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  1. This should be probably best left to the conspiracy theorists, the FBI, etc. But if I were to answer it with a simple yes or no, it's a yes. The idea of agencies like these keeping an eye on Bitcoin transaction will affect adoption of cryptocurrencies in some ways. For one thing, people who values privacy and thought that Bitcoins provide it will be disillusioned if they learn that cryptocurrency exchanges often require sending of personal information (KYC), especially when converting crypto to fiat. On the other hand, if criminals and terrorists can be monitored and caught this way, this will have a positive effect on users who have misgivings on cryptocurrencies being used for evil.
  2. It is a good thing that the acceptance of cryptocurrencies is gradually on the rise. The efforts being made to educate people about the advantages of using cryptocurrencies is not wasted. Once the major hindrances, the banks, the governments, and the other institutions who rejects even the notion of crypto coins, are dealt with, the dream of cryptocurrencies becoming widespread in use worldwide will slowly turn to reality. Cryptocurrencies are booming today. But there is still more work to be done.
  3. Topics/threads on the forum get deleted due to violations, sure. But why is it that some of us here keep on posting to those kind of shit threads, even the VERY OBVIOUS ONES? I see some shit threads with shit content every now and then these past few days, and instead of reporting them, I see some users posting replies instead. Then if those particular threads get deleted, some will whine about their posts getting deleted with it and not getting paid for it. The users who post on those kinds of threads has their own faults too, don't you agree? Posting on shit threads that they know deep inside will be deleted anyway, that is. If you're not going to report that shit thread, at least don't post on it. "Be careful on where you post," somebody once exhorted here. And everyone here rightfully should.
  4. Some of the links include pictures, and some of the links have useful information scattered around. For now I do not feel the need to rehash them here, as it will make the opening post too long to read, as I stated above. But I'll think about it. It would be a nice way of preserving information if those threads get deleted for some reason. Maybe hide them inside a spoiler... Erm... You're right. But the links I have above are less on rules and more on tutorials though...
  5. Centralizing information for an FAQ? This is such a great idea that should have been done a long time ago, when this forum is in its early weeks. It would have saved us all some headache today if this was implemented at that time. Anyway, aside from the pinned threads and announcements in the "About Forum" section, you can make use of these other couple of threads. @hexwin's locked thread. And this. I'm currently working on this one.
  6. Posting quotes and articles from other websites is not bad, with one condition: the quote or article must come with a source link, in short, a reference. There is a locked and pinned thread that outlines the rules on posting threads. There is another topic that discusses that, specifically, the threads that use uncited articles.
  7. I would like to report a user here, and to make a warning announcement as well. We are having an infestation of low quality and/or plagiarized (no source link/s) threads over these past few days. The user I will report here is just one of many I caught: Offensive thread: Original website: Despite these threads being obviously suspicious, we still have some users who are gullible enough to post comments on them. To those users, if you're not going to report those threads, please, at least refrain yourselves from commenting on them, as it will be a waste of time on your part if those threads you commented on get deleted.
  8. To increase the price of Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies in general, the demand must increase first. What you are doing, introducing people you can approach to cryptocurrencies personally, isn't really that bad, spreading knowledge of cryptocurrencies on a local scale can only make a tiny dent for now, but if everyone in your community embrace the technology, and your local news network gets to spread it further, your government might even take notice. If they happen to be more receptive to the idea of cryptocurrencies, all the better. And if your country accepts, or at least tolerate, cryptocurrencies, and this to be made publicly known, the demand will naturally increase as a result. So keep it up. The efforts by guys like you can make a big difference in the eventual(?) acceptance of cryptocurrencies everywhere in the world.
  9. Isn't it a good thing that the price of Dogecoin remains more or less stable? Because if its price were to rise up too dramatically, the cryptocurrency exchanges will surely take notice and might consider raising its transaction fees to gain more profit from it. Its primary advantage, the cheap and low transaction fees, will be lost as a result.
