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  1. How come the CFGI rating falls only to 8 today, when BTC falls to the lowest ever ~$22,000 , the lowest ever since the last bullrun after the halving? I was expecting somewhere around 5 below TBH. What, some even more dreadful news is lurking around the corner to make BTC fall below 20k and drag the crypto market down under even further with it? LOL
  2. Some countries have already been making huge strides in accommodating crypto by providing havens for facilities, passing laws in favor of crypto, and even accepting it as legal tender. Not to be outdone, the US under the Biden administration have been looking into crypto's benefits and risks to its economy for some time now, to be able to propose laws to suit the majority of concerned crypto enthusiasts and detractors (link). Now two US senators, Republican Senator Cynthia Lummis and Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, have most recently unveiled their latest bill for crypto. These are the main points of the bill, from what I can glean in the news article: The bill will stipulate rules and regulations for consumer protection There will be clarification and certainty to be provided to crypto markets Oversight of the bill, once passed into law, will be given to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) For consumer protection, the ability to use the law to sue fraudsters and money launderers is pretty much a given. About certainty to crypto markets, public disclosures of stablecoins (whether they are really pegged to certain currencies or not) may become needed, especially after what happened with TerraUSD last month. And CFTC is being seen as the better overseer of the proposed law, as it is believed to be less strict than the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). There may be a delay in the deliberations on the bill due to the upcoming midterm elections, but it is expected to be paid close attention shortly after. The news article link is here. source:
  3. There was speculation that "something is not right" when observers have spotted someone was repeatedly buying little-known crypto assets like NFTs before being featured on OpenSea's website, then dump the assets once it generates enough hype for a nice profit (link). Once or twice wouldn't have aroused suspicion, but this was probably done multiple times, enough that these transactions were investigated and eventually linked to Nathaniel Chastain, a former product manager at OpenSea. But while such practices are unfair and indeed being frowned upon, the apparent lack of vigilance of OpenSea management staff may also be partly to blame. If the allegations are true, how did Chastain knew what NFTs would be shortly up for grabs? They seem to have no safety checks regarding the secrecy of what NFT items are to be featured on their website, and if they do have something like that, they failed to screen the right people to uphold such secrecy. The discovery of Chastain's alleged scheme and his subsequent arrest may serve as a highlight for a few crypto experts to push their case for more crypto regulations. For while crypto can serve its purpose as the future of digital currencies, there are still plenty of persons who will try and abuse the system to gain personal profit, at the expense of weakening the reputation of crypto as a whole. More details of the news are in the link below. source:
  4. Again another one neglected in the report button I buzzed a few days ago, now he gets bold enough to raise his post count to 100+. Offender: Ezik Nico Profile Link: Comment: The offending paraphrased post below is just one of many. Evidence: Offending post: Original post:
  5. With El Salvador adopting Bitcoin as legal tender just a year ago, another country has also adopted the cryptocurrency: Central African Republic (CAR) has become the first African country and the second country overall to do so. CAR has the CFA franc for its fiat currency, and apparently it and some other African countries are not happy with using it as it is a reminder of the colonial times. Therefore, the decision to adopt Bitcoin can be seen as a way of releasing themselves from CFA while avoiding to create their own currency with a risk of spiraling into hyperinflation. But unlike El Salvador which more or less has the necessary digital infrastructure to support cryptocurrency adoption, CAR is being criticized for the utter lack of such infrastructure. The likely scenario would be that the adoption would serve for big businesses to use Bitcoin without much fear of legal repercussions, and not much else. Until the issue of digital infrastructure is fixed, the use of Bitcoin for CAR's ordinary household uses is yet too far to become real. More details of this news can be read here: source:
  6. UPDATE: The culprit behind the hack has allegedly been pointed out to 'Lazarus', a hacking group that has relations to North Korea. The wallet containing the stolen funds has also been pinpointed, labeled, and sanctioned, Some of the stolen funds has already been laundered, but the rest is now under close monitoring. Any wallets and/or exchanges willing to make transactions with this wallet address may face "punishments". It remains to be seen whether or not the funds inside the wallet will be recovered and returned to their rightful owners. Details on the news can be found here:
  7. Cryptocurrency Market Monthly Updates - Based on CFGI (March 12 - April 10, 2021) This month's opening saw the CFGI rating going at 50 neutral on April 1 and BTC on the way to breaking the $50,000 mark. Some analysts predicted that crypto prices will be going strong for the rest of the month, but things can go either way with neutral ratings. As others might have expected, crypto prices have slumped again with the CFGI ratings falling into the fear territory again and BTC holding on to $42,000 support. The ongoing conflict in Eastern Europe may be partly to blame, but there are other factors as well. The U.S. Treasury Secretary's call for crypto to follow the same rules as other financial systems, and the U.S. Federal Reserve's announcement to raise interest rates, are just some of the factors. With still no bullish trend to expect for the rest of the month, traders and investors may just do the same strategies they've been doing for the past months while keeping a wary eye for any remote sign of upward price swings. Here's the top 10 crypto coins today from CoinMarketCap: (Updated with permission from the OP.)
