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  1. This currency, like other currencies, can be used in many areas and can also be used for trading, investment, to buy and store other currencies, but unfortunately, its price today decreased to about 70 satoshi after it was launched at a good price
  2. Payment was stopped by double a short time ago, and now you will not receive double profits. You will only receive in return for the posts that you publish, knowing that you will receive additional profits from the Bitcoin currency because they are still paying in this currency until now
  3. We all have a translation application in our devices because we need it in order to translate texts and publish them in other languages. I would also like to point out that we can translate using the browser without the need for a program.
  4. It is best not to publish content with low quality or with a few characters, especially beginners who post small questions and instead they can use the search button to find their questions because of course these topics have been answered in advance.
  5. Digital currencies have become very popular due to the fact that large profits can be obtained through working with them in investment, trading and even storing them, and it can also be used with ease through buying and selling with digital currencies
  6. The best way to protect your phone from hacking is not to use any malicious and untrusted programs, use strong passwords to lock applications and programs on your phone, and use an antivirus to get rid of harmful viruses that may damage your programs
  7. In fact, I am here not only for earning, as I learned many things about encryption, trading and investing, and this forum is the first site from which I gained my experience, so beginners should take advantage of it to learn and not just to earn
  8. For me, I prefer to work in this forum because its features are better than other forums, as we do not need to obtain merit in order to upgrade membership like the rest of the forums and here also we can earn without participating in signature campaigns, unlike other forums
  9. My friend, ranks are given to members in the forum depending on the number of posts they make only, and it has nothing to do with the reputation they get in the ranking system because there are other forums that depend on promoting membership on reputation points as well
  10. I do not think that this matter will affect much, because there are still other ways to earn from this forum in addition to that, so members still take money on posts that receive good reputation points, as the forum still pays Satoshi currency for posts that receive good reputation points
  11. It is a fund in which you can put some currencies and get a daily percentage of profits, and each currency has a special percentage of profits, but in return for some investments, you need to do some tasks in order to get profits
  12. Managing bounty campaigns is a good idea, but you may face some obstacles because you must have time in order to check other people s posts and respond to their inquiries in addition to the fact that they may send many unwanted messages, but in return, good profits can be obtained by participating in bounty campaigns, it is business good
  13. In fact, I have tried many trading platforms, but I did not find a better platform than the yobit platform, as it contains many currencies in addition to the fact that we can benefit from the investment fund in the platform and most importantly of all it is a reliable platform and can work with it safely
  14. Why was my listen in yellow? What is wrong I did? Please help until I correct my mistake because I want to join this campaign How can I know what is wrong and what is the meaning of this color
  15. Date: Week 4: 10 November - 16 November. Cryptotalk username: zaino34 Link to Cryptotalk: Telegram username: @zaino34 BetFury nickname: zaino34 Campaign: Signature Links to your posts: 1)- 2)- 3)- 4)- 5)- 6)- 7)- 8)- 9)- 10)- 11)- 12)- 13)- 14)- 15)-
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