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  1. This is really going to be awesome if it can be added to the platform. This can help people track post and also notice the post that they should not be posting at all. This will also guide them as to the number of post they have posted and the quality of posts as well. This is what I feel about this idea.
  2. This might be a possible network issue as I still used that same feature yesterday and did not have any issues with it. What you should do is maybe contact the developers if you can and make a complaint about this and see what response they will give to you in the end. However, this still works for me.
  3. I am a teacher and I teach alongside this project and I also engage in other things as well. This cannot be considered a full time job for me except the developers are willing to leave the platform for another 2years and not close down the rewards that are being given out here. This can be considered at best a way of adding another stream of income to ones own wallet and to help grow the knowledge of Crypto currencies. I do love my teaching Job and this platform as well.
  4. The best way to identify investment scams is to search out the integrity of the project on Google and also to ask questions from those that are familiar with the world of Crypto Currency. There are so many projects today that are scam projects however, there are also those that are not scam projects at all. These projects are that are scam can easily be searched out and avoided. The only way to do this however is to seek external help.
  5. Welcome to this great and awesome platform. You must be able to follow the rules in this platform and also learn to lost topics that are useful and also add value to the individuals here. This is achieved through making research that can help us grow better on this platform on the knowledge of Crypto currency. Also have it at the back of your mind any posts that are not related to Crypto Currency will be removed and deleted. Welcome one again.
  6. There are lots if people out there that are interested in your coin so the best you can do is to ensure that you do not out your coin on all platforms that promises to double your coin except you are absolutely certain of the platform you are dealing with. If not you should learn to just jeep your coin in your wallet and not be greedy about making it double. Also learn to double this by learning how to trade Crypto assets on forex platforms.
  7. This is a very great way for any student learning and funding his or her education to raise some capital and also earn to save for the future. Although you will have to do sine tasks. However, the task is not as much as that you will do with your academic. You should also be sure that this is a great way for any student as well to begin the gathering of knowledge in Crypto Currency. Just ensure you have a focus and a target here that is all.
  8. When the platform stops paying. I believe those that will stay and continue to post will stay. And I also strongly believe another project will come up. Maybe from the developers or from someone else. This however, is a great platform that needs to be around for a while and their reward for post idea is truly awesome. This a great way to gather participation and also collective responsibility to working out a projects progress.
  9. The time frame you are operating on can sometimes affect this and you will have yo learn that as well. The missing time frame could be the time you used in posting your write ups which does not tally with the time frame of the creators of this content. So this should not be of any worry as long as the developers are keeping to their words of rewarding your effort on their platform. Timezone could affect this so be calm.
  10. As the platform continues to grow there will be more tasks to be do and spammers will not be allowed to stay. This is due to the fact that, some people on the platform and this can have no exception see this medium as a money making machine first and would rather just keep spamming for the money and not for the progress of the platform. Therefore with time this can come to be one of the best platforms out there if it is not already. In terms of being meticulous.
  11. This is not so difficult just go to your profile and check reputation activity and you will see all the people who reacted to your post because they are useful to them. This will in turn make for the calculation of your reputation point and how its increase would come. Just open your profile and scroll down you will see this clearly on your profile and can look it up as well.
  12. I believe you should just stick to the web part of this project. As the developers will continue to grow their platform. I am finding the web usage very easy and fast to navigate as well. Although a good mobile app would have been a great advantage as well. The web part however, is very awesome and has the kind of flexibility a person would want in a project and from a great mind such as this. Again it is better to use the web version.
  13. There are lots of platforms that has features of keeping your coins for you while they in the interim give you some sort of loan for the equivalent of your coin. Although you should be careful which ones you choose because some of these could be scam mediums. Before doing this ensure you make research online and ask targeted question as to what you want to achieve here and you will meet a lit of answers from your research.
  14. The most used currency in the Crypto world presently is the BTC. There is no other rival except maybe the ethereum and other notable coin such as the BCH, Litecoin, and many others. Most individuals who accept online payments today use this medium to receive their payments and also store more of it for future transaction. The BTC today can be considered as internet gold and has such great demand and value.
  15. You must read and continue to read if you want to be very successful. Also you need to be very close to those that have gone into this realm and have failed many times before they begin to succeed. This means that they can teach you some of the reasons why people fail and some of the reasons why they succeed in the investment and trading of this massive currency making waves in the world now.
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