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  1. For me yes because when you saved a good amount then you use it to make it more profitable then you csn be financial stable which means all you need to have is a wise decision and hard work to make your money grow.
  2. Yes because all of us are lucky knowing that we will benefit as a member here like we would learn many things and we can also share what we have learned from here to others and also we can improve our language speaking and we can earn when we post something useful.
  3. The only problem I'm facing right now is why I was removed in the campaign knowing that I didn't do anything that cause a violation that's why I'm hoping the moderator would bring me back again.
  4. Simple mistake can be bigger that's why we should be careful on making it accidentally and let's be wise and always follow the rules to avoid this to happen.
  5. You can easily detect if someone doing a scam that's why you should be careful especially if you have a doubt that they will do something that may cause for you to loss what you have. Be wise.
  6. It's okay to ask here especially when you really don't know so you can make things clear and you will learn something nee from the others so don't be shy to ask because it's totally free as long as it's related to cryptoworld or cryptocurrency.
  7. If you going to try investment for the first time then you should invest in small amount for you to have an idea on what to do also when you already know it then you can finally invest in big amount so it will become more profitable.
  8. It depends on us if we want to stay in beginners section or not because we have different reasons like others stay on that because they want to help newbies while others have different goals like to learn in other section.
  9. Some of those games really gives free crypto but most of the time you will end up losing what you have when playing those games because the chances of winning is not 100%.
  10. Also follow all of the rules regarding the proper posting and what to do and what to avoid so we would be able to stay here for a long time and we will not receive any violations.
  11. Just follow the rules regarding the proper posting for you to be able to avoid the deletion of your post also make sure that your topic is informative and would help others.
  12. The explanation for that is very simple, positive reputation means that the post is good while negative reputation means that the post is low quality or it doesn't follow the rules regarding the proper posting.
  13. That's one of those things we shouldn't forget because sometimes those links were used to scam and get our private information secretly so avoid clicking links from random person especially when not needed.
  14. There's no problem on that as long as both of you using not same device and not same IP because using both will cause for you to be ban here because you will be detected as multiple account.
  15. Totally agree with that because you can easily earn here more than faucets can give that's why I much prefer to work here than waiting and doing things for faucets just to earn small amount.
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