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  1. Yes that's right we should obey the rules of the forum so we can avoid receiving warning points that may lead for us to become restricted or permanently ban here. We must be careful on our action so moderators will never give us violation points.
  2. That's right just have some patience because the wait will be worth when September come. Now is the month of August and it will only takes one month before we can finally exchange our talktokens.
  3. That's right we should listen to their updates so we will never miss any single thing or words hat they announced. By being updated we can adapt easily to changes in the forum.
  4. Same here because I don't have any tags or specialized mention for a specific person. Maybe someday I will use that if there's someone need to thank for.
  5. You can start earning here once you already finished the 100 posts. The next useful post or content you going to share will have a equivalent payment also giving reputation will give you tokens.
  6. Same strategy here. When I want to withdraw I will exchange in xrp first so I can only get less withdrawal fee, this is also the style of the other people here in cryptoworld so they can save some amount than paying too much for withdrawal fee in btc.
  7. Cryptotalk really help me to learn English by answering some comments or post here which really a big help for everyone also to use this language although it's not our main language. I can say that cryptotalk really have many benefits not only for money but also for learning.
  8. That's possible for the others to leave their work but if you earn some good income in your office then maybe you will only use cryptotalk for your sideline or extra income because the payment here really helpful too.
  9. That's why never copy and paste someone's words here because once it proven that a member copy the comment them they he/she will receive violation points which may lead for restriction or permanent ban.
  10. My answer for that is yes because many people using yobit and I have never heard someone complaining about the loss of their coins that's why we can put our trust in yobit.
  11. In the new payment system it doesn't matter although we post less than the limit as long as we post useful content then we can still get payment that's why just continue contributing although by commenting and not just always creating some topic.
  12. Actually those who do scam here will automatically get ban by the admin once there's a proof that they doing scam that's why when you see someone doing that kindly report him/her to the admin.
  13. I will not use my time to review that because if I want to review my post I will do it before I post it so it will not consume so much of my time repeating to review my post for once I'm done completing the daily limit.
  14. I agree but some members especially seniors are here because they want to help or guide other new members which really a big help for them to learn easily about some things in cryptoworld.
  15. I noticed that I got many reputations because I'm always active and giving some advice or tips here that's why I recommend you to do the same thing for you to get more reputations. Just help and guide others as much as you can.
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