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  1. Yes, it is absolutely the second number in the journey, after BTC, there is a lover who has grown so fast and in the world, Apart from this, I have not seen any other act which has become so famous so quickly. This currency is very good and its rate is also very good and it is progressing very much day by day There are many other currencies, but ETH is a very good currency When energy came in the beginning, it was very thoughtful and many people had bought it because they knew that it would grow very quickly
  2. Yes, you have said very well and it is absolutely true that it is very famous with five currencies in 2021 and it will be very good in the future as well, but let me tell you one thing is that there is a lot of confusion other than this which is 2021 Let me tell you their names, there is one pi network and.and second waves and others etc But you have said very well that it is also very good with karma and I also believe that it is very good with currencies and in 2021 it will be very good.
  3. Very good, you have given a very good information for the newcomers and it is present in the Allready About section because if you have any rules and regulations, then it is all from the roll itself. And on this platform, we have to follow the rules very much. If we do not follow any rules, our blood will be banned and we will not get payment So I will also tell those who take a bath that you too go first of all.go and the section.And read the rules and regulations very well, after that you start working on it You also gave very good information for newcomers, if any newcomer, if you read your comments and your toppers, then he will know very well how to work here.
  4. This is a very good news you have told us, if you have not accepted it, then it is a very good thing for it, because Bitcoin will grow very well and very fast in the world to come and it will be very good for the growth of country Canada has done very well that it has been accepted And this is a very good thing for Canada and there will be a lot of progress now because bitcoin is a very good currency And in today's in.the all world crypto currency and BTC have become very famous all over the world.
  5. Not at all, I have read your comment, so your comment should be wrong that you cannot use cryptotalk platform on two or three browsers in the same mobile as it is against the rules of this platform, you can only cryptotalk use one id on one mobile so that If you read its rules and regulations first, your ID will be banned and it is better that you understand in advance that you can donate only one ID on the same mobile device Don't even do it because it will prove very harmful for you. And you have an account that will also be banned, so it is better that you stay away from this thing.
  6. Very good you have explained to us and for this your thanks this is a very good information and we can benefit from it, if we get any notification, then it will be known to us. And this is a very good feature I did not know about this feature before this platform but you have come to know that I turn it on And this is a beneficial feature, so I also benefit from this feature And whenever this notification comes to us, it will help us in a very good way for.us.so I use it and thank you again for this
  7. Yes of course you are right. There are many platforms where fake coin are there. So you should remember a lot and should not go on a platform that you do not know about, then you should go to the sl platform, about which you do not take a little bit But there is one thing that there are many such people who are very good and they also get their benefits and we can also trade with them and we can also invest them and get profit of them So you have to have a little knowledge and experience
  8. Yes, of course you have said very well that we should use our money at the right place Because there are many people who have money but they are unable to use them properly But if we get a little money, then we should invest it somewhere and make it double and we should do business rather that we should eat that money comfortably sitting at home. Those people are very good who manage the money and use it at the right place and double it.But then there are also people who do not know how to use them if they have money and they spend it in frivolous expenses. If someone comes to the money, then they invest and try to double it and also meet all the expenses of their family members.
  9. Trading is a very good way and we get a lot of platforms to do trading and there we have to sell currency and buy There are many good platforms where we can earn very good by trading, but before trading, we should be a little knowledge on the side of trading For trading, we have to use digital currency and the purpose of trading is that when money goes up then our money increases, if the currency goes down, the currency rate goes down, then we get lost. So it is a good thing that I should take the experience first, after that we should have a little knowledge, then we should go and trade because it is not so easy
  10. Very good, you have said very well, I have read your comments completely and you have very well explained to us why cryptocurrency is important and let me also tell you why I have cryptocurrency Because cryptocurrency is a new round of currency and it is a digital currency And this is an extreme currency that has taken over the whole world very quickly
  11. Positive reputations and negative reputations are all on your knowledge. If you have a good knowledge then you will not give any negative reputations. You will give positive reputations. If you do not have a good knowledge and you create a topic, then people Will give negative reproduction So the good thing is that if you do not have good knowledge, then you just comment and read the topic from the comments of others. When you learn something from here, then after that you comment here and create a topic, it is in your hands There are a lot of people who comment on birds here and apart from that, they are just 2 or 3 words but it is against the rules of this platform.
  12. Yes, of course, since I have done my first in ll my hundred post, after that I post Dailey 20, then I get paid for it. And this platform is very good. As soon as I do lotus in 20 of my comments next week I am withdrawing from that 20 comments, This platform is a very good platform and since I have been using it, I have learned a lot from it This platform is very good in the platform, if you have a good knowledge, then you can earn very well from this platform.
  13. First of all, you have not completed the comment and it is against the rules of this platform, then you should write a comment in a little detail. His talk to Dogecoin after that, Dogecoin is a very good someone and it is going very well in the market, it will be very good in the future and will be equal to 1 USD And one thing you want is that you follow the complete rules of this platform And Dogecoinis very good, it will be very good in the future and it also makes trading very good, in addition to this, if it is someone of cryptocurrency, then it will grow very soon.
  14. I do not have much knowledge about trading, but I do know that trading with USDT is a very good thing, this is also has cryptocurrency with them. But for trading with the bed queen, we should have a lot of money and apart from that we should also have experience and knowledge. But my advice is that we do it with USDT With this we will learn very quickly and in my opinion we can earn money from it. And USDT is a very good way to do trading But if someone has experience and knowledge, then do BTC only because BTC is a very good currency. BTC rate is also very good in the market
  15. Trading is a very good thing, it is not a boring thing, it makes our day pass well I am learning about trading and I wish that I could learn early and start trading. It is a good way to get rich and it is very good to earn from home. I am not studying and I am also learning trading simultaneously. When I learn trading, I will earn millions sitting at home If you do not have experience and no knowledge, then you will be bored.
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