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  1. Dear knowledge and experience is the main things that need to be successful in crypto world. Without knowledge and experience it is huge risk for us to be invest in cryptocurrency or also in trading. So, for good profit knowledge and experience is necessary for everyone in crypto world.
  2. My dear friend I think the best method for increasing income in yobit is investment in the yobit investbox. Dear in yobit investbox we can on a lot of profit on daily basis and if we can earn more than we increase our investment as as our investment are increase our profit also increase.
  3. Dear really I do not know about that princy is ban in India or not as you tell me that cryptocurrency is ban in India and many people get in jail due to use of it this is happen only when government make laws about cryptocurrencies and their total legal in in these countries.
  4. Dear thank you for sharing your information with us. We all now that cryptocurrencies is popular nowadays but their money will have the highest quality and reliability and it is also large number of using demand the highest transaction is in fat money. But bitcoins they can easily steal in our wallets by hackers.
  5. My dear friend I never face the problem of hack my account never be hacked but my my friend account can get hacked from telegram group the hacker steal his bitcoins in his wallet and change his password and email and make it his own.
  6. Yes my dear friend I think it will happen in the future but I am not sure about it because this is one of the most developed country in the world I also see many USA people working on this platform I do not know what ate I see him.
  7. Yes my dear friend of course blockchain is a wallet you find there web by searching blockchain.com and you gain more information in their about it. Dear I use it personally this is one of the best wallet in crypto world.
  8. Yes you are right I think in order to be effective and to be able to provide useful topics and comments it is necessary for the user to gain knowledge about a thing what he posted and gaining complete knowledge and experience about your topic before creating and double check it.
  9. My dear brother in 2021 I have so much expectations the first and foremost expectation is that we all expect that this year is the end of the covid-19 virus. I think new technologies are coming in this year and we do love more and more in this year.
  10. My dear friend yes you can earn money on this platform without investment you just keep any knowledge and making post at commenting on other post in this column give you in a result of your posts a good payment. This is the forum in which you can earn money without any investment.
  11. Real there is a big mistake for this person that is way too much money only for the fees. If I face this situation then I never give up and be motivated and recover my loss easily so I think this person can also recover their lose by finding solution of his mistake.
  12. My dear friend English in this form you receive your payment in BTC. You can get your payment only when you receive good reputation on your posts. Otherwise the form if not give you payment on zero reputation posts.
  13. I think it is one of the best forum that give us a lot of opportunities. The best one is that they give us both opportunities learning and earning at the same time. And we learn and gain experience on this forum a lot about cryptocurrencies.
  14. My dear friend in my country there is a large number of peoples who use cryptocurrencies and earn good profit from cryptocurrencies. There are so many countries in which cryptocurrencies use is so high and some countries cryptocurrency is illegal.
  15. My dear no one give you perfectly advice to buy which currency in future because as the time spend the cryptocurrencies are getting more popular and there are lot of new currencies available which gives good profit. So no one guess which currency is best in future.
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