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  1. It's nice to see your interest in WowApp my friend, even if the earning potential that you mentioned is possible, WowApp is not a get rich quick scheme, use the app like a normal chatting app like Facebook messager and whatsapp, telegram, but the best part here is that you get paid for the activities you perform while you socialize with family and friends and grow your business and audience.. Hope this explanation helps you.
  2. martmobi

    Mobile Mining

    Yeah I agree with you, it's best to live in the present moment while dealing with responsibilities, and work when we have the time to do so... But it's doable let's work while expecting the best from life
  3. It's all good my friend, i personal wish us all the best in the future, in great health and wealth... Best regards
  4. I guess you're write, and thank you for replying me by the way I hope you fine time to explain the sequence or process when you have the time, thank you in advance
  5. Awesome stuff my friend, could you refer me to the best strategy to do great technical analysis to be profitable, I need to add a stable income too. Thank you for your time and support.
  6. Thanks, I'm presently in the phase of KYC verification in most of the exchangers and I'm only going to try out arbitrage on the opportunity of 5% price difference only.
  7. Awesome, is the income stable, I mean it's daily earnings
  8. Nice one to hear, so could you please introduce me to your earning opportunity that you currently use to earn cryptocurrency or money in general, this way I would learn from you since you're more cautious than myself. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks for answering this question, but I'm interested in knowing the price difference in the two exchanger before thinking of doing transactions, is 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5% price difference difference before performing arbitrage?
  10. Wow which exchangers and what is the price difference in percentage? I'm honestly interested in arbitrage as well, thanks for your response in advance.
  11. Your point is valid my friend, every government feels that way and in reality it is true, but still what they should consider is the economic importance of the country and not just the value of the country currency.
  12. Hahaha, no wonder you haven't been scammed yet because your cautious and take measures to report them.. It's a great thing to be security conscious and also to learn from others mistakes.
  13. So sorry bro, but I didn't post any referral link on my post, my referral link is in my signature below and it's allowed in this forum, plus my post has been reviewed by moderator as not breaking any rules, Best regards.
  14. Really, I was wondering if you could share with me the are of skill you major in the earn in bounty0x and blocklancer? Thanks in advance.
  15. Nice contributions my friend, it's the safest way to cut cost when it comes to withdrawal as well as trading for the futuristic coin too... Killing two birds with one stone.
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