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  1. After China's recent ban all crypto mining operations within its jurisdiction, virtually all miners have moved out of the country. During the aftermath, some operators have moved in to neighboring Kazakhstan - perhaps because it is closer to China, or maybe because it offers cheap electricity. For a while, this seemed like a good move... until problems began to surface. First, while electricity maybe cheap, it is not stable enough. There are reports of power outages in the country for varying reasons; the most likely is that the country is not fully prepared enough to handle the massive energy demands of crypto miners. To complicate matters, another reason has surfaced: the recent anti-government protests in the country (which we should not discuss further here). Crypto mining in Kazakhstan is no joke. For Bitcoin alone, the country has at one point provided around 18% of the global hashrate as reported here. So while some miners in Kazakhstan might contemplate on moving elsewhere, they may not be able to handle the logistics involved in moving their hardware out. And while they might be able to do so, they already got beaten by other miners who got first dibs on other more "safer" havens like the US. Or at least for the moment. Ultimately it will depend on the US states' willingness to accommodate the new crypto miners coming in, if it has its eyes set on unseating China as the undisputed biggest mining hub. Details on the US projected to become the next major mining center, and more, are in the link below. source:
  2. 30 sats? No, I think that is too optimistic. The highest exchange rate the token has managed during the past six months was 9 sats, and since then, it never managed to get beyond 3 sats. Obviously there are too many dumpers that will prevent the token from getting higher than 2 sats. A few more months before the anniversary of payments closing in the English section and still no updates on the tokens' usability? LOL,
  3. If it's the ALTS token, there is a withdrawal topic here. Trading exchange for the token should be around here. Other than that, you'll have to ask someone like Bigpat, epidemia or ayatoslaw (they have a presence there) for further information. I really shouldn't be the one you must ask about this because I am not active in that forum 😝 .
  4. Welp, didn't even lasted ten days after I posted that πŸ˜‚ . The yuletide crypto fear market came earlier than I expected. Now the question I have is: how long will this fear trend going to last? The concerns about the holiday season, crude oil prices, etc. is expected to be gone as far out as until next month, but the new virus seems to complicate matters.
  5. At least the current spread of the virus isn't as bad as Delta was, assuming we can take this data below at face value. It's been almost a month and the global number of confirmed cases so far haven't even reached 10,000. source: By the way things are going, there won't be any drastic lockdowns for the forseeable future IMO. Bitcoin's bullish trend has already been cooling down when its price dipped below $60k somewhere during November 18, well before the Omicron variant was announced. Probably has something to do with the upcoming holiday season, but yeah, Omicron made it worse, as I've said before. As to how BTC correlates with traditional markets at the present time, I think this link can give a better picture. source: With how BTC prices has gone down, this can be another opportune time for investors to 'buy the dip'. I dunno if whether BTC can go down further below $45,000 or not though.
  6. I see your point there. With how plans for the token haven't been made clear (no white paper) coupled with how forum activity is going nowadays, I really don't see any way the token will grow at the current rate we have now. But that doesn't mean the token is 100% shitcoin IMO. From just a few thousand tokens, I've managed to earn a few hundred dollars' worth of BTC so far. I'm just taking advantage of how Yobit is keeping the token from depreciating even lower than 1 sat, which is an indication of Yobit's intent of keeping the token alive still. Let's just wait and see if Cryptotalk can manage to utilize their token the way Altcoinstalks did with their own.
  7. Here's a sample: recently I've tried Axie Infinity, and I'd say that it is definitely possible to earn while playing. The thing is, the SLP token is subject to price changes just like any other crypto coins out there. Players who have no idea how the cryptocurrency market works often find themselves in a world of hurt once they got on the losing side of the investment. This was especially true when the game's SLP prices skyrocketed and newbies bought overpriced pets only for the hype to die down and realized they got duped. Axie Infinity itself is quite a good game IMO. Some people just made poor investments and found themselves on the losing side. Gamers dabbling into cryptocurrency-based games really ought to learn at least some of the workings of cryptocurrencies, on top of whether the game itself is solid enough to withstand the scrutiny of game analysts. Just like regular company investments, a half-assed crypto game with mediocre gameplay may might as well turn into a scam investment if eventually nobody wants to play it.
  8. Well, that will ultimately depend on whether the new variant will go rampant like Delta did. Like OMG, the seemingly lenient health protocol moves the Indian government did back then only made a superspreader event galore... anyway, at least efforts are made early enough to contain the spread of the Omicron variant. As long as there's no news of Omicron spreading (even better, its early eradication by isolation or whatever), I think the global market will hold sturdy. Omicron has been studied and determined to be even nastier than the previous variants so far after all, and the mere prospect of another lockdown might make crypto holders sell off even more of their assets in preparation.
