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  1. Yes, he got his dead sentence in around 2009. POW was made in 2006 if I am not wrong or 2007. So he pretty much didnt knew back when he developed POW protocol as i know.
  2. Thanks you for the kind words bro. Winning always feels good. Yeah the gain is just inasane but I feel mostly uncomfortable in betting. Sometimes like today I have this good feeling and I go for πŸ™‚
  3. Hal is a really big inspiration for all of us. Here is last Post on Bitcointalk and one of the most inspirational ones ofc: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=155054.0 Fun fact, Hal gave satoshi props once and satoshi responed like "Thanks, it means a lot comming from you Hal" people tought he did say this to himself but thats bs since satoshi was more likely a Fan of Hal! Hal is the Guy how made Proof Of Work Protocol. A genius.
  4. Winning!!! :p:p So guys i won this bet. Made from 156000 Satoshi 298000 Satoshi. Seems like a good deal πŸ˜›
  5. He know that the stuff he combined together will rock the planet. Wei Dais b-money with Hal Finney POW. He knew that this is revolutionary.
  6. i am looking here too https://sportcast.fun/enx/eventinfo/857486_manchester_utd_liverpool/
  7. I like draw too. Since i made a safe bet doubble chance. I win with draw and with manu.
  8. Ooo my man, he deffinitly knew it. Thats why he is anonymous first of all and second of all he would take the fame. He knew it very well since he was very knowlaged about what money is and how it works. He also said more times that a decentralized source cant be attacked pretty much. Well, Iam talking about the ones which was proven to be his. What is and was and maybe is or what if.... All speculation. 980K was proven and so facts.
  9. I agree and already started πŸ˜› Yeah bro. Draw 3,8 ManU 3,96 πŸ˜„ I like that doubble chance for 100% more btc then i had before.
  10. Gogogo Liverpooooool πŸ™‚ While I hope ManU wins today because of my bet πŸ˜„
  11. Yeah, start with small amouts which you earned passive here for example. (Like you said) and if you lose its not active money. Try to take small wins on btc and be out fast again in btc.
  12. Yeah. Also satoshi have 980K Bitcoins but the most people dont know that he got every mining reward on a diffrent wallet to grow the network. Every Wallet have 50 BTC in and non of them was touched ever.So yeah he have 980K BTC but on 20K Wallets or so and i guess he dont have any keys or wanted to have them ever since he was the one who answered a user for lost keys with "If you lost your keys see your coins as donation for the hole network since all other coins are more worth nd more rare.
  13. I love liverpool since i am a Klopp Fan and a big Dortmund Fan as well πŸ™‚ But today was the day I felt its not gona be a win.
  14. Trading is nothing for someone who is not willing to spend a lot of time by educaticing on technical stuff. Then the loses are a good expirience how to not do it the next time.
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