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  1. The U.S Federal System has published its monthly Financial Stability Report which is devoted to the benefits and dangers related to “Worldwide Stablecoins”. The central bank recognized the different benefits that stablecoins present as an idea. It was expressed that stablecoins are quicker, less expensive and progressively comprehensive payments could supplement the existing payment systems. The announcements were made based on confounded and inadequately available customary budgetary foundations. Stablecoin activities like Libra, a result of Facebook, can accomplish cross-fringe developments. Sadly, the framework has a few faults. The powerlessness to change over the equivalent to National Currencies and the loss of trust in pegging the steady coins to customary resources are some among them. This will lead a few holders to sell their stablecoins. Source: TheCoinRepublic
  2. SBI, RippleNet’s new part declared formally about the Japan – Vietnam remittance service with one of the major banks in Vietnam the TPBank. Nguyen Hung, the TPBank’s CEO did not clearly reveal moves on the blockchain. Be that as it may, presently, the remittance service and obviously the trades by the unification of Vietnam and Japan upheld by RippleNet is officially affirmed. As per an official tweet by XRP Research Center as of late on 15 November SBI “Ripple Asia, SBI Remit and TP Bank in Vietnam announced the start of the first Japan Vietnam remittance service using #RippleNet.” Source: TheCoinRepublic
  3. Recently coinbase announced new payment options as BAT, XRP, REP, XLM, ZRX, before that BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC were listed for uses. Individuals can fill their cards with any of the 10 cryptocurrencies supported and can utilize it to spend as per their prerequisites. Coinbase additionally has an application for both Android and iOS, which can be downloaded by the users to check their card balance. Source: TheCoinRepublic
  4. CoinMarketCap is the most visited Cryptocurrency data site with more than 3.6 billion sessions and 125 million dynamic clients around the world. Bright Lu, the fellow benefactor, and CEO at VeChain while conveying a keynote discourse at the gathering expressed that VeChain plans to exploit the immense undiscovered business world. VeChain co-facilitated The Capital Warm-up gathering with CoinMarketCap and OceanEx which was graced by 500 participants everywhere throughout the world. Source: TheCoinRepublic
  5. Dogecoin indicated a massive degree of bullish conduct in the previous 24 hours when it figured out how to climb an aggregate of 0.08%, it arrived at the imprint at $0.002731 from the beginning of exchange at 0.002715. Dogecoin is a subsidiary digital currency from Litecoin which was presented in December of 2013. Dogecoin was brought into light by its two makers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. Dogecoin has acclaimed the #28 rank on the global crypto index. DOGE has a market cap of $326,149,799 USD in bitcoin 37,381 BTC. Dogecoin has a circulating supply of 122,008,871,581 DOGE. Source: TheCoinRepublic
  6. Bitcoin market cap is $160 billion whereas gold standing unbending at $ 8 trillion marketcap, in spite of a huge separation in the worth level, Lee feels that by 2028 the game would totally switch and BTC will supplant gold in each perspective. he says “I predict the flippening will happen within 9 years and $ BTC will shoot up past USD $500,000 “ Lee feels that the constrained market supply and a fixed number will be the key patron having a noteworthy influence to support up BTC value in 10 years. He guarantees that the BTC cost will be significantly increased in only 10 years. Not at all like gold which can be drawn through mines, the unequivocal number of BTC will make it more rare and significant than gold. Source: TheCoinRepublic
  7. 14% Spike in the price of VET was experienced after the affirmation of the declaration of the supply-chain management firm will lead its future industry gathering in Singapore and the news was affirmed by CoinMarketCap. Vechain value breaking its continuous bearish force took a sharp spike of 14%. The key support areas for VET/USD pair $0.0032, $0.0036 and $0.0041 and resistance are $0.0050, $0.0057 and $0.0076. Source: TheCoinRepublic
  8. Bitcoin price fluctuations this week has thrown light on the trading of Bitcoin, as BTC trading is supposed to be manipulated by traders. The media, including the famous analyst Willy Woo who pointed to the trend of market manipulation in the midst of deep studies. ‘’I cannot believe how crazy trading BTC/USD on the short term is right now. The gap in CME has filled already. Its thinly traded yes. But man, I am highly suspicious of the price across all the exchanges of late, more than so usual’’ Source: TheCoinRepublic
  9. DOGE/USD is up by 2.2% is now trading at 0.266119 USD. The market cap for the past 24 hours has decreased by 0.584 million USD, The major resistance areas for DOGE/USD are $0.00278, $0.0029, $0.0030, $0.0032 and major support areas for DOGE/USD are $0.0026, $0.00253, $0.0025, $0.0024. Source: TheCoinRepublic
  10. The Stellar Foundation burned half of its digital token’s supply of around 55 billion XLM feed an approximate value of $ 4.7 billion were burned. On Monday, the foundation announced that they have done this for network growth. The announcement made during the stellar Meridian Conference by the CEO of stellar Foundation, Denelle Dixon. Source: TheCoinRepublic
  11. Privacy coin Verge “XVG” struggling to make a sharp recovery to overcome the long-continued bearish trend in Verge. In the past 24-hours, the price of the currency falls steadily. The current volume of XVG in the previous 24 hours stands at $ 1,825,430 USD and the current market cap is $62,394,334 USD. Source: TheCoinRepublic
  12. The experts of the Ripple reasoned that the XRP is a lot more secure and quicker alternative than other fiat money when it comes to cross border remittance, Ripple specialists said that its token XRP is a superior alternative for global installments. The XRP is multiple times less volatile when contrasted with conventional monetary standards during cross-fringe settlements. Source: TheCoinRepublic
  13. Another prediction by peter Schiff hit the market amid the recent sudden fall of bitcoin which caused a major ruckus. After the prediction of bitcoin reaching $6k to $2k now, he is so sure that sooner or later Bitcoin will fall below $1k and he is quite confident about that, though the famous bitcoin hater felt the heat of bitcoin community, majority people even moke him for his stupid remarks on bitcoin! Recently he tweeted- ‘’Not only has Bitcoin broken out of its bear flag pattern, projecting a move to $6K, but the head and shoulders pattern that I mention was forming over the weekend has now been confirmed as well. If this pattern completes it projects a much larger decline, perhaps as low as $1K.’’ Source: TheCoinRepublic
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