analysis was done on the MetaTrader program . Given the perspective of the 4-hour timeframe, recent events, and the current formative shape ... and where is the market supposed to have its destinations ?.. There is a strong uptrend and an explosion in the price to the upside, and this excessive exponential explosion in prices appeared to the upside in the recent period without enough confirmations !.. In my opinion, the price needs to fall below the point of $ 20,000 to confirm before it rises ... or that the current bullish explosion will be temporary and will not last.. and will go down to normal levels . The extension of the main trend channel is still activated despite its breach to form an ascending triangle. The breach of the channel activated the main target at $ 25,000, as shown on the second chart .
  8. I'm sure that all of you have seen this famous sign (Doji) in your trades when you were reading graphs and analyzing a coin's behavior. Doji is a sign of uncertainty and doubt. When this sign appears in charts, it means most traders are unable to decide what to do next. This is the only part of trading that is totally unpredictable. When traders face with this sign, they might do the following: 1 - They might wait and see what other traders will do and react based on the next direction of the market. 2 - They might sell their coins because they are afraid that the next movement may be downward movement (Prices fall). 3 - They might even start to buy because some of them may believe the next trend after Doji sign is upward movement (Prices rise). I usually do the first one because I don't want to risk losing my coins if prices fall after the sign. I'm curious to know what is your reaction to this sign in your trades.
  9. Golden Cross Golden Cross is a bullish breakout pattern that is formed from the crossing between a low-period Moving Average and a higher-period Moving Average. The Golden Cross moment indicates that the bull market is in sight Death Cross Death Cross is a signal for the beginning of a bearish market; formed from the crossing between Moving Average with low period and Moving Average with higher period. Moving Average Moving Average is a technical indicator that smooths price movements by filtering random price fluctuations. As an indicator, Moving Average is trend-following (lagging) and lagging (delayed) because it is based on prices that have already occurred. Bullish Bullish is the tendency of prices to move up (strengthen) continuously in a certain period of time. Bullish market trends can be used to refer to the overall global market conditions, a business sector, and the price of certain financial assets. The word Bullish is also often used to refer to sentiment among traders who are optimistic about a financial asset, even though the price hasn't really moved up. Also called uptren. Bearish Bearish is the tendency of prices to move down (weakening) continuously in a certain time period. Bearish can also be used to refer to overall global market conditions; a business sector; as well as the price of certain financial assets; and is often used to refer to sentiments among traders who are pessimistic about a financial asset, even though the price has not really declined. also called downtrend. may be useful!
  10. Hello Everyone, Today i want to open discuss for analysis about BTC/USD with price action. i get one important moment for analisys today about BTC/USD. There is an HNS pattern that occurs in today's session on BTC / USD in the price range of $ 9000. if closed daily today does not touch the price of $ 9354, the possibility of price movements tends to be still bearish until it enters the HNS support pattern in the price range of $ 6000.
  11. The yellow metal continues to rise and breaks through the resistance 1913 on the four-hour chart, waiting for the four-hour candle to close above this level, and therefore the next target will be the 1924 display area, which it failed to break last week. But if it does not succeed in closing above the four hour candle, I think it will drop to re-test the 1896 support. Waiting for Fed Chair Powell Speaks. Let's wait and see what happens.
  12. Hi fellow forum members. Today, in this topic, I will be making some technical analysis on Chainlink token (LINK). Before proceeding, let's talk a little about chainlink. What’s Chainlink? Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that allows provision of data from off-chain to on-chain (or smart contracts. Basically it means it connects smart contracts to real word data and payments. Chainlink It implies that more demand of decentralised oracle network services = more demand of the LINK token. As time goes on, LINK will be one of the most demanded assets. Watch out!. More about chainlink and tokenomics? Visit As at present, LINK ($11.2) is ranked 6th CoinMarketCap with a circulating supply of 390,509,556 LINK from a total supply of 1B LINK. With market capitalization of over $4.3B and volume of 132M LINK ($2B), it peaked to its all time high at Aug, 2020 at $19.85 and it has its all time low of $0.126 in Sep, 2017. LINK was the highest performing crypto asset in 2019 with nearly (or more) 500% ROI, starting at $0.3 at the beginning of the year to $1.80 at the end, more than BTC (around 100% ROI). After peaking to the ATH earlier this year, there has been noticeably a bearish trend hitting as low as $7.3 with the market showing a some sign of weakness. Should we (investors and trader) be worried?. On my analysis, the first noticeable trend as shown on the chart above, was the chainlink market making some higher lows. As seen and shown in 1, 2, 3 and 4(currently) after each bearish pattern, there has been significant upward movement; 49.2% in 1, 40.09% in 2, 32.8% in 3 and as at this time in 4, there has been more than 19% upward from the bearish candle. It is not healthy for me to be bearish but I have to admit the LINK market is weak at this moment and most likely a resistance will have to be dealt with at $13.22 in the next few days we have been rejected twice as shown in the immediate above chart. Personally I placed an order at $10.04, expecting the same pattern and predictably up to 25% from the bearish candle following the same pattern. Will it break the barrier? The next few days will be crucial if the market will show some strength, break the pattern and go very bullish or not, go bearish below the previous support ($9.77; with the help of my 50 days moving average exponential). I remain remain positive however with help of some fundamental factors: Zenlink exchange announces it will integrate chainlink oracles: Mainly because of its transparency, decentralization, security and high quality. Increasing ecosystem: 29 new project integrates into chainlink bringing the total to over 315. If the above in not bullish enough then, I don’t know what’s it? Chainlink is one of the most volatile cryptocurrency since 2017, relatively one of the most profitable. This is not a trading advice!!!. As seen on the charts, all are made independently and liscensed to this community. Prior to any usage, contact the administration. Thank y'all. Profit for everyone.
