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  1. It come to my mind that i had to ask if all cryptocurrencies has their own official wallets and here in the body i ask additionally does the tokens as well?
  2. Just like the title asks, if there is any difference in these trading types in this matter, the i will finally agree there is a difference between the two.
  3. Where did you get that information, i mean it is good because if that's so then Bank's fight towards cryptocurrency have come to an end, but is that true?
  4. As the world we are heading to there are more educated graduated people who are missing employments. This number is increasing every day, but i think cryptocurrency if taught to these people and just the fundamentals of trading, we could reduce the number of educated people from the streets.
  5. Friends is not the case you must have your own capital and the means to expand that capital.
  6. I was wondering? Doges are low priced coins πŸ• woo! Woo! (I was just feeling myself) Since it is so low i. Price it means it is easier to pump than bitcoin, but why are whales not interested in pumping doge? Or is doge network different than that of other coins and that it is hard to pump??
  7. I want to start a business but i'm struggling with a brand name here. Business type; cryptocurrency social messenger My last name: Wilbertson My country: Tanzania What makes me happy: people Those are the things you could or not use for formation if that business name.
  8. Bitcoin is the top ranked cryptocurrency and it has higher demand than any other cryptocurrency. But recently there has been many regulations on these cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency exchanges as away to accept bitcoin. The way i see it is bitcoin and the few other cryptocurrency will not tolerate this and they will Never agree to be centralized. This will bring by the biggest ban on bitcoin worldwide as all countries will unite to make sure this happens. Then since bitcoin is the only privacy and anonymous coin remaining in the market, it could only be used in criminal activities and in the dark net. What are your thoughts the fate of bitcoin?
  9. It as only been 10 years since the establishment of the bitcoin, but there have not been much developement on the bitcoin since 8 years ago. Bitcoin depends on mining while there are other coins that depends on POS. New coins are created with advancements on the matters of fees and fast transactions while bitcoin remains the same. This is proof enough that bitcoin has become old school already. We need people to take over the project and advance it.
  10. People tends to be so negative on obvious matters it is how they make their fame greater, especially when those things comes out as they say. One if these people is McAfee, this guy would deny Russian to have hacked the US by pointing out that it was some random teenager. They make us laugh yah, but stop believing those people. The halving is upon us.
  11. I noticed people are not making topic anymore, there are more than 10 thousands users but there are only 5k topics. This makes the forum having few topics and thus more repeated replies. So i think the forum admins, should find a solution for this. My suggestion is that users should be forced or encouraged to make at least 2 to 3 post/day this campaign should start soon.
  12. We have been in the bear market for quite a while and on November 25 the price of the king even dropped to 6500. Right now we are sitting at 7500 and the price seems to be expecting a bullish moment up to 8k to 9k before the end of the year. What do you guys think?
  13. I have seen many topics and posts about panic sellers, but we should look on the other side (panic buyers) sometime it's all manipulation that the price goes higher and close the limit, then there comes panic buyers who buys after coin have gone ATH. This has caused many traders to suffer a loss that never recovers at least not any time soon.
  14. We all remember that time when BTC went all the way down to 3k we all suffered and some panicked that it was the end of btc, then even mining became unprofitable. What if that happened to another coin, people lose hope then they sell it all never to buy again. I think people kept hope in btc because of it's rank. If it was another coin it would have surely died for good. What do you guys say?
  15. According to this article from cointelegraph bitcoin might hit a low prixe of 4500 usd, https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoin-may-hit-4-500-but-miners-have-mostly-capitulated-analysts/amp What are your thoughts and what are you going to do now?
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