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  1. @Emma Wilson @Gaurav kumar Thankyou my friend for sharing information about this app. I'll try this app to get free Etherum. Because in these days price of this coin is increasing so this gives us lots of profit.
  2. @Jam sidra @Uswa Aymen @Asim808 Yes zoom cloud is good application for use.. Because anyone cannot join your class link without host permission. It is totally secure and easy to use.
  3. @Hafiz Muhammad Madni @Sidra Bajwa My friend i had wasted my time on many apps but i haven't found such who gives you earning free. So don't get stuck in these apps.. You need to invest on trustful apps for earning like binance, coinbase etc.
  4. @Andrie143 @Sidra Bajwa My friend i use binance and coinbase app for trading. Because these apps are completely trustful and safe for investment.
  5. @abdullah553 @Hamza puria My friend it depend on selection of coin first. Then you need to see the price increases in the last period of that coin or not. It's all depend on your experience of trading. Investment here is safe.
  6. @el-Muhammady @Hamza puria Yes you are right my friend. Thanks for made that useful post about scammers. We need to avoid scammers and work positively here.
  7. @Zaino34 @Hamza puria Yes you are right. Knowledge is a key of success. We face difficulties in start of these digital currencies forums but with the passage of time we learn about that currencies and able to earn from it.
  8. Thanks my friend for sharing this wonderful opportunity to us also. I'll try this app to earn fast and easy.
  9. @Oluade Yes you are right. In investment we must to aware of scammers otherwise we lost our money. So free btc is better than investment if we are new on the market.
  10. @Dark_Sky @Dordio Yes you are right my friend. Everyone has different point of view about posts. So if someone give you negative feedback then don't hate him/her because he/she has a different point of view about your post. So try to learn from negative feedback too.
  11. @Beast921 First of all welcome to all new comers on that forum. They should want to follow the rules and guidelines of that forum. They want to learn from seniors post first then try to post useful content.
  12. My friend i haven't experience yet about mining. I'm here to read others comments to get to know about everything. Thankx to created that helpful topic for me and others.
  13. @Whited35 Yes you are right. Pi is new digital currency app. It's easy to use on mobile phone. It's very simple for mining on mobile phone. Probably it will grow soon.
  14. There are many applications on play store. But i recommend you to use clip clap app. Because it's trustful, give payment and high rating on play store.
  15. @Naveed15 My friend there are many applications on play store of android cleaner. I always use default mobile cleaner because it is best for me to use. You told C cleaner in your post, i know about it. It is also very handy to use.
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