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  1. A good site, through which it is possible to find out the locations of Bitcoin exchanges, so far I have not used Bitcoin exchanges, but perhaps that will be soon, as it has spread widely in the world and reached nearly 10,000 Bitcoin tellers around the world and this number is increasing every day.
  2. The penetration of central exchange platforms recently became frightening to traders, especially after the incident of KuCoin hacking and the theft of nearly $ 150 million, so the volume of trading increased in the recent period in decentralized exchange platforms after they were suffering from a lack of liquidity.
  3. Please, I hope you will share with us what you have about trading for the benefit of everyone, we are here to share experience, learn and increase our knowledge about cryptocurrencies and trade in the market to make profits, I am interested in these details, thank you.
  4. I am impatiently waiting for the launch of Ethereum 2.0 and the switch to the proof-of-stake algorithm, especially in the recent period, central financing projects have been causing network busyness and higher fees so we hope for better performance and lower fees soon with the launch of Ethereum 2.0.
  5. More use cases, means more adoption, Litecoin has made a good move because lately it has been in a deep hibernation during the strong bulls movement in the market, so I think that all cryptocurrency projects should seriously consider more use cases or they will be gone.
  6. I think that using cryptocurrencies in a country will not solve the country's economic problems, the economy grows with production, and cryptocurrencies are a way to obtain products, so it is not a solution.
  7. I think that we have CHZ cryptocurrency project interested in sports and sports clubs and has so far issued the special token to several international clubs such as Barcelona, and this project has expanded significantly in recent times and they have a trading platform for sports clubs tokens.
  8. Good article, and a good explanation, Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the double spending problem in the bitcoin white paper and discussed how the blockchain solves this problem.It's great that we now have a much stronger Bitcoin blockchain than it was several years ago or since it appeared, the more miners get The higher the hash on the Bitcoin network, the more secure the network.
  9. Yes, the number of cyber crimes increases every day, because the Internet is an open world, and criminals are constantly developing their technology, but it cannot be said that hacking Monero and detecting transactions on the blockchain will eliminate cyber crimes, not at all, and also I doubt they will be able to do so.
  10. What I prefer to own most of cryptocurrencies is Ethereum and Bitcoin, I use cryptocurrencies on a daily basis, but in commerce only, and I do not use them to process payments, I even consider bitcoin an asset similar to gold, so is it reasonable to buy using gold!
  11. I do not think that this government action will affect the use of Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in Germany, if we analyze the situation correctly, the German government is doing this to monitor the flow of money into the cryptocurrency market and prevent money laundering, which is very easy in the event that this money reaches the cryptocurrency market....
  12. I do not think that it is possible to decrypt the file, it is not easy even by using a supercomputer, in addition to that there is no guarantee that there are 69,000 Bitcoins in that wallet, it may be expectations and it may be correct and may be wrong in the end.
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  14. Brave Browser is in constant progress and this is an important step to prevent phishing attacks and increase security while browsing the Internet with privacy, I think that the Brave Browser project is one of the best projects in Crypto.
  15. The use of torrent is somewhat dangerous because it exposes the private IP address, but to avoid this problem, those who use torrent must use a proxy or a VPN to hide their IP address.
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