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  1. Team work is a really nice strategy to easily achieve success. By having a teamwork everything will make faster and you can finish the work easily. Having friends in cryptoworld will be great for you to achieve that.
  2. When we put our effort here and we put some strategies then we can achieve the success easily. Just always pursue what we want and someday everything will be worth.
  3. Just invest in some famous coin than investing in new born coins for you to avoid getting scam by those who are doing bad things in cryptoworld.
  4. That's right that's a plagiarism which is illegal work here. Much better to provide words coming from what's real and your knowledge than copying others comment or words.
  5. That's right doesn't count as post but if you add comment on it then it will count as one post. If you want to do a survey provide a poll instead of asking it from post for easily gathering the information.
  6. That's right let's not violate the rules here or else we will receive warning that may lead for the admins to remove us here. Just follow those and we will never encounter problems.
  7. Cryptotalk is the best forum to earn more than 1$ per day. We only need to spend 3-4 hrs of our time per day and we will get the payment once we reached the 30 posts limit.
  8. I don't have telegram account but I hope all of you will enjoy the service of the bot. I'm going to join telegram when they offer some free coins or extra income.
  9. I agree so we can make sure that those who are doing spam will be remove here and we will lessen those kind of people so we can maintain the cleanliness of the forum which is full of cryptoworld knowledge.
  10. That's right but let's keep our failure as a positive reason for us to continue and make it an inspiration to pursue the success we want. Experience is the best way to achieve success always place that in our mind.
  11. That's right yobit prioritize those famous coins so the chance of fake coins to rise is very low. My advice if you want to avoid fake coins then invest in famous coins.
  12. That's right just manage to post high quality post and avoid posting not related topics. Also maintain the updates of your topics and have some reputations from other members. These are the easiest ways for you to see your name in leaderboard someday.
  13. This is right all we need to do is to finish the 100 posts for us to be able to receive payment from here. Then we need to reached 30 posts daily to receive 30000 satoshis.
  14. This is right. This is an effective way to do for you to avoid that to happen also you can go to the other forum to look for another topics for you not to repeat commenting in same topic.
  15. Gladly the price finally recovered from that and possible to double the price in next month based on some expert predictions. My analysis it will happen soon.
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