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  1. Hello, if you are partly right about helping newcomers, since at some point we saw ourselves that way where we did not know how or where to start. Something that you mention about the publications is that yes, some of them are useful, but some are usually different since they do not usually maintain a well structured topic or that they maintain a relevant topic, so they do not become helpful for others. . It is worth mentioning that this is my point of view and I do not seek to offend anyone, each one is free to give their own opinion.
  2. Hello, a piece of advice that I could give you and the one that I consider the best option for which you should choose, from the beginning, is to be able to read the rules since there they mention what can and cannot be done at the time of creation A publication, that would be the best because if you start that way, believe me it will help you, knowing the rules and applying them, greetings.
  3. Hello, if it is something that can help, although previously I heard that the forum has its application, it is something that I have not been able to consult, but I have read in previous articles, where they mention the application. As I mentioned it is something that I have not consulted, but it would also be another option with which you can choose since an application is usually more useful, even so, thank you for sharing this information, best regards.
  4. Hello, if you are partly right since it is a good opportunity that you can have, to get some btc completely free, in addition to staying informed of the best news about cryptocurrencies. It is also a matter of looking for other ways to benefit from some other amounts of both btc, and some other currencies.
  5. Hello, in part it is what you mention because of the btc cut that happens, so there are less and less bitcoins in circulation, so this causes their price to rise. Something that must be taken into account is that we must try to keep collecting more btc, as possible, since over time its price will potentially increase. Other factors that help it in a way are halving, high-ranking investors, such as institutions, etc. The best thing is to learn to see the potential it maintains, but it is to analyze it correctly, greetings.
  6. Hello, it is true that this forum appears to give good results both to learn and to generate an extra profit. Something must be borne in mind is that currently the commissions per article fell, it is something that affects in part but, if we analyze the situation, this is due to so many cheating people, or what we all pay for some. Even so, you have to put the desire, since this is what it is about, the possibility of learning and sharing, best regards.
  7. Hello, if it is true, the yobit exchange allows you to make an exchange from one currency to another and it is that an exchange actually works that way. Something that characterizes it is the possibility of being able to exchange with low commissions, in addition to having sections both to invest and to earn some cryptocurrencies, you also have to consider that it maintains a conversation window, where you can keep in touch with someone else, through live chat.
  8. Hello, the differences are many, and as its very name indicates centralized, it refers to the order and direction of a third party, while de-centralized, there are no third parties, so you yourself are the owner of your crypto assets. The best options will always be the bases that are found under a decentralized environment, but to be honest, the centralized exchanges are still occupied, and perhaps this is due to the fact that they maintain the best exchange options, such as the tools they offer, such as the stop limit. , or the stop loss, among other options. For some reason the decentralized base stopped mattering for a while. Although currently, decentralized exchanges are gaining strength and performance. I hope this comment is helpful, greetings.
  9. Hello, if I think it will depend on the analysis that each one maintains or the preference that each one has. In my case, I like cryptocurrencies for the reason that they are usually a good investment option, but not only for that, but because they also allow you more than a single benefit, such as the speed of transfer, being anonymous, the security, that you do not have to pay annuities, among others, and of course, in addition to being able to get them for free. Well, that would be some reasons why I like cryptocurrencies, but I suppose it will depend on the utility that each of us wants to give it.
  10. Hello, what you mention is true, because telegram has been a tool for most cryptographic projects. It is sad that as a platform is positively useful, it is also used to do bad things, it is something that cannot be admitted. Telegram currently maintains a high number of users, so if it would be seriously affected, if they were to ban it. Let's wait and a good decision is reached, and the telegram social network is not affected, greetings.
  11. Hello, apparently in the Aciatic countries, they determine a lot the limitations for some cryptocurrencies, it is something that seems strange to me since it is a country that lives a lot with new technologies, in addition to living with cryptocurrencies, but in short, they will maintain their reasons of the why ban cryptocurrencies. As for the keybase airdrop, thank God I was able to be part of it, only for the detail that there is no lack of people who want to take advantage as always, and I mean that they started cheating, so the airdrop closed, I only got to claim once, but it was a good thing, and the best thing is that it was free, best regards.
  12. Hello, if you can give a good rating to the publications, the only detail is that if you keep the same topic, one of the two articles could be eliminated, since it is taken as a duplicate, so only one of the two articles It will be the one that stays within the forum, so it would be a matter of analyzing that the articles are not repeated. I hope this comment is helpful, greetings.
  13. Hello colleague, keep in mind that occupying two same devices on the same network could cause you a serious problem, since if you keep two devices, it could be detected as a multi-account so you could lose your chance in the project. The recommended thing is that if in your publication you mention that your brother has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies, it is best that you only work with a single device, and avoid problems, best regards.
  14. Hello, mate, what the proposal you give would be fine, but in a way, since if we analyze the situation, currently there are many people in the forum, so most of them are usually beginners, who are starting or becoming familiar with the forum, Some of them pay attention to following the rules but others not so much, so if the forum were to be made known to more people, it is most likely that not all of them will try to follow the rules, because the only thing that would be generated would be the collapse of the forum or worse, the elimination of it. Note: It should be noted that this is my point of view and I do not seek to offend anyone, everyone is free to give their own opinion, greetings.
  15. Hello, if it is true that some people who are new try to learn the topic of how to exchange currencies to others, it is a good tutorial, so I do not doubt that it will be of help to other people. In my case it cost me to learn, when I just started in the cryptographic subject, and it was through videos, where I found information on how to use an exchange, since at first it is usually a bit confusing, good post, kind regards.
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