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  1. The supply of doge is not just huge but unlimited, i heard the code has nit been updated for a long time now, but it does not matter, doge works even better than bitcoin, when comes to transaction speed and fees.
  2. That does not scare me because i believe in my skills that on one can scam me with this simple strategy, never entrust your money to any one but you.
  3. Where do i get to use lighting network, if i wanted to give it a try?
  4. Depositing does not affect crypto prices, because you take from one wallet to another but same coins, so it does on t affect the demand.
  5. You don't have to determine the data are given in the CMC website, the cryptocompare and the Blockchain.com as well.
  6. I hope that does not happen, cryprto world might not be able to survive another crisis after.corona.
  7. So what do you think will be smart for governments to do, accept crypto for the sake of it becoming the coin if criminals or taking chances in banning it?
  8. Bitcoin has helped me and my family, we have no idea how it would have been without bitcoin. By the way what is "lanu'?
  9. Lol you are girl, girls only think of beauty, which is good, but why not spend on something that can be directly purchased with crypto so you fee the actual use of crypto?
  10. Maybe that is also the reason they are trying to push through the 2.0 version of ether.
  11. A story how, how do you mean by tron coin has just became as a story to us?
  12. XRP migt be all good now, but we real can't tell what evil does that centralized coin has prepared for us.
  13. XLM maybe but not for long term, XRP/Ripple is also not predictable, but dogecoins are even worse for ling term, even short term on tat one.
  14. That is because you cannot have all the talents and skills, in that you gonna need a team but for your team to accept you, you muat have a particular skill too.
  15. What is high low swing method, tell me about it sounds simpler.
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