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  1. The use of AI chatbots like ChatGPT is becoming more prevalent now, and it is inevitable that some forumers might figure out its application to this forum. On whether or not this will prove beneficial or detrimental to this particular forum, I'd like to hear from Cryptotalk members like you. The points where AI chatbots may be used on are the following: Topic generation Comment posts Replies, confirmations, rebuttals, etc. Posts/topics are not limited to news, inquiries and discussion threads. It can be used on such things as bounty campaigns as well. Any comments? Let me do the first stone throw. AI chatbots on an online forum is freakin' CHEATING!!!!!
  2. Cryptocurrency Market Monthly Updates - Based on CFGI (Sept 14 - Oct 13, 2022) The CFGI chart was moving along a flatline neutral to bullish range the past few months. The chart has inverted towards the fear range however, in which the CFGI dipped to 37 fear last Aug 18, disrupting the equilibrium for the first time after many months. The chart line has stabilized for this month, albeit still in the fear range, with the current record for today at 44 fear. BTC has suffered a bit, with its price range now at ~$26,000 knocking out its chances of reaching 30k USD. The historical bear -ber months further complicates any chances of wild price swings going positive in favor for crypto prices at the moment. (Updated with permission from the OP.)
  3. Cryptocurrency Market Monthly Updates - Based on CFGI (July 14 - Aug 12, 2023) The CFGI chart is still stabilized at the neutral range for the whole month of July, as there are as yet no significant event/s that can alter the current status quo of the crypto market. The rating for today is at 54, and by the looks of things, the neutral range may continue on until maybe the -ber months. Despite generally favorable news from the crypto news outlets (my favorite would be this one), there hasn't been many major changes to the cryptocurrency market. Crypto prices however, may go up or down in the near future, things can go either way as we may all know in this scenario of CFGI neutrality. Attached is a chart from coinmarketcap taken today. Of particular note is BTC still hovering below the $30,000 mark. The price may not be able to climb back to its highest level of ~$60,000 for this year, but at least it has recovered and stabilized from its price crash last year. (Updated with permission from the OP.)
  4. Cryptocurrency Market Monthly Updates - Based on CFGI (March 13 - April 11, 2022) There was a slight hiccup as the CFGI rating dropped to 33-ish on March 10-12, but has since recovered and has consistently going up the bullish route until today, with the current rating displayed at greedy 68. That is even despite the negative news on crypto which has failed to drag down the crypto market (more on the link below). Is the time period for "buying the dip" over? I think so. Kudos to the folks who've managed to invest on crypto especially BTC last November. The CFGI chart here is displayed on the 3-month period to show the March 10-12 fear rating. The article here describes nicely the cryptocurrency environment for these past few days.
  5. I'm glad I got proven wrong on the previous comment, seeing how the CFGI ratings have improved over the last couple of months. However, crypto is not out of the woods yet - with the neutral ratings, anything can still happen at this point. So yeah, just like what @Whited35 said, let's see how this momentum will go. I'm still pessimistic on the crypto market improving significantly this year, hope I'm proven wrong on this one again.
  6. Cryptocurrency Market Updates Based on CFGI - Year End Summary 2022 The first quarter of the year 2022 started out with a bang as crypto enjoyed a bullish (albeit diminishing) market, with Bitcoin alone worth around ~$40,000 or so at the start of the year. But the crypto market has already reached its zenith at November 2021; and crypto prices has plummeted since then, as the market has shown. Now Bitcoin is priced at ~$16,000 which is a far cry from the ~$60,000 record it has attained. The chart above shows BTC prices for the year 2022. Look at where it starts crashing down from May and then June to finally at November. Today's CFGI rating is 28, still at the fear range as expected. The chart shown below is the CFGI index for the year 2022. Any predictions for the next year? Frankly, I don't see anything at this point that will improve the CFGI to at least display a consistent months-long neutral rating. So yeah, we should expect another year of bear market. We might even see BTC going down further to ~$12,000 within the first six months of 2023. But for how long is this bear going to last? Well, there's a year and a half or so left before the next BTC halving, so long-term hodling until then is a good idea. If there is a remote chance that BTC will go further down than its current market price, that time will also be a good chance to "buy the dip". (Updated with permission from the OP.) I will not update this topic until February or March next year. Any updates until then is up to the OP.
