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  1. Hello, if what you mention is true, it is better to be able to stay informed of more topics, in this case I suppose you are referring to the forum sections, since it is also true that you can learn more about the cryptographic subject, since Currently the forum allows you to learn about 19 different topics of cryptography, where one of the most to highlight is on the topic of defi, well that is according to my opinion, best regards.
  2. Hello, if it is true that everything is obtained according to experience, but what you mention is also true, about expressing what you have learned in our articles and comments. I have had to see some articles or comments where they have a good talk or a good message, so you can see that the person who wrote that article or comment knows what they are talking about. It is also good to be able to share what you have learned, that is how you can expand your knowledge, since it would be useless to learn something, and just keep it saved or not even put it into practice. Good article, best regards.
  3. If it is true that, here in criptotalk, you can learn many things about the cryptographic subject, It is good to see that the forum and the project maintain good results, since you can see that new and good things are learned about the crypto topic. Also what you mention is true, that in addition to allowing us to learn, it also allows us to receive an extra benefit, cordial greetings and continue to learn with cryptotalk.
  4. Hello, of course, apparently if it maintains both a positive and a negative effect, and not only that it can affect you in terms of whether or not your publication is eligible to be paid, but it can also affect your reputation whether it goes up or down. From what I explain. The reason or the effects that it can maintain are the following: Positive reaction: Improve and increase your reputation, in addition to being taken as good or useful. Negative reaction: It affects your reputation, since it decreases it, for example if you maintain a reputation of 100 and you are given a reputation like, -5, your reputation will drop to 95, in addition to affecting your publication, and it will not be suitable, for be paid. I hope this comment is helpful, best regards.
  5. If it is something that I also wonder, but what happens is that in reality most of the publications are concentrated in this section, so there is no more to talk about if most of the doubts have already been answered. Currently the forum has 19 sections from which we can seek to learn, since I consider this section to be more than just for new members. Another thing that could be is that they are repeated, since more and more new people are entering and do not know what to do, perhaps it is for that reason, but the forum also has a search tool, where they can find, the answer to your question, but it will depend on others, best regards. Note: It should be mentioned that this is my opinion and I do not seek to offend anyone, everyone is free to give their own opinion.
  6. Hello, if it is true that most of the people in the community only respond to topics already created, so there are fewer and fewer topics created, and more are the comments made on the articles. It is true that our duty is to create publications not only topics, it is something that we must keep in mind, since if we continue in this citation, the day will soon come when the topics will end and there will be no more to comment. In my case, I am one of those who comment but also create articles, so I try to balance, best regards.
  7. Hello, if it is true that we must seek to be different from others, each one maintains the ability to be better, or different, since if we copy what others do we would stop being different and we would begin to be like others, then already there would be no difference. People who maintain good ranks and reputations are people who started from the bottom, only they have obtained those results, with dedication effort, since overnight, those results cannot be achieved, so we must seek to be good, and give the best of ourselves. Remember friends that what makes us be authentic or different from others is to be ourselves.
  8. Hello partner, remember that in order to be eligible and receive benefits for your publications, you must first have met the goal of 100 publications, after that, you must wait 7 days, in which your publications acquire interactions, after that you can start to see your benefits reflected,. Keep in mind that you will only be paid for the publications that were taken as useful during that day. I hope this comment is helpful, kind regards.
  9. Hello, yes it is true that it is good to maintain an interaction with other colleagues within the forum, as it also helps you to keep a good conversation about the topic posted, besides maintaining a good impression to other colleagues. Sometimes I have been able to engage in a little conversation about some topics posted, and believe me it helps to know the opinion of someone else, and to expand your ideas. Something that is good is that you can maintain an interaction not only in comments but also in getting a good reputation, if your comment or opinion has helped someone else.
  10. Hello partner, remember that to obtain good results you have to try to create good articles, but also to keep following the rules, since they will be of help. Remember that quality is better than quantity, I say this because sometimes I have seen publications where they try to create many publications, but few of them are helpful, so you should better maintain a good quality in your articles, and not seek to have an extensive amount of them, maybe they do this to generate more, but what matters is that they can be helpful to others. Also keep in mind that when you publish a topic you should try to maintain coherence or that it is helpful to others. I hope this comment is helpful, best regards. Note: It should be noted that this is my opinion and I do not seek to offend anyone, everyone is free to give their own opinion.
  11. Hello, it is true that doing things well and dedicating time and effort is good because it gives you good results, thank God I also try to do things well, it is good to set goals to achieve good results and keep you growing, it is also well said that you feel a nice satisfaction, to see that everything goes well and that the dedication is well paid. Also something you mention is that it is good to appreciate yourself, as it is also necessary, so that we can have a personal taste for ourselves, or what we do, best regards.
  12. Hello, if it is true that security is important because the more security our account maintains, the better it will be and the stronger or more difficult to access it, of course, for someone unknown. It is good the option of the double factor, as I previously read that the safest to use in the 2fa function, is the message to our mobile, as they catalog the google a little easier to access, although I do not see why, but they mention that it is better to opt for the message to the mobile. It is also true that the yobit exchange is getting better and better not only in security but in every area or section of the exchange, best regards.
  13. Hi mate, first of all welcome to this community and project where you can share your ideas and learn about crypto. As for your question about where to find the rules, the answer is that you can find them anchored at the bottom of each section, it is good that you ask where to find them, as they will be useful when creating a publication or article, because there you are mentioned what you can and can not do, I hope you find them, and that you find this comment helpful, best regards.
  14. Hello, I did not know that function, what I personally do, is to save a draft of what I write, I save it in a file, and I keep it in a special folder for my written articles, in case in some occasion, I come to occupy them again, but it is something that could also help them, of course not in a matter of when the Internet fails them, if not rather for some time, but it is something that in my case, or personally I do for security, even so what you mention in your article is a good idea, best regards.
  15. It is true that you can generate some commissions when you share the referral link of the yobit exchange. On second thought, the referral commission is not bad at all, it is 20%, and it is a good commission. When you mentioned referral, I thought and wondered, but cryptotalk does not maintain a referral plan, until I read completely that you mention the yobit referral program, but it is true that you can get some extra earnings through that percentage of compensation, best regards.
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