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  1. Well, my friend, I hope everything goes well, your account is not in immediate danger, the new rules require 5 warning points to ban an account Note: Avoid posting separately, use MultiQuote as often as you can
  2. Do you ask the administration to add new topics? What is the role of the members in this case? Members have to put good topics in the level to improve the level of the forum, it is our forum not the forum of the administration and moderators only
  3. Nothing safe if it is online Nothing is safe in cryptocurrencies, that's what you should really know, The Internet is the largest community of SCAMMERS in the world
  4. First you can put your complaint in this thread You may be forgiven and remove some warning points Second: Copying topics from other forums is against the rules
  5. I don't think we need this strict procedure, because those who are locked in the forum cannot receive payment again because you can only partner with your Yobit account once.
  6. Yes, my friend you will get payment on all your posts and in all sections We hope you like the forum, and work to make it better
  7. Hello to us in this wonderful forum, we are happy because you liked, we look forward to a lot of good posts from you. welcome again
  8. It is called reputation because it's a representation ( not entirely ) of how your content is received by other members, if the members liked or benefited from your content then they most likely would give you a like (vote up), but if they found your content bad or spam they most likely would give you a dislike (vote down), A member receives or loses points when other users vote up or down the content they have posted, and this points are called Reputation Points, Basically, it's a system which allows members to earn Reputation Points when others react to their content
  9. What's going on with Yobit Exchange? When I entered the market cap (coinmarketcap.com) and searched for Yobit, I found that Yobit's statistics are hidden it only shows a 0$, although it was showing two days ago and everything was normal, Are there problems in Yobit that made the market cap unable to know the latest statistics?
  10. I saw some of them here, but I did not report any of them, I focus on reporting topics that violate the rules of the forum Recently I see a lot of topics in Russian in the English section
  11. It is this fear that still affects our decisions to this day. I think that if we can overcome our fear and greed we will reduce the loss. Thank my friend for your words .. Good luck to all members
  12. transaction of Cryptocurrencies require a commission, and the size of the commission varies from one currency to another, the largest currency that takes a very high Fee is Bitcoin It is best to do transactions by other currencies like Dogecoin and Litecoin ...
  13. Let's be honest, sometimes we have to sell our currencies better than see them come down from 100 to 10 dollars We began to give up, two years after the collapse
  14. Frankly I did not understand your question, Do you mean to bring topics from other forums and put them here? (copy / paste)? If this is what you mean this is against the rules of the forum and you will get a lot of warning points
  15. I think it's better to wait more to buy bitcoin, mostly bitcoin will go down more .. maybe the best price is at $ 6000
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