  7. Cryptocurrency Market Monthly Updates - Based on CFGI (Oct 13 - Nov 11, 2022) Remember what I said the last time? A couple of days ago, it nearly did. BTC has fallen towards the 15k USD mark, but just briefly. Today it is still reeling from the sudden downturn around ~$17,000. As for the CFGI index, despite all that has happened, it is displaying only a modest drop and is currently at 25, not as drastic a drop as some might have feared. This may indicate that the market is not as much in a panic as one would have thought - the sudden bounce back from BTC's 15k to 17k USD worth might even indicate that many investors are "buying the dip", and has prevented the cryptocurrency from plunging further. Now, what is to blame for the sudden BTC drop? Well. it has something to do with one exchange going down under. (Updated with permission from the OP.)
  8. Is upgrading this forum to allow BB codes doable at this point I wonder? And if so, are admins willing to take that step? Maybe if the bounty managers can be convinced to PM the mods and admins to "persuade" them to do so, then that might work. And I'm not talking about just one or two projects - a couple dozen should be able to do some pressure.
  9. Cryptocurrency Market Monthly Updates - Based on CFGI (Sept 11 - Oct 10, 2022) The CFGI chart indicates the market still at the fear range even after a couple of months has passed when it almost reach Neutral back in August. There is no indication of the world economy, especially in Europe with the looming energy crisis, ever improving over the winter months ahead. Bitcoin meanwhile is struggling to keep its price at the ~$20,000 range. The record for today is 22 fear. The way things look right now, the -ber months are going to be a continuation of the ongoing bear months (pun not intended) until the next year. Hopefully BTC won't collapse below 15k USD at that point. (Updated with permission from the OP.)
  10. Another anniversary of joining this forum... but not much has been going on in the English section these days.


    Nothing unusual here. Carry on.


  11. 1. The next time payment is restored in the English section (very unlikely at this time, but still...) please make the number of posts requirement for unlocking payments to 1000 posts. Sure, mods can detect and punish most offending members before they reach 100 posts, but that doesn't stop others from making new accounts and repeating the same offense anyway. "100 posts? Too easy." ๐Ÿ˜‚ I'd bet this is what they were thinking at the time when they made those alleged bot farms smh. 1000 posts should be a good enough deterrent for bot farmers. And members who will manage to reach 1000 posts are generally more well-behaved due to the fact that they will have much to lose if they get banned. I know, I know, this suggestion has been posted numerous times already. This is just a friendly reminder ๐Ÿ™‚ 2. Please clean up the English Beginners section and do a repost of the rules for that section just like this one (link). Only crypto-related and forum crypto payment questions should remain. The rest goes into the Off Topic section or deleted altogether. One should just look at the current Russian's Beginners section and see how much relevant the topics are to crypto than the one we have on the English section.
  12. I say that members should increase first so bounty campaign managers have a good reason to list their projects here. You say there should be bounty campaigns first to lure more new and already existing members to go active again. This is turning out into a "Which should come first - the chicken or the egg?" kind of thing. ๐Ÿ˜‚ There is merit in your point to get bounty campaigns first though. Most members were here the last couple of years ago due to the fact that this forum was paying sats (which is currently halted on the English section) that gave them the motivation to stick around here. Having bounty campaigns here will give them a new reason for them come back here. Having said that, I think for that scenario to happen, at least 2 things have to be considered: Bounty rewards should be lucrative enough for new and old members to participate on Bounty campaign managers are willing to post listings here at the forum's current inactive state Do you have some bounty campaigns in mind who can fulfill the #2 line? And how much are they willing to risk for to fulfill the #1 line?
  13. I assume you've already PM'ed them, and this topic is an open letter of sorts for the rest of us to react on? If this is true, then maybe the forum's web designer should start to work on this to meet the demands of the bounty managers. But then again, there are already some bounty campaigns that were offered here before. I think the forum design might need to have some improvements after all, but for now bounty managers might be able to pull through here somehow as long as there are many active members and viewers here. And here is where the problem lies. Since payments on the English section has been suspended (indefinitely?) the vast majority of non-Russian members have left the forum. I think before any bounty campaigns, something should be done first to increase the number of active members here, because like you've said, bounty managers said "the amount of users here are very low". The admins have the final say whether or not they need a new mod and if you're qualified enough for the job. Good luck to you.
  14. I think it is a few days too early to celebrate this forum's birthday, but kudos to you for reusing an existing topic instead of making a new one. @Whited35 an updated anniversary celebration topic should be in order, right? ๐Ÿ˜ @Desais @epidemia are there any anniversary forum events we should look forward to in the upcoming days? :3
  15. I guess someone needs to update this topic with what is happening with the TALK token at the moment. TALK token is starting to pump (???) at the TALK/BTC pair as of this writing. This is most likely having something to do with the forum's anniversary a few days from now. Dunno how long this pump is going to last, and for how many BTCs they are willing to pump with. Have you guys placed your sell orders yet?
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