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  1. Hello friend, I am presently working with social media marketing agency that guarantees the best Facebook followers of any number, they also provide services for Instagram followers, likes and comments, plus YouTube real subscribers, views, comments and likes... Ask me anytime you want more details. Best regards my friend.
  2. I quit agree with you my friend, it's just that losing trade too is also a good way to learn how to become a profitable trader, you win some, you lose some, learning to manage your portfolio too is great step to trading, so that no matter how many times you lose, you'll always be in profit, take care my friend and I wish us all the very best.
  3. I was wondering if you are speaking from experience with the telegram bot, please is it possible for you to briefly explain in your opinion based on usability, how it works?, and benefit users will get from using the platform of the telegram bot. Thank you in advance my friend.
  4. Yes my friend, that's why we have something called 2FA which will add an additional layer of security to the account created.. Smiling Google really makes things easier and user friendly as well.
  5. Yeah I agree, but daily trading can be filled with its ups and downs, and sometimes you'll make profit and other times its a huge loss especially when you're not monitoring the chart to notice and slight changes in it. But all in all the thrill in trading on the volatility of cryptocurrencies if a great place to make some profit.
  6. martmobi

    Libra Bounty?

    I absolutely agree with your point my friend, it's obvious that Libra has what it takes to stabilize itself without relying on any other external support from any third party... That's one of the reasons why most users including myself, is waiting in anticipation of the project lunch.
  7. In my opinion my friend I'll advise you to try yobit investment box and invest your money $200 there for a 1% interest daily and over a period of time you'll keep building up your profit steadily, since 1% of 200 is 2, so a daily $2 isn't bad for a good investment plan. Best regards my friend.
  8. I see your point of view my friend and I understand it quite well, that what really matters is the awareness of cryptocurrencies and its usability and not just the constant change in price... That's deep and thank you for the contribution.
  9. SIFIH8 Thanks for this wonderful opportunity and I'm extremely grateful.
  10. In all honesty I support your view point my friend, it's more easier to trade in the cryptocurrency space than Forex, here one just has to get the right entry point and not be greedy to exit the market after making 0.5% to 1% profits which is very possible.
  11. I see your point my friend but it'll be a waste if you only hold the coin, your love for the coin will not allow you to only hold it, you'll wish to grow your 20btc gradually to 25btc or more because it's part of human nature to get more since there's available resources to do so.. Smiling Best regards my friend.
  12. Yeah that's exactly part on my point, since the awareness on Libra will boost the awareness on bitcoin and then Vice-versa, so in the end it'll bump bitcoin for sure. By the way, What's your thoughts on Tron these past few days?
  13. I am wondering how this contrition is in relation to the topic at hand, this topic is about trading style if you have one you wish to share and if you have none then there's really no reason for you to reply with information that's not constructive or in line with the topic at hand, I hope you'll be careful, before moderators will give you warning, no harm intended on my part I just want to make sure that you get my point.
  14. I'm honestly trying to understand your point my friend, if you're talking about ico with conjunction with Master card as a form of payment processor then its only natural that the ICO company would want to lure big investors into there program and partnering with master cards is a sure way to go.
  15. Cool to see our level of enthusiasm towards the project, and I'm sure the project team won't let us down. It's really not a speculation my friend it's more of anticipation, since we could see that bitcoin and Libra are not similar in any way whatsoever.
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