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  1. There are many good currencies to trade, and I prefer to work with bitcoin and ethereum coins as they are the most profitable currencies for me.
  2. I also agree with you on these suggestions. For me, the most important thing is that trading be added to bitcoin and ethereum, so they are the most important currencies and I hope that the price of this currency will be good. What do you expect for the price of this coin, my friend?
  3. This is a great way to work. I can get some money from these applications. I will download it and try it, but my friend is what is the withdrawal limit from this site?
  4. You are right in that when we add any information or comments on the topics we must create and write new information that benefits the official topic in order for the discussion to be effective and good
  5. These are the most important points that he must know in the beginning, after that, give him an idea about trading, investment and the rest of the coding fields until work and investment begins in this field.
  6. This is a good way to earn compared to other methods provided by other applications and can benefit from the information provided and profit at the same time I will download this application and start trying it
  7. This application looks very good, in fact, I do not like to try trading applications and better, instead using the official websites I will download this application and try it for the first time because the idea seems good
  8. This is really valuable information. We must keep the private key in a safe place and we must not share with anyone because it is the only way to reach our wallets. As for the public key, we can share with the rest of the people without any problem in that.
  9. My friend first you must finish your 100 posts and then publish 20 posts a day in order to achieve a good gain. I spend about an hour or two per day publishing and reading topics on this forum and this currency will start trading in the ninth month you must work and collect this currency now
  10. Welcome my friend in this forum I would like to point out to you that this forum is the appropriate place to learn cryptography in its various fields and in this forum experiences are exchanged away from the exchange of any personal information and this is really beautiful
  11. You are right in that beginners should not only limit themselves to the beginners and publishing section and also benefit from the other sections, but my friend is fine that beginners first read the topics in the beginners section first and then move to the other sections
  12. Certainly, fraudsters possess smart thinking, but despite that most frauds are apparent to us through the offers they offer and the temptations because these offers can never be believed, so we must always think about many aspects before entering any business, especially if it is a new business.
  13. I do not believe these types of offers, and it is self-evident that you do not believe these offers, because no one can offer free money with these multiples by doing a few tasks.
  14. You are right. Beginners must start before working in this forum to start reading the topics in this section and benefit from it as much as possible before moving to other sections so that they can find answers to their questions and inquiries.
  15. This is really nice help from you. Members can benefit from these sites that you provided because beginners need someone to direct them and to educational programs to be able to understand the world of coding well.
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