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  1. Thank you very much for your useful post. As a beginner everyone need to read this post carefully. It can helps you to improve forum reputation. You know, Reputation gives you payment. So, Everyone always write useful post with maintain forum rules and regulations. Otherwise you will ban from this forum. I think you can understand it.
  2. Thank you very much for your information, I always invest my crypto on famous legit exchanger and sites. In my opinion, Binance is the best platform for investing crypto currency and earn good amount of profit. You can also invest on yobit investbox, it gives you more profit in short time. I always try to maintain your advice on crypto investment.
  3. Obviously my dear, You can earn free bitcoin from ptc site. But, There are a lot of ptc site in this crypto world. You need to find the legit site for getting payment. Otherwise you don’t get payment. PTC sites always wants referral, if you make more referral, you will make more money.
  4. @Athul krishna I agree with you mates, An useful topic always gets a lot of reputation than an useful post. For this reason, if you want to get more reputation, you will make topic every day. But you don't duplicate any others topics. Always try to write unique something, it can increase your forum positive reputation.
  5. @Tushar24 Hello mates, I think cryptotalk can give you financially independence. Cryptotalk gives us the best opportunity for earning free bitcoin and token. If you follow the forum rules and regulations, you will get payment for your post. I think you can understand it
  6. Information is the power of your life, So don't give your information, identity in local website and airdrops. It has a high chance to sell your information on dark site. Always avoid to put identity on local website, i think you can understand it.
  7. @Faizan malik Obviously mates, An simple topic easily understand everyone. So always try to write useful post with simple and easy words. It has a high chance to viral. Because those post accept all types of people from this forum. Your topic get high reputation and you also get payment for this post.
  8. @Tushar24 Hello mates, Cryptotalk allowed two different language for writing useful post and topic. You can use English and Russian two other language in this forum. We can't write any other language for writing post. If you write other language, you will ban from this forum.
  9. @Hammad iftikhar If you spend time in this forum, you will learn properly about crypto currency from beginner. Cryptotalk is the best forum for learning crypto currency. We also get payment for our daily useful post with positive rating. So always try to spend more time in this forum, you can learn and earn more.
  10. @Lana Rhoades I agree with you, we need to learn crypto currency from all legit source. In this time, if you have a lot of knowledge, you will easily success in your goals. So always try to learn something, life is always teaching us. I think you can understand my dear,
  11. @bheema Obviously mates, It is true. Mobile phone is the best for writing post in this forum. Device doesn’t matter on cryptotalk works, Your knowledge always matter on this platform. But a computer user easily complete their daily post within one hours. Because they can type post very fast. I think you can understand it
  12. @Murtyano Hello mates, I agree with you. Cryptotalk has some useful section for us, we can easily learn more knowledge from this section. So always try to write your useful post in all section. It can helps you to increase your crypto knowledge. I think you also write post on other section.
  13. @Don samu Obviously mates, i agree with you. Forum visitors mainly depends on your useful post. When anyone see your informative post, he want to see your profile. You can also get more followers by writing useful forum post. More visitor and follower increase our duty for writing good content in this forum.
  14. @Malikhamdullah Obviously mates, We should follow the forum rules and regulations properly. Otherwise we will ban from this forum. Cryptotalk is very strict for their rules, Don't break the forum rules. Always try to write informative post in this forum. Your informative post easily gets high reputation. I think you should follow the rules.
  15. @Salmatnas I agree with you, Our forum payment directly depend on positive rating for our post. Without positive rating, you can't get payment from this forum. Forum positive reputation also depends on useful post and comment. If you get negative rating for your post, you won't get payment for this post.
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