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  1. Yes absolutely right, and thank you for more information about crypto currency, you said if you get 5 warning points than you will be Banned, before I don't know about that..
  2. I think we have already know about warning points but be in mind that you will be kick out from Crypto currency if you gets warning points because of your negative reputation, so be avoid from negative reputation and do something positive for your future and for the users who working here. Best of luck
  3. Every Positive things are doing here, you will see so many different people here having with different minds, just see and learn from these useful creating minds, and you also do something positive things.
  4. Every new and unique topics are popular, but if you create some new and unique topics only about cryptocurrency and bitcoin your topics will make a place in popularity, so be unique and be popular.
  5. Yes absolutely right! According to crypto management team the topics should be unique and related to to crypto currency, and difference from each other, New topics give some thought and information to beginners also. So continue with new and related topics.
  6. In business still I am not looking smart, but in nature Thanks to God he birth me as a human, as human beings I am so smart because I can do anything in this world as human I have thoughts to do some thing new..
  7. In the current situation this forum means crypto currency is so important to the people whose know about online business, because nowadays digital currencies are on the top for everyone to earn and invest for the future business.
  8. This is my 100 post, I have learned a lot things here, first of all I know that everyone can make their english typing skills easily, after that I have know about various business skills and most special I know how can help others.
  9. If you respect someone he will respect you, at the moment support also withdrawal from this respect gathering, you respect me I will respect you than we can support each other, so let's support everyone in this Crypto talk.
  10. Life is the second name of learning and teaching, if someone wants to spend their life joyful he need to learn everything About this nature and than teaches to others, and here we can also learn and teaches.
  11. Everyone learning some extra knowledge from this forum, I am also here for learning and earning, at the moment have Can someone ask to your friends or family to join the crypto currency to earn and learn, I have tell lots of people to join and follow the rules also.
  12. I am so worried about the rules and regulations of this forum, therefore I am so careful to post anything here, I am always following the rules of this platform to avoid from unrelated topics.
  13. Yes why not, everyone can join this forum, this forum is not just for some people, but if someone not follow the rules and regulations of this forum he will be kick out from this platform, so everyone join and earn money.
  14. I have learned a lot from this forum, before this platform I know About investment and business but less now I have so much knowledge about every related things to investment, business and online Earning also.
  15. Always discovered topics create new ideas to the people of this energetic world, nowadays days people Wants something different to entertain their selves in every movement, so you can discover new topics and gets people attention.
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