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  1. I invested this currency since I got it and made good profits through investing in it, as 1% is considered a good percentage compared to the large amount that we invest, and the investment fund is reliable and we did not lose any money in it.
  2. There are a lot of good currencies for trading for me, the best currencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, plus some other currencies, so these currencies have a high and appropriate price, and good profits can be achieved through them
  3. The new payment method is fair, but sometimes we publish 20 posts, but we only get paid for 5 posts only because a small number of members give a reputation in this forum, and there are a lot of good topics that never get reputation points
  4. This happens when everyone, as you know, they only pay for the posts that get a positive reputation, but a small number of publications get a positive reputation, which makes us make a great effort for a small amount of money
  5. There are many sections in the forum and many distinct topics that must be read in each section, and we must publish in all sections and not be limited to only one section and this increases the interaction in all sections
  6. This forum is only dedicated to meaningful and useful topics for members, and if any member publishes any useless posts, he will be warned and finally banned, so we must be careful in choosing our posts and provide new and high quality content for the rest of the members to benefit from.
  7. Working in the forum constitutes a great opportunity for members to gain sufficient experience in the field of encryption and achieve some income through digital currencies. They can also benefit from the experience of the rest of the members and learn from their mistakes in the forum and this helps them to work better in all fields
  8. I follow your posts. You present really good content on this forum. I previously got second place in the forum also in terms of the most people who got a good reputation. This drives us to more serious work.
  9. I invest in other currencies, but I have not encountered this problem before. It seems that there is an error in your request. You can contact the support team and confirm the problem in your account or try other currencies
  10. When you find any topic that violates the rules of the forum or a duplicate, we must report it in order to reduce as much as possible from spam and to make the forum better and with good content that is useful for everyone
  11. When writing new topics, it is best to coordinate and shorten the topic and write important main points that benefit other members, because long topics may make them feel frustrated and bored that they may not even read them.
  12. This is the first platform that I use for trading, and it is a reliable and easy-to-use platform that contains a lot of currencies, and it is also possible to rely on the investment fund in order to achieve more profits.
  13. In fact, I have not tried many platforms because there are now many sites and platforms, most of them are not reliable, and I do not use any site without evidence that proves that it is reliable. I advise you instead to use the yobit platform
  14. Every day, the number of people joining digital currencies increases, and the number of people and companies that rely on digital currencies for payment is increasing, helped by the access of the Internet to all people and the increase in the use of mobile phones
  15. The price of Bitcoin has fluctuated a lot since its inception, so it started at a price less than $ 1 as we know and the highest price it reached in 2017 and I think that in the coming days as well, the price of Bitcoin will reach a higher value than it reached in 2017.
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