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Found 11 results

  1. Привет, друзья! Я бы хотел вам рассказать, как заработать максимально много на токене TALK. Как вы знаете, биржа йобит за хранение данного токена платит 1% в день, при этом условий никаких нет, чтобы получить процент. Я пришёл к выводу, что максимально много можно заработать на токене не продавая его. Недавно мне пришла мысль посчитать, сколько можно заработать за полгода хранения, и я просто был в, шоке... Имея 2 миллиона токенов в инвестбоксе вы можете получить за полгода более 10 миллионов токенов благодаря сложному проценту. А за год хранения можно получить целых 50 миллионов токенов... Вот она, сила сложного процента. Но блин, я не понимаю, зачем пользователи сливают свои токены за такую цену. Старички понимают, что биржа йобит довольно крупная, тем более за токен будут покупаться услуги на форуме, я даже у админа недавно спрашивал, и он сказал, что реклама точно будет за токены покупаться. Надеюсь у всегда отпали сомнения, что токен будет жить долго. А зарабатывать хорошо будут только те, кто копил токены. Даже если цена будет 1 сатоша всегда, то пользователи, у которых будет к примеру 7 миллионов токенов будут получать 70000 сатош каждый день на пассиве, и условий никаких нет, золотая жила можно сказать. Надеюсь я многим открыл глаза. Но, это всё зависит от вашей веры к форуму и токену, рискнуть однозначно стоит. Да и риска по сути нет, ибо биржа часто выставляет стенку на покупку. Так что поторопитесь, пока не ввели какие-то условия по получению процента. Всем удачи! 😎
  2. Собралось на счету в Инвестбоксе около 10000 талков и возникла дилема. Оставить TALK или лучше обменять на USD и положить под процент? Нашла там несколько вариантов для USD под 1% в день, и в 1% неделю. В первых двух случаях минимум для вклада от 1000 и 10000$. Столько пока здесь, к сожалению, не заработала🙂 А вот третий вариант 1% в неделю доступен от 10$, что более реально. Просто хочется как-то зафиксировать прибыль, а за курс талка побаиваюсь. Доллар всё же более стабильный... И сумма мизерная, но всё равно вкладывались труды, и хотелось бы приумножить, а не потерять. Что посоветуете по этому поводу? Оставлять как есть, или поменять?
  3. Talk token is the official token of the Cryptotalk Forum if you aren't aware 🤣. Adminstration has said it would has utility in coming days and I think they are probably working for it. In this topic I will cover some of the utility based on my opinion.(My own expectations for utility of talk token). New Members needs to stake Talk for getting started: As new users are joining the Platform everyday and it's increasing. If new members need to stake 1K talk token before joining this platform and if their account is bannned for serious violation of rules these talk token will goto Burn Address. It will affect the whole community in very positive way. It will stop spam as their account is worth something because of it. We will have newbie but they will be more serious than ever while working here. Topics Boost Using Talk Token: This includes boost or promotion of topics using the talk token. It will help members to boost their topic by spending some talk Token. I.e. 100 Talk for boosting Topic for 1hour. Ads In Signature: Company pays Cryptotalk in Talk token and place their ads in Signature of members. Members can turn it on/off according to choice and Cryptotalk take 60% revenue while member get 40%. (YouTube exactly does this) VIP PROMOTION: This will include promotion of platform and and their ads will be shown while opening the forum homepage once. It's costly for Project but they will have good promotion and Payment needs to be done to Adminstration for ad placement in Talk Token. Bounties Pays Talk for Joining Cryptotalk: Bounties Project needs to pay certain amount in Talk token before launching their bounties: As many bounties project are coming for Cryptotalk. If they need to pay certain amount in Talk token to adminstration before launching their Bounties it would be most grateful utility. Cryptotalk Merchandise: Cryptotalk could make some merchandise related to yobit and Cryptotalk and members can buy it through the Cryptotalk Store. It will contains slogans about Cryptotalk and it will help in promotion of Cryptotalk forum to new audiences. Cryptotalk Mask would be the best case scenario in this condition. These are some of my expectations for the utility of talk token inside the Cryptotalk Forum. I know for some we need serious upgrade in the forum Code and some are difficult. But even if some of them get implemented it will provide good support for Talk token and Cryptotalk team who has been providing such a great platform for us. Please Tell in comments what do you like to see as the utility of Talk token?😊
  4. As we know tomorrow is the date when Talk token is supposed to be listed on Yobit exchange. And If you are ok with sharing your decision regarding the talk token tomorrow, you can participate in the poll and select the best answer that suits your situation. I am hoping good response from all the community members.
