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  1. Am still a newbie. I don't really know much about the payment crytotalk has lots of opportunities and features. Make useful post and start earning
  2. Thank you for bringing up this important information. This will help enlighten the newbies.
  3. I don't think there is any special skills needed to be here. Just good English with good content post. Your post should be constructive and positive. Should be about cryptocurrency
  4. Am still new here. I don't really know much about the payment system. Hoping to get my first payment soon. For now am gathering knowledge and experience about cryptocurrency
  5. There are many people scamming in telegram this days. You have to be careful to not loss your money to scammers
  6. This topic is very useful for new members. Trading is about buying and selling. Many trader loss there money to trading because they lack the experience and knowledge of trading. Don't hesitate to always seek expert advice before investing or trading
  7. I don't really know much about system use to buy cryptocurrency. Thank you guys for the information anyways
  8. Well there is other platform too which you perform task and earn. You can also try gramfree.com. there you perform task daily by watching videos and also sign smart contract daily
  9. Am still new here. Haven't gotten any payment yet. So I don't really know much about the payment system and yobit exchange
  10. You are very right mate, if you dedicate your time and work hard in this platform you will have nothing to regret. You will be able to have money to cater for your daily expenses. Follow the rules and regulations and start earning. I wish you luck
  11. We shouldn't think about the earnings you will get, think about a good and informative topics because that is the basis of our earnings here in here. We shouldn't be concerned on earning only. We should also focus on learning about cryptocurrency.
  12. Welcome mate, It is very OK to invest in cryptocurrency especially bitcoin or ethereum. It is much profitable. Just make sure you seek expert advice before investing into any cryptocurrency to avoid been scammed. Though the market is very volatile, just make sure you buy when the price is really low
  13. Instead of not doing anything. cryptotalk forum has incredible opportunities. Learning and earning money. No investment just your time
  14. Creating good topics and Keep a great exercise, you have set time for yourself, according to that you are spending time here so that the rest of the routine will also go with you. All the best for your future. And I wish you guys best of luck
  15. That should be a temporary issues and will soon be resolve. Just keep working hard and creating useful post. You will get paid soon mate
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