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  1. wow mate, thanks for information about this, i will report to our ceo, btw do you have yobit founder linkedin?
  2. but the domain is same, you cant create that email without full acces of domain? im just curious about this,
  3. SUPER8 COIN Fast,secure and fully decentralized cryptocurrency Coin Properties Algorithm : X11 Block type : Proof-of-Work Coin name : Super8 Coin abbreviation : S8 Address letter : 8 Address letter testnet : S Coin unit : Bit RPC port : 8797 P2P port : 8798 Block reward : 1250 coins Block halving : 4000000 blocks Coin supply : 11999999998 coins Advanced Properties Masternode reward : 50% Masternode amount : 100000 coins Masternode confirmations : 15 Coinbase maturity : 20 blocks Target spacing : 5 minutes Target timespan : 10 minutes Transaction confirmations: 6 blocks Node : MasterNode 1 : Website URL : https://super8.network Webwallet Link: https://super8wallet.com/ Github URL : https://github.com/super8-network/super8 GUI Updated Source Code: https://super8.network/download/Super8-Source-masterGUI.tar.gz Old Source Code : https://super8.network/download/super8-source.tar.gz GUI Updated Windows Wallet : https://super8.network/download/Super8-updated-Windows-qt.zip Old windows wallet: https://super8.network/download/super8-qt-windows.zip Old windows Daemon : https://super8.network/download/super8-daemon-windows.zip GUI Updated Linux QT : https://super8.network/download/Super8-updated-QT-Ubuntu18-qt.tar.gz GUI Updated Linux Daemon: https://super8.network/download/Super8-updated-Daemon+tx+cli-Ubuntu18.tar Old Linux wallet: https://super8.network/download/super8-qt-linux.tar.gz Old Linux Daemon : https://super8.network/download/super8-daemon-linux.tar.gz Explorer 1: http://explorer.super8.network:3001/ Explorer 2: Explorer 3: https://acpool.pro/explorer/S8 Explorer 4: http://www.nodepow.com/explorer/S8 Explorer 5: https://dev.chains.trittium.cc/S8/blocks Maternode Services Trittium: https://node.trittium.cc/ Simple POS [url=http://Pool: https://simplepospool.com/]Pool: https://simplepospool.com/[/url] Masternodes Info MasterNodeCap : https://masternodecap.com/coins/S8 Trittum: https://dev.chains.trittium.cc/S8/masternodes https://acpool.pro http://www.nodepow.com https://extra.cool-pool.net/ Mail to: [email protected] Discord link:https://discordapp.com/invite/py3nZrr Telegram Private Group: https://t.me/joinchat/Il-2jRZ4xnELpjeax81pYg Telegram Public Group: https://t.me/super8coin Twitter: https://twitter.com/Super881973725 [Note: Exchanges List and other details will be update soon] im part of this project team , if you dont beliave , dm me on telegram @fahmanmad , Super8 Advisor board
  4. okay, i will try publish some bounty, but all proof should be sent to the dev on discord, not me
  5. for now, only that listed country eliglibe to join their programme, they will update it soon time by time ... you can check daily if your country was listed
  6. wallet for mobile i think will be release shortly, for now we only have window wallet, you can use it.. more safer, because only you can control it thanks for supporting us, dont forgot to check our discord channel to get information about bounty , so you could earn some streamit
  7. the best solutions for your problem is, buy convert it to dogecoin and do withdrawls, with dogecoin, i think you willl more save the fee 🙂
  8. Hello, everybody We are pleased to announce that the first investors have already appeared in the investment program STREAMIT It will be enough for you 5 minutes to start earning with STREAMIT For example if you send 1000 streamit coins to BRONZE level wallet you receive in 5 days 1030 coins back. This way you will earn 75$ If you send 1000 streamit coins to SILVER level wallet you receive in 10 days 1060 coins back. This way you will earn 150$ If you send 1000 streamit coins to GOLD level wallet you receive in 30 days 1230 coins back. This way you will earn 575$ Start earning with STREAMIT today https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kkr8Lg8DVHZONb2S7iLrVgJWjjWMYHZD5Gn6CIYxjgE/edit#gid=0
  9. Hello, im from super8 team, we just got scammed by yobit listing team ( or maybe imposter ) Cronology : our ceo received yobit ieo listing on linkendin by this user https://ru.linkedin.com/in/dominik-warder-187373183 <-- on on profile he was co-founder & listing managers but after we pay the fee with yobicode (worth 2 eth ) he blocked our ceo we have received email confirmation from : [email protected] and we believe that is yobit officials mail, but when we ask yobit support they said their mailer doesnt contain uppercase and they said their mail is [email protected] and scammer mail [email protected] this is weird right?
  10. my opinion, its was scam token, my account was locked today and they deleted my account, that very bad
  11. the best trading platform? haha , are you kidding me? several day ago, our ceo from just scammed from yobit co- founder, the chronology like this, we receive ieo offer from yobit co -founder after agree with term, our ceo was pay fee for ieo on yobit, but unfortunately, he ran away with the fee and block us after we report to yobit team they tell us that we get scammed by fake mail here is the mail yobit mailer: [email protected] Scammers: [email protected] dont you think its was same mail? also the person who scam us is also in linkidin employees of yobit profile
  12. scam will not happend without buyer or investor, before you invest on something you need to do research about use cases, the project team, and verify them manually if they really exist on this world... sometime, people using fake pic to pretend as team , only you can decide to invest or not, dont listen to other people
  13. i would like to suggest you add indonesia community board, because, indonesia is the 2nd biggest community on crypto after russian i need board like announcement altcoin , sell & buy , ofcourse disccusion, in indonesia languages
  14. Some Mining apparatuses are registered to have 500% all the more mining force regarding the Hash rate contrasted with its progenitors. Since the presentation of Mining rigs with Higher Hashrates, the net preparing power on the Bitcoin system hit a record-breaking high of 108.5 Million TH/s on the 26th of September, 2019, which is determined as 160% addition of absolute Hashrate from the Year start. The Hash rate was recorded at 42 Million TH/s on January 1, 2019. The Mining rig subsidiary of Pangolin named Microbt Whatsminer M20S, which is bolstered by TSMC’s layered 12nm chips was discharged in August 2019. M20S is noted of conveying up to 70 TH/s with a power admission of 3360KW, which is unquestionably a bounce up from its more seasoned renditions like the FinFET based M3 and M10 models having 28nm and 16nm chips, they were fit for delivering 12 TH/s to 33 TH/s in preparing power. New Source: Thecoinrepublic https://www.thecoinrepublic.com/demand-for-new-mining-rigs-is-rising-for-the-upcoming-bitcoin-halving-in-2020/
  15. just wondering, is bitcoin automaticly credited to yobit after post? or post will calculate and payment will send every month? thanks, i need anwser for this question
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