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  1. Please help me i forgot my YoBit password. So , please tell me those who know how to change my password. I also went on forgot my password but there is not charging there the invalid login comes . So experts please tell me how i change my yoBit password.
  2. Thanks dear for such useful post . I hope many people who are afraid of scammers act on your advise and your post help them . Because scammers are everywhere and on telegram scammers are in large amount. So we have to be aware of the. Thanks.
  3. Dear in my opinion it depends on sites which are for mining but many are which effect our mobile quality and some need more energy. But there i saw a app which can't effect our mobile quality. This is pi mining app . This is very good and easy to use . Just you have to open this after 24 hours. This is very good app . Thanks.
  4. Dear in my opinion the price of btc increases and decreases with time. But in my opinion in future btc price goes more high because everyone is taking interest in btc and i hope it goes more popular. But all countries have to accept btc and then it goes more popular. Thanks.
  5. Yes dear everyone is interested in freelancing job because this is becoming more paying job in my opinion. People by sitting at home work and earn a good amount of money. And these jobs are legit. Everyone like these jobs and want to do these jobs. Everyone is interested in freelancing jobs . And everyone have android mobile and laptops and they can work with the help of these. Thanks.
  6. Yes dear many people earn from referral. But in my opinion trading is better then referral. Because people earn more from trading. But referral is good way . Thanks.
  7. Dear i don't hear about BC. Game but know many members i see who are saying that bc game is very good . Because it is legit and it pay . So in my opinion people have to try this. By this people amuse and also earn . Thanks.
  8. Because of fake members ico become scam . Scammers are all around on every place but it is on the websites to take care of them if they don't they have to face such scammers. And there websites are become scam. Thanks.
  9. I hear too much about coin base Wallet. I hope that this wallet is very good to use . People must try this wallet. Because 9 million people use this and i know that this should be very good . Thanks for useful post . Have a nice day โ˜บ๏ธ.
  10. So it i quite interesting. Because those who use mobile phone this is big opportunity for them . By this they get all important information . So i hope people like this and get advantage from that . Thanks for such useful post . Have a nice day โ˜บ๏ธ.
  11. Dear if you are really interested in trading so do that and don't be afraid because it may effect your work . And be patient in your work. Don't hesitate. And trade in those coins which you know are not fake. Thanks.
  12. In my opinion now the scammers are many and they only try to scam therefore they try not to be scammed. This is my opinion . And there are also may be hackers there . But there are different things by which they failed. Thanks.
  13. Can you tell me about what is pump in yobit. I don't know about that abd what advantage we obtain from that . Thanks.
  14. Thanks for such useful informative post . I hope the people enjoy this and must participate in it . Best of luck to all participants. Thanks.
  15. Dear there the amount of participants is very large and the amount of reward is not high. So the price should be high so people participate more . Thanks.
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