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  1. You may not get reply because the person you are texting might not have idea of what you are trying to say, so he or she may decide to ignore your message.
  2. The save function has really help me a lot, not only by saving when I had bad connection, but also when I gat other things to do in hurry, I can easily minimize my message, and come back to it later.
  3. Absolutely right. We all need to appreciate this great forum because it has really contribute to our financial problems. This forum has really helped a lot most especially the students. For me, I really appreciate this forum. Thanks to you....
  4. Cryptotalk was invented in September 25, year 2019. Ever since then, this forum has become popular and getting rated over other forums. They're achievement since September, 25, 2019, is something great to speak of. The forum as contribute a lot in financial status of our society.
  5. If you want a good reputation you need to have a good reactions by making meaningful posts. For this, I will recommend creating or topics.. in cryptotalk creating of topics helps you to gain good reputation which can as well help in your payment.
  6. No friend, you can't withdraw using this forum, you can only earn in cryptotalk through completing you daily tasks. If you want to withdraw you make use of yobit. That's why it is advisable to open yobit account after completing your cryptotalk registration and link the two accounts together.
  7. Okay friend, thanks for sharing this useful information. Although, have not start to earn yet, but I hope this issue is resolved before I start to be getting my payment. I just completed my first 100 posts and struggling to meet up with my 20 posts daily, I hope this issue is look into very soon.
  8. Hi everyone. My own problem I would like us to solve together is, how do I know the post or topic I'm about to make comment on has been deleted? Cause, I learnt that if we make comment on a deleted post the comment would not be awarded to us. Can I get any answer from the seniors?
  9. Wow!! The forum is gaining more popularity, here comes another new member, you're welcome friend. Tagging is a simple process, all you have to do is put @ before entering the name of individual you're willing to tag, for instance @Ahmad476.
  10. Thanks for sharing this idea, I wish every new member in this forum read and understand this interesting topic of yours, this will enable them to understand cryptotalk, so as to make useful posts.
  11. There are lot is sites but there is no one as good as cryptotalk as for me, cryptotalk is the best compared to other forums. The terms and conditions are so easy to abide with, only little tasks required. You can gain knowledge and also earned in this forum.
  12. Nothing great comes with easy my friend. Sometimes you have to take risks, crypto trade might be risky but I advice you take it, something good might come out of it and if probably you loose never give up cause, one day you shall hit your target.
  13. I choose learning cryptocurrency through cryptotalk because, here in cryptotalk, there are a lot of expert members that has full knowledge about cryptocurrency. I choose cryptotalk for this type of members to help me acquire knowledge about cryptocurrency too.
  14. I don't really think that would happen, but if at all it happens that way i.e than later ban crypto in your country, you can still find a way to participate in this forum. But you have to be very careful when withdrawing, I advice you convert your money to USD,
  15. Thanks for sharing this information, but can you just make a little bit more explanatory, or can any member gives more explanation on this. I'm a new member, so I don't really understand the point.
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