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  1. My CODE SIFPFC thank you yobit for this free coins we hope to get more Airdrop in the future
  2. Hello cryptotalk, I sometimes run into very inappropriate avatar images on the forum, and the rules didn't mention anything about the content as long as they respect the size and no animation, What should we do on this case, let it be ? or report it? And if we are to report, should we just PM a Moderator or there is a Report Member button that I don't know about?
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    For the number of posts it's Content Count, you can find it on the left side of your profile page -- link As for your topics/replies/status click on see my activity, it's on the right side of your profile page -- link
  4. Welcome my friend, I hope you like your stay here this is the official topic about the payperpost campaign, it explain the whole thing, but what I should add is that you will get paid starting from the 51th post and subsequent Beyond that, I advise you to: - follow the rules carefully - search before posting any topic - check out all available features in the forum, it will make browsing and using the forum much easier
  5. That's a really cool idea, we also hope that they add a dark style to the forum I agree with you that installing extensions always comes with their share of risks and other negative sides, As for Dark Reader, you should only use similar tools that darken the screen this way if your eyes are really really tired, otherwise it will make your eyesight worst and negatively affect your eyes -- scientific fact
  6. I know the forum's rules very well, and I did not find any rule in yobit's rules prohibiting multi account, I just don't want to run into some unexpected problems and also to get everyone's POV and if anyone has done so
  7. Hello cryptotalk members I have a question about the possibility of opening more than one account in Yobit from the same IP, Is this against the rules? I know it's normal that it is not against the rules, but I just want to be sure
  8. Start by @ followed by first characters of the member's account name, a popup window will appear containing some suggestions, continue with the name until you find the account then enter
  9. yes it is there freedom, but what I suggest is not to delete/edit their quote's content it's just to hide extra lines beneath a Read more button the content will not change it will just be hidden and everyone can reveal it if they want It is not a restriction, you can do what you want but if the quote is too long it will be minimized but still there
  10. Yes, they are free, why let them rot there?, plus, it brings more benefits than the little effort you spend on giving them right? this will create a virtuous cycle There are a lot of features in the forum that many members don't know of, we really should write some guides about it Absolutely right, if everyone did their part we wouldn't be in this messy situation 👍 And @Emma you are welcome
  11. I checked invision marketplace and found a free and easy plugin available Minimized Quote 1.2.0, it would be awesome if they implemented this feature in the core version but a plugin is still doing the job Dude, we are in desperate need for this feature, because while some would just quote the lines they answer, the majority do quote the whole topic and this in itself is a way to get the OP's attention, besides @mention, or sometimes you just can't pick the lines, just check the The results of the competition for 1 BTC how many members quoted the Admin's post? which is a long post with ~15 lines
  12. What I posted is just an edited image, and it will only minimize quotes when they exceed a certain number of lines, and it will be clearly visible on mobile phones. It's just hidden using Javascript and CSS and you can search and find the text
  13. @Emma and @xBDT Script guys, what the members quote the most are topic's content, not just posts' content, just check this out link you can clearly see what I mean, what I request is not to permanently minimize the quote, but just hiding extra text after a certain number
  14. Dear members and moderators, don't you hate it when people quote extra long posts? It's a little bit irritating and make reading posts more difficult, So I suggest to minimize long quotes' content, I know there is a quote collapse button, but is not automatic and not convenient, this is an example of what I'm talking about: Long Quote: Minimized: This will make browsing content more easy and make the topic look tidy and clean, I don't think invision implemented this feature in their core version yet but I found this plugin Minimized Quote 1.2.0 which does the job, I kindly ask Administration to check this suggestion and see if it's possible to implement, Thanks for reading
  15. @Rafik Thanks for the kind reminder mate, I did not know that posting rules also apply to signatures, as the general rules did not mention signature content.
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