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  1. Crypto talk is amazing for me I was to a site for online earning and my fellow suggestion me for joining it. When I joined it that day I was excited because here work is easy and here we chance to exchange our knowledge . Now here I am earning and learning.
  2. Yes dear right I noticed that many members are not given rating. I always give the positive reaction on useful post . And everyone should to give reaction on useful posts . Giving repotation is our duty. When we see a useful post then we should to give repotation.
  3. We should not jealous with our seniors . Rather when we see hot topic of our seniors then we should to give positive reaction. No and never comparison your self with others. Because every one is different from others.
  4. Thanks for your sharing yes everyone should to research new things and create a new topic for benefit for others on this forum. We can learn everything from different sections . If we want to learn about trading then we can go in trading section for learning.
  5. Dear when we imagine something then a thing produce in our self which make us strong for doing work on this. If we think about anything then we do it . Without thoughts we cannot anything. Our knowledge depend on our thoughts.
  6. Crypto talk work is illegal in some countries therefore you have need for vpn . When anyone use vpn then this is connected with other countries. And we can use this site. And other thing many members use vpn for hiding ip address.
  7. Dear I agree with you we should to make new topics for benefits other. But I noticed that many members write a comment on a topic . But they are not try to create a topic. We should to create informative topic. Which is beneficial for others .
  8. Dear you can investment on sites . If you want to speed of your earning then you can investment . But you should to take decision for trusted site . Because many sites become to scam. 1stly you should to collect information about any site then you can investment if you feel better.
  9. Life is a experience . We learn a lot from our work and from our mistakes. When we learn from our mistake then we should to want don't repeat again this mistake . If we do a mistake again and again this is not good. It's mean that we are not serious. We should to learn our mistake and we should to make our life with experiences.
  10. Dear bitcoin is on hight at this time therefore we cannot purchase bitcoin . If we purchase ethereum then we will good earn by investment because in future ethereum will increase like bitcoin . Now we can purchase in cheapest rate and we will sale on high price .
  11. Thanks dear for your sharing. This is helpful for all specially beginners.we should to create a topic which have simple words. We discuss about any issue or important talk . We should to create a content minimum of 100 characters. If we create a Informational topic then this become to a hot topic.
  12. Yes dear I am agree with I have seen many members whose make a lower content on topic . When we post on a lower content then our post is not count on yobit . There fore we should to make a topic with minimum 100 character content . And our content should to Informational and beneficial for others.
  13. Dear you can good earn with investment and trading if you have not experience then you should to spend most time here . Here you can learn a lot about trading and investment . When you will investment then your money will safe and you will earn good profit.
  14. Dear if anyone want to be successful then shoul to hard worker and patience. Because we cannot achieve our goal in early . We can cross our goal with step by step. When we want to achieve anything we can find it in some time later.if we continue our hard work and keep patience then we can be successful.
  15. Dear yobit have more tex for withdraw special withdraw for bitcoin. And we should to when we withdraw btc then we should to convert btc in LTC because ltc text is very low . This process will help ful and cheapest for us. Don't try to withdraw with high tex.
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