  10. Here is my short take on the matter: Questionnaire-type topics (already answered too many times) = a definite YES!!! Open-ended discussion topics = no, just ignore the repetitive remarks 😄 and post something out-of-the-box instead Topics that devolved into a flame war = yes, violent remarks not allowed here Any other type of topics = depends upon the discretion of the regular users and/or the mods
  11. Every now and then, questions regarding the workings of the forum would pop up here and there. Our valiant members of course answers those queries satisfactorily. Alas, they oftentimes get buried by newer threads and thus are not visible anymore, and newbies most of the time do not use the search feature, for various reasons. So I created this thread as a reference tool for easy access to those information. I will only post the links, seeing that quoting those information will make this post too long to read. And besides, if you need to ask further questions, you have the option to post on the links I have and not here. This is for the forum features and functions not present/visible in the Tutorial section, as well as tips and advice that are not stickied (pinned) in the About Forums section. For questions regarding Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies in general, you may search the appropriate sections instead. ... ... ... Advice on how to post on Cryptotalk: Tips on creating a thread/topic: How to view one's own or others' profile/s: How to view my own or others' reputation points: How to use the forum's "Quote" feature: How to hide contents with "Spoiler" button: What the icons displayed before the thread titles is for: How to custom edit/change displayed rank: ... ... ... For comments and suggestions, especially if you have any links you may want to share/add here, you may post below. This thread will be updated as often as necessary.
  12. If your notifications happened to get buried by something else, and/or you want to see whether or not those reputations you received are good or bad, you can check out your reputation activity as an alternative. You can find it in your profile page. See the pictures below for an example. Here's yours:
  13. I do not fully get your question, but I will try to answer. Bitcoin halving was implemented for a number of reasons, as stated in the article. Since Bitcoins have a total fixed amount (around 21 million), to prevent the remaining unmined Bitcoins from getting depleted too quickly, we have Bitcoin halving. The rewards get smaller after each halving, and here is what is not included in the article: the calculations required to unlock (mine) each Bitcoin block becomes more difficult, thus requiring more sophisticated computers and/or more energy consumption. The supply of new Bitcoins to enter circulation becomes smaller as a result. As for the Bitcoin price, this is one of the advantages (or disadvantage, depending on how you put it) of it being decentralized (under nobody's control): the price of Bitcoins depends entirely on "the law of supply and demand", in other words, the market sets the price. As Bitcoins' demand increases while the supply decreases due to the halving, the price of Bitcoins will increase in accordance with the law I mentioned. This is the primary reason why almost everyone predicts that there will be a bull run (price increase spike) somewhere in 2020: this year coincides with the next Bitcoin halving event. I cannot answer anymore since I am a newbie at crypto myself. My primitive monkey brain might burn out. Let's see if there is anyone else who will answer for you.
  14. If a certain country's government have a lot of things to hide, e.g. bribes, corruption, secret funding and more, then they will never accept Bitcoin and other decentralized cryptocurrencies. But if their citizens start to use cryptocurrencies more than their fiat money, then they might decide to create their own crypto money. We have few examples of authoritarian countries that did just that. And I didn't know that blockchains can be written. I thought only the Genesis block has a message. I learned something new today. P.S. ( [CT] GVT can never tolerate Bitcoin )
  15. It can be done. Physical Bitcoin coins will most likely work like representative money of old times. For example, say the Swiss government has around 10,000 Bitcoins (the digital ones, of course) in possession. They will then mint physical Bitcoins at different denominations, maybe 1 BTCs, maybe 1000 satoshis. But the total supply of coins they produce must not exceed the 10,000 digital ones they currently possess. Those physical coins they produced can now be used just like any other commodities. As for the actual Bitcoins, they are of course contained in a cold wallet and locked and secured in a safe place. As for the news itself, I haven't heard anything either. But that does not stop Switzerland, or any other country, from trying anyway. Or maybe they did already.
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