  13. Hello to CryptoTalk Community! I have been studyng computer engineering for 3 years and I am very interested in programming. I also did some research on financial markets and the pattern of charts in these markets. I am very interested in implementing programs to identify forecast patterns in these charts. In your opinion, how effective can these programs and research in general for modeling these markets be in earning money?
  14. This is my personal analysis to BTC/USD Chart on 4H Frames with Metatrader Program : There is a general uptrend continuing with some resistance .. After a price test is done arround 17200, it will go up to 19000 and there is a support level around 15900 .. If the Bollinger Bands indicator lower boundary were a breakdown, the price would approach 15,900 .. The minor uptrends are strong, and the general uptrend supports them .. Mostly, the bullish growth will continue the same until the price crosses the 19000 level .
  15. First what is SNM , its a coin with a project that provides cloud services like PC's , miners and also servers , if you want a miner dont buy one , just use SNM services for your needs . Technical analysis : the price of SNM coin is low somehow which giving you a chance to get bigger ROI( return of investment ) in it that the other coins , the price now is trading over 70 Satoshi , What made me choose this currency for analysis, in addition to the project and the work team that the coin have, but technically it is standing in historical support points, which it has reached only three times in its history and has rebounded strongly towards high levels achieving fictional profits that exceed double, you can check the chart under . Just notice that if you bought from current levels ( from 55 Satoshi to 75 Satoshi) you will get 160% of profit at least , but this trade needs patient, at last 6 months or less depending on market performance , with a stop lose of 15 % only which is not a big number approach to expected profits Buy levels : -from 55 top 70 Satoshi with many times it gonna be better. -dividing your capital is required Sell levels : from what i see , on daily and weekly chart the price in the past failed to break 120 Satoshi levels , so for me it be a good chance to sell 50 % of your coins on those levels , dont risk and take some of your capital out , let the risk to upcoming prices . Stop-loss levels : under 50 satoshi , with a stop lose of 15 % is the best levels to sell your coins if anything bad happened to the market, just dont forget to use a capital that you are ready to lose in this trade, this way you will be psychologically prepared to lose the trade. ************************ ************************ expected profit : 160% expected loss : 10% Daily charts : here we have the daily chart , for a daily trader this is a perfect chart to take an entry to the market , we see that the RSI levels sell saturated already and what coming is only buys , also we can see that this time the volume levels/ spikes is different and much bigger which means they are already whales and traders buying the coin there and you can buy with no fear . buy from the green zone and sell up there in green line . i didnt want to add more and complicated analysis tools to the chart to make it more simple & easy to understand , make sure to ask anything in the comment below and dont forget to leave a like if you interested to see more topics / analysis in the near future , thank you and happy posting. all charts rights reserved to me .
  16. Check the pic, it was just a classical triangle pattern. Ups or Downs? But no matter how it will go, guys just don't forget to hedge your positions. I just bought a BitOffer 7-days put options contract to hedge the risk. In my view, it was the cheapest way to hedge my bitcoin position: 1. It charges 0 fee, 0 margin. So, I only need to pay premium to buy the contracts. 2. To hedge my position for 7 days, I only need to pay $500. That is the cheapest one that I can find in the market. But I will suggest you guys to buy when the signal shows up. Like this time, the triangle pattern showed up. 3. It is also the easiest hedge tool for newbie or ppl who does not want to deal with complicated things. For example, if the bitcoin price dropped to $4,000 within 7 days, even I lost a lot, I would still directly earn $4,000 from my put options contract on BitOffer. At last, how do you think about the market, Ups or Downs?
  17. Good to be here, hum... I am just a beginners in but already a 5 year experienced bitcoin holder and a life time pro trader since I graduated from Princeton 10 years ago. I used to be the pro-strategy provider in UBS, now I offer the professional bitcoin trading strategy and analysis tips. Thanks, it is good to be at CryptoTalk.Org
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