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  1. Welcome, dear, here in this wonderful forum .. First, I want to tell you that you are making a big mistake in multiple accounts in order to gain reputation .. This will expose you to a permanent ban from here .. But instead of doing that I suggest that you do your best and give Your beautiful views of people in order to get a good reputation .. This is what can help you and not cheat in the accounts, my friend .. I hope that you change this idea from your head and start thinking again about something that will change your life for the better. Thank you for listening to me
  2. My dear, the topic is related to what you write in publications and topics, not the quantity of topics .. I can write thousands of daily unimportant topics, but what is its use if it is not of good value to your readers and members? I think that we should write useful articles in order to benefit and benefit my dear .. For example, share with us the most important things that happen with you in your daily routine or your experience in doing anything, whether in Bitcoin or otherwise, so we are here to read and learn from each other .. I think that this was a sufficient explanation for you.
  3. Of course, of course, of course, my dear, simply because the brief of learning any language depends on practice, reading and application .. When you practice a lot of reading a day, you acquire a broad and new skill as well. If we take it from another favorable side in this forum, you also gain great knowledge, whether in currencies. Electronic or other .. This is a source of really. I acquired language, knowledge and money .. This is how you can work and acquire once in addition to that all the members here have good English and you can benefit from them with everything you want .. We are here one family, we learn from each other a lot of things
  4. My friend, it seems that you are a new member here .. If you encounter any problem in any place .. This forum is a market that answers all your questions and problems because all the members in it have extensive experience in all fields and topics .. Do not hesitate to ask what you want, my dear member. We are all here to help each other. Just write your inquiry, question, or problem, and we will all give you good suggestions, and they will certainly benefit you, dear .. Because we are here more than just members. We are friends and collaborators with everyone in this wonderful forum
  5. This depends, my dear, on the extent to which the wallet you use to hold Bitcoin if it is safe or not .. Some wallets are very easy to penetrate, but some are impossible to penetrate .. I always advise you to use the blockchain wallet because it is not universally safe until this time.
  6. According to my experience, my dear, the best time to withdraw is at noon, because most of the wallets have low withdrawal fees in the afternoon and morning, but in the evening they are so high that I once saw them at 7 dollars!
  7. If we think about a little ... if we worked hard here on this platform well .. every day we get 4 thousand satoshi of Bitcoin according to the new plan of the site .. which is equivalent to 2 dollars and a few cents, that is, within two months we will collect 120 dollars and start the journey of capital in investment and other Domains .. this is where the raising of capital begins, my dear
  8. I think it is time to invest in Bitcoin, as today it has reached a very large number, which is 56 thousand dollars! Do you imagine this number with me? If you buy as much bitcoin as you can, because it is expected to reach a million dollars during the next two years, and we must take advantage of this increase in this strange currency in order to reach our goals and achieve our ambitions
  9. You must think carefully about the topic that you will publish in order to get useful and good interactions and earn money then .. Post valuable and useful posts for members, especially new ones because they are almost lost here and we have to help them
  10. How long will it take here? Is this forum really worth spending a long time on? Or, I am tired of it .. I hope the old members interact with me and give me some advice
  11. How can I earn from this field? Can I actually collect the capital here .. How many hours do I have to take here in order to stop working? Everyone is requesting help. Thank you, especially the people with great experience here.
  12. Yes, my friend, I can agree with you on this because the few responses allow your comment to appear more .. and then take a good reputation, the chance becomes greater .. It is nice to think about how to put our publications and how with this we can achieve success and good profits
  13. Yes, of course, you are conversing on a daily basis about a specific topic, for example, about coding in the English language, so you are practicing the language .. and the language in general is taught by practice, it is the butter of learning languages .. I think that this forum helps very much in developing speaking and writing skills in the English God
  14. I want to tell you, my dear, that whether you stop teaching or complete it, it is continuing .. I advise you to continue and learn with the world and discover new things that can change your life to become much better than what it is
  15. Of course, I am still interacting here, of course, in order to become a prominent member, I have to interact a lot .. I hope to become a senior member as soon as possible here because he has beautiful and more profitable privileges and gain a lot of information as well.
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