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  1. Of course they were hacked and have already paid some of the users,, i think they are still gathering money to pay back.
  2. If so then that means if bitcoin goes up 100k dogecoin can cross $1??
  3. But the government does not have confidence on bitcoin, they fear it might crush their economy.
  4. Maybe by useful the other friend means been used as payment option in stores.
  5. I hear McAfee every year last year was his too, with his 1m bitcoin price prediction.
  6. But if all people are already buying bitcoin, and then the demand become stable, would the price still increase?
  7. That is gonna take forever, not every country can pull up such a budget.
  8. One of the risk in digital currency is id you lose your keys there is no body to recover it at, and there is no solving that.
  9. Yes that was what i wanted it for as well, reducing spams and overcrowding on the crypto world section.
  10. You can't be serious! I explained all that in the body of my topic, did you read it?
  11. Nit not every coin in the market could be pumped and dogecoin proves yo be one od them.
  12. Since i suggested this there have been more section added, but the over discussions on the crypto world section, does not end.
  13. Bull run is already happening now, or is this movement not considered as a bull run.
  14. That's right, with bitcoin right now trying go cross that 9k resistance, but here let's keep focus on the matter in question, what happens when some coin other than the top 100 coins drops 90%, will it ever recover?
  15. I'm into admins creating new sections, but i do not encourage local board section, imagine how many we could have and how messy the forum could be.
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