  8. On March 23, attackers were assumed to have managed to hack into the Ronin Network, the software Axie Infinity players use to store and receive their crypto and tokens. A total of $625 miliion of assets was reported to have been stolen from the network. This exploit was said to have gone unnoticed until a player reported that he can't transfer his own funds, which prompted an investigation that led to the discovery. Details of the hack has been available on the news only yesterday. One such article was posted on this link: source: With a haul of $625 million, this hack can be considered as one of, if not THE, worst cybertheft on the crypto online gaming world. A lax security issue to ease network traffic was blamed for what happened. Current and future crypto games must now take steps to ensure that they won't become next in line. The hacker's wallet has been traced and found that most of the stolen funds is still being kept there, so there is still hope for it to be recovered. In the meantime, affected players are advised to post any transaction issues they might have to the company's support team.
  9. UPDATE: That's strange, I can't find the crypto forum category in the list of winners at the event at (link1, link2) but apparently the CryptoTalk forum won. There's a topic on the Russian section discussing about the end result, and there even was a small reward for select forum participants. (Can't read Russian? Google Translate is your friend.) Belated congratulations on the forum! So... when is the next nominations for the best crypto forum for this year going to come up?
  10. I think it has something to do with *cough* what is happening in Eastern Europe at the moment. There's a lot of things going on right now, maybe once after things have cooled down then the staff handling the TALK tokens will resume work on it. Right now there isn't anything much to do but wait for further announcements.
  11. Cryptocurrency Market Monthly Updates - Based on CFGI (Feb 9 - March 10, 2021) The crypto market continued on to the fear and neutral range for the whole of Febuary. But around March 1, in just one day, there was a sudden jump of 31 points from February 28's 20 fear to 51 neutral. Things were looking quite bullish at the time, but it proved to be just a "hiccup" during the following days. There are major things that is happening in the world right now, and as much as I would like to go into details, I'll keep political things out of the discussion due to forum policy. What I can tell though is that the current fear market may be due to certain governments trying to put the lid on crypto to stymie efforts of it being used to bypass economic sanctions. Still, we are having two polarizing usecases of crypto coming into gear at the same time: one is that it is accused of being used to avoid sanctions, the other is it's being used to gather funds for support of a certain aggrieved population. It will be interesting to see how this positive/negative aspect is going to play out for the cryptocurrency industry. As for the current and imminent future state of things for the crypto market, there is still no sight of a bullish market just yet. The US president has just issued an executive order for looking up into crypto (link here) and IMO the reaction for this is mixed. Other than that, there are no further positive news at the moment strong enough to pull crypto out of the dominant fear/neutral market at the moment. Here's also the top 10 crypto coins today from CoinMarketCap: (Updated with permission from the OP.)
  12. Axie pets are sold in ETH at the official marketplace. Since ETH prices can fluctuate just like any other crypto, its dollar equivalent can change as well. Here's a sample picture, from cheapest... to THE REASONABLY most expensive (???)... Alternatively, you can buy pets from other players or a dealer without going through the marketplace. I wouldn't recommend it though...
  13. Welcome back, then! There isn't much activity here as of late, but do feel free at home 🙂 . Oooh, I can relate to this one. Here's what happened. Axie Infinity was booming last year, right? I knew back then that what was happening was just a fad that will diminish over time, along with SLP and other related token prices. But a relative of mine who had barely any knowledge about crypto had other ideas. Back at November, he wanted to try Axie. I said to him "No. Not at this time anyway" and proceeded to explain to him how crypto works, even showed him the SLP chart at Binance. But no, he didn't listened. Later on, I learned that he bought a team of pets from an Axie dealer, AT +50% OVERCHARGED PRICE!!! WTF!!? Only later did he realized his folly, when he took a look at the prices at the Axie marketplace and had at least an understanding of crypto's volatile prices. Had he listened to me, he would have at least prevented himself from being "scammed" like that. Hooooh boy. But what compelled him to act the way he did? It turns out that he was making contact with other people telling him that you can get rich quick playing Axie (not 100% true, as anyone knowledgeable enough at crypto will tell you) and that he should buy from them "reputable sources". Probably even told him that anyone giving negative comments (like me) about the game are just haters who do not want to believe. He didn't listened to me. Now look what happened LOL. It will probably take around another 4-8 months at this time for him to break even on his investment. So what is the lesson you get from all this crap I wrote? Learn crypto, and not just the SLP prices. A general understanding of how crypto works along with updated news can help a lot. Be wary of people offering too-good-to-be-true deals. Listen and ponder on feedbacks, even negative ones. Axie Infinity is a good and solid crypto game BTW, no doubt about it personally. But since it requires investment to play, be sure you know you are getting your time and money's worth of it.
  14. The fearful and bearish market that started back at December last year has already lasted for almost a whole quarter year. But just today, a sudden spike in crypto prices is happening, even at this very moment. Just look at the chart below for the crypto prices and stats from Coinbase as an example. source: for March 1, 2022 (one day setting) I don't know how much information I can give at this time due to this forum's policy of not posting any political messages, so you'll have to make do with the link I'll leave below. You may want to try searching on google for the rest. source: If this trend continues, then this might finally be the start of the bull season. Whether or not this will last though will depend on how the hodlers will handle selling their assets. Too many supply of crypto will just swamp the demand and bring the bull to a halt after all. What do you think? Is this the start of a bullish trend for this year? And what are you going to do about it? P.S. Be wary of any political comments you might post. Update: The bullish trend didn't even lasted for more than 3 days, as the market took another quick dive into the fear ratings soon after.
  15. That's ok, I'll just bump the questions above once players start testing the alpha client. I hope it isn't too similar to Clash of Clans gameplay to the point of being derided as a total ripoff. Anyway, I've already informed some of my friends over at a social media platform about the upcoming game. My small way of increasing the hype for the game a bit.
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