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  1. You are right about this every day so many topics are deleted by the supervisors and if the account becomes definitely inactive in the end we will find that there are a lot of accumulated topics deleted in the account
  2. You are right about this, it is unfortunate that this number of issues is deleted daily. The work has become a lot of effort, and we hope that this problem will be solved and that another method will be found for that.
  3. Thank you for sharing this information to explain digital currencies. Everyone should know what cryptocurrencies are and how to profit from them through investment because these currencies have a good future and good amounts can be earned from them.
  4. There is no need for us to be notified of topics that are deleted because sometimes the topics are deleted and comments are removed with it and the currency has become really tired because many posts are deleted
  5. Unfortunately, this happens to everyone. 30 posts have been deleted and two days ago posts are deleted continuously and I was unable to reach the minimum posts because unfortunately posts are deleted and work became tired.
  6. We know that in the period the price of bitcoin decreased a lot, and this was caused by the Corona virus, which affected the economy of many countries, but now we notice that the price has begun to recover and this means that bitcoin is capable of facing all the obstacles it faces and will preserve its value
  7. This is really bad news for the future of Bitcoin, and the reason for this is that the governments in these countries fear for their economy and their local currency, so they cannot accept coding and officially recognize it.
  8. I didn’t know that there are any secrets to the cryptocurrency because we can simply access information about any currency and all we need to work with is learning and gaining experience in crypto fields and then we can earn good money from them
  9. These sites are really one of the best sites to get the latest updates about cryptocurrencies I have used CoinMarketCap, which is a good site and contains the latest cryptocurrency news
  10. Certainly, investing in the investment fund is a profitable InvestBox, but I do not know what the percentage of profits is because I have not tried it and may need to perform some tasks in order to achieve the percentage of profits that are granted
  11. My friend, you can put that by entering your profile and choosing to sign, but you should pay attention to that there are rules for comment that you must adhere to them and not add links so that you are not banned you must adhere to the laws even in the status of comment
  12. Working in this forum is really good and we can benefit from it to gain and learn at the same time. I hope the payment will continue for a long time until we continue to benefit from it.
  13. I don t know specific people who were associated with encryption in 2019 because there were many people in addition to Facebook, there are many people who promoted Facebook in 2019
  14. The creation of cryptocurrencies requires special programming, good capital, support from investors, and promotion of the currency in order for it to be a successful currency, otherwise this currency will be dead and without any value.
  15. I joined this site almost three months ago and I earned good money from it. I earn almost 30,000 Satoshi every day and use the money I get to trade on the yobit platform and increase my profits from it.
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