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  1. I have a question to our senior members and mods,from last night yobit didn't response and our payment is still not collected in this condition is our BTC(satoshies) are safe,and how much time we have to wait.....help me please.
  2. I want to know guys whether it is beneficial to store crypto or invest it in something? Or these two things are just the same? And how are crypto currencies stored? Or invested?
  3. I want to know whether it will remove all other existing currencies in the world or not in upcoming few years? Or it will not happen at all?
  4. I have come to know that, capital present crypto has been accused for money laundering and has been sent to jail by polish government.
  5. I wanna know that whether it is safe or not just because people can steal money through transiction process so is it safe to have transiction via crypto?
  6. I am wondering that, what kind of bussiness is this? Because i have been hearing it since last year and have not got the complete information about it , that how does it works ? How poeple can be paid by such online or digital currency.. Who are the investers and why would they invest in it just because they can invest in their money in other businesses like hotels, gyms, real estate and many more. If someone invest in it then what is the procedure and through which hurdles one will have to go through?
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