  9. With the detection of yet another COVID-19 variant (designated as "Omicron") of particular concern, global markets have sank down once again, as Alpha and Delta did before it. The internet has been chock full of news concerning its effects, and here I'll provide a couple of links to the latest of them. source: source: Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency market has already dipped in a state of 'fear' since November 19. The announcement of the new variant on the 26th, where the WHO designated it as "a variant of concern" apparently made the situation worse, as the news of the virus variant may have influenced Bitcoin's tumbling down from its previous ~$60,000 a few weeks ago. If there is any winner of sorts here, its a coin of the variant's namesake: the Omicron token, an otherwise obscure crypto coin. source: Questions of concern for this topic (at the moment) are the following: How severe will be the impact of the Omicron variant for the weeks and months to come, particularly for cryptocurrencies? What would be the next best move for crypto traders and investors to cope with the current market situation? You may post your comments below. Thank you.
  10. Cryptocurrencies' prices going down was observed during December 2018 and 2019. (2020 was an exception, due to the recent Bitcoin halving.) We currently have a strong greed market which I expect to last for the whole November, but if the greed rating for this month is to be followed by another fear market on the next just like 2018 and 19, then December will become a jinx for beginner traders/investors who hates being on a rude wake-up call after buying crypto at the current rates. Chances of the crypto market maintaining a greed rating until the end of the year IMO is slim, but possible. The global economy is still at the recovery phase post-pandemic, which may opt people not to waste too much on dumping out their crypto investments for their Christmas shopping spree πŸ˜‚ . (Special shout-out to the citizens living on a certain country where crypto mining (and, effectively, trading) was recently banned. Sorry, no Christmas dumps from you guys 🀣 .)
  11. At the current rate of events, the highest rate we can expect is around 10 sats per 1 TALK at the moment, and that will happen IF nobody dumps. After looking just how many tokens were dumped in selling orders during the last pump, I expect a similar thing to happen in the next one. If in the next pump there will be fewer sellers, then we can expect at least a slow increase in token price. However, we can't just dictate the sellers to hodl the tokens first and wait for it to increase in price. Any slight price increase therefore is going to be swamped immediately after. Because we can expect more dumpers than pumps every time. So expect the current status quo to continue. Unless there is going to be a good update, as you've said.
  12. Wow, just LOL'ed much after reading the article πŸ˜‚ ! (Not including my opinion-ed political implications,) seeing that China opted for public opinion survey instead of an outright 180Β° policy turn would mean that as long as the ban is in force, the mainland population still has no legal way of affecting the crypto market (such as pumps & dumps) as of the moment. (Well, they can do so illegally of course, at their own risk.) This one deserves a special mention: Just LOL! The whole article just explicitly shows how a fickle government policy can be a massive pain in the a**. Here's to hoping the crypto miners are smart enough not to return there just so that they put themselves under that government's boot-heel again. ... ... ... About the whole article's relevance to this topic, there has been a negligent change at the time it was published, as the CFGI index has been going strong in the 70's range for this whole month of October. There are probably a lot of positive news going on right now, aside from the link on my previous post. Wonder how long the current bullish trend is going to last. I'll be waiting for the analysis this month. πŸ™‚
  13. Hmmm... crypto trading in general (and mining specifically) has been recently banned in China AFAIK. Mainlanders might have a very difficult time buying dips, but that might not be the case in places like Hong Kong though. One guaranteed thing is that the Chinese are not going to affect BTC as much as they used to do. CoinTelegraph posted an article this week about the BTC price condition for the coming days. The CFGI analysis in the link got an honorable mention as the 5th thing to watch out for.
  14. Oh wow, the CFGI index (and the crypto market as a reflection) has been bullish indeed from the start of October. Extreme greed values of 70-ish has been consistent since the 7th of this month, and BTC prices has been steadily climbing until breaking the $60,000 resistance once again a couple of days ago or so. So, what factors have been the cause for this sudden reversal from last month?
  15. UPDATE: Bitcoin mining in China can now be declared as 'dead'. And according to the link in the quote above, the US is now the Bitcoin mining capital of the world. ... and that is it for the crypto mining industry in China. The focus is now on the US on whether it can hold its miners for how long. Because as some analysts know, there are some prominent politicians there who are adamantly against crypto and are planning up something to pass laws forbidding it entirely.
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