  5. Talk Tokens We pay 10 Talk Tokens for each post (after 100 first posts, max limit: 20 / day) and 1 Talk Token for each rate (for users that have more than 100 posts, max limit: 50 / day). Payment for the post occurs after 7 days and depends on the rating: if it is negative, then the payment will be zero. Cheat ratings or any automation is strictly prohibited! Trade for Talk Token will be open on 1 September. Tokens can be spent for advertising and upgrades. Also 1% Daily InvestBox will be added soon. Get paid for every post and rate: New 1% Daily InvestBox for Talk Token: Coin: TALK Percent: 1% Period: Daily Min: 10 Max: no Action: NO What do you think about this, express your opinion? All necessary payment information is here - Click
  6. Hello, dear users of this forum. As everyone knows, on June 17, 2020, a new system of payment for messages and likes was introduced. Now we get the Talk Token. The rules have not changed, but for the evaluation (likes) of posts we also receive payment. Everything is described in more detail here. My suggestions are for you, there is no need to sell the Talk Token when the trade opens on September 1, 2020. Respect your work and the work of others. The progress of the token will depend only on us! If we do this, our patience will be rewarded. I hope that users of this wonderful forum will support my idea. As far as I know, the Cryptotalk forum is the only one of its kind that has switched to payment in its token and will also be supported by the Yobit exchange. Thank you for understanding. Express your opinion here as part of the rules.
  7. Hello guys I hope you doing well, today I would like to suggest to you guys thats we have to be patients till the trade for tolalk tokens opened, because I know some people will get greedy of multiplying their talk tokens through dice, guys dice is need to be very luckily so you can found that you have 0 talk tokens till September because of loosing in gambling. So I would suggest you have only to store your coins in the investbox.
  8. Hello friends, in the last 72 hours we have observed how the price of the token is falling uncontrollably, which I personally do not like since I bought the token to invest it in the investbox and although it was at a low price, it is possible that lower even further, so here is my questions: 1. Does the forum have a system to keep the price of the token afloat? 2. Do you think that the distribution policies should be changed, to ensure investors and increase demand? 3.What action would you take to ensure the future of the token, of this forum? Note: Only 0.33 BTC separates us from a crash at 70 Satoshis and on the other hand only 0.25 btc separates us from a pump at 150 satoshis, it is a data that can be used to respond.
  9. Hello to all CryptoTalk forum members. I prepared this study especially for those who are new members of the CryptoTalk forum, those who are new to the cryptocurrency world and those who are interested in the Talk token issue. You know, a large number of different topics about Talk token have been posted on the CryptoTalk forum recently and it continues to be published. We are faced with many questions that members are curious about and seek answers, especially about the talk token price. For this reason, I thought of preparing a sample investment study to give you an idea about the subject. When you examine the case study I shared, I think some issues will become clearer. First of all, this investment work should be considered as some kind of projection or simulation. Therefore, I would like to convey some of the assumptions I used in the Talk token investment case study on the Yobit exchange. When you examine the table I prepared with Microsoft Excel, you will notice many things. Assumptions: 1- Talk token initial investment is 1,000 2- Talk token investment term is planned as 1 year. 3- Based on the 1% earning rate in the Yobit investment box 4- It is foreseen that the Talk token option in the investment box on the Yobit exchange will continue for at least 1 more year. Results: 1- The accumulation of talc tokens will reach approximately 36,000 at the end of 1 year. 2- Based on the Talk token price on the date this issue was published. 3- At the end of the investment term, your savings will reach a total of 0.00720000 in Bitcoin (BTC). As a result, you will both help protect the Talk token price and you will benefit from the rise of the Bitcoin price in USD. So in short, both you and the other members will win. Think about it, if you are patient after depositing 1,000 Talk tokens, you will reach the amount of 36,000 Talk tokens at the end of 1 year. A 36 times gain! Don't you think it's a very profitable investment? Please alert me if there is any wrong information or miscalculation in this work. I hope you read what I wrote without getting bored. I wish you all good work and good profits ...
  10. I know, almost everyone thinks that gambling does not require strategy, it only takes luck, if you are lucky then whatever strategy you use will not make you lose. But I try to argue from another point of view, where we as intelligent humans will certainly try to find ways to expand the chances of getting lucky, now in the dice game at Yoobits I use this method to expand the chances of luck. For more details, focus on the bet amount and the increase after experiencing several losses, here I only increased the bet amount when I encountered 7 or 8 losses For those who don't like gambling please don't gamble, I'm just trying to share experiences because there is a sub forum for the gambling category here, if you have other opinions please give comments, lets talk about gambling
  11. Talk Tokens Мы платим 10 токенов за каждое сообщение (после 100 первых сообщений, максимальный лимит: 20 / день) и 1 токен за каждый пост (для пользователей, имеющих более 100 сообщений, максимальный лимит: 50 / день). Оплата за пост происходит через 7 дней и зависит от рейтинга: если он отрицательный, то оплата будет нулевой. Чит-рейтинги или какая-либо автоматизация строго запрещены. Торги Talk Token будут открыты 1 сентября. Токены можно потратить на рекламу и обновления. Также 1% Daily InvestBox будет добавлен в ближайшее время. Что думаете по поводу этой монеты, высказывайте свое мнение здесь.
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