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  1. My country does not care what's going on with cryptocurrency, so it is neither prohibited nor regulated. I personally accept bitcoin alone as a means of payment.
  2. Since scammers targets newbies, Maybe in later days, when almost everybody is not a crypto noob, there will not be much scammers.
  3. But it is risky and no different from gamble, no one knew that the price was gonna go up. But lucky the guy.
  4. If you buy coin then sell it to another coin at the same time it not b profitable but you should wait for the coin to raise up then there you'll be abble to sell it.
  5. There have many cryptocurrency exchanges but i reccomend I to use the following exchanges. - Binance - Yobit - KuCoin - Bittrex - Gemini - Bitstamp Thats my suggested cryptocurrency currency exchange from my expertise of crypto world.
  6. Somehow i can say yobit is a nice exchange but i do not give it #1 rank but i give i #6 rank from all exchanges platforms and binance is #1 rank.
  7. If exchange is not good for holding it means you only deposit money which you need trading for some time but you dont have to deposit all your money.
  8. I dont think if there is any need of yobit to offer mining page cause they already offer the investbox. Also all in all the mining is not profitable even if they add it
  9. Why when we withdraw from yobit it doesn't send the verification code to email to confirm the withdraw in order to make more security level.
  10. I dont know why yobit fee of bitcoin is too high than other coins. I dont think if there is any person who withdrawn through bitcoin in yobit.
  11. From my little life in cryptocurrency use and trading i suggest to use the following cryptocurrency exchange platforms. - Binance - KuConin - Bittrex Those is my recommendations cryptocurrency exchanges but I suggest to use BINANCE EXCHANGE.
  12. No i do i do not recommend to use margin trading for newbies in cryptocurrency trading cause its adapt high risk but margin is good for expertise
  13. As i see now a days poloniex i think it loses its value because i see currently it not recommended to be used i thougt its not safe to use poloniex now.
  14. For those students it is good, but for the country it is not as they're bringing a Lion into their own yard where their children play.
  15. It could be really happening, or companies use that as a cover up for bigger scams.
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