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  1. Do you know Bangladesh has lost more than $100 million from reserve in Federal Bank? It was not a crypto wallet. So, both have its advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Good to see you are still active. I'm not much lately. Very few people are posting quality here. Xbdt is a good one although he is posting a lot. You are the other one.
  3. It's possible once you are inspired by the 1 BTC reward. People spend a lot of time behind this. I was also spending couple of days, because of personal reason, I have given up. Hope you don't mind, before joining the cryptotalk campaign, you didn't post at all in bitcointalk but now you are posting 25 or whatever per week. It certainly because of financial motivation. I knew only two users are posting with minimum quality, not outstanding though. Mods are tolerating little spam since you know it's a new forum. Would love to mention one good user here @BitcoinCase
  4. This rating sites mostly fraud, they charge money to rate ICO. You must not believe them, better you do your analysis and find an output.
  5. I doubt we will have more than 5 contestants if such kind of competition going on. There are very few people who have joined here for real discussion.
  6. So, for posting on a forum, I need to use paper as well? Sounds funny. Why the hell do you need to write down on paper? You can simply write your reply on the box and check once again, it's enough for proofreading.
  7. This section is for discussion about the forum and its feature but unluckily a lot of crypto discussion topics are here but not much activity from the moderators. We have 5 moderators but still spam is going around. I have reported all the times if possible. It's our duty to report this topic so that moderator can move the topic in appropriate board, and our mods must be more active and have a look on all the boards.
  8. I recommend everyone to avoid bounty platform because this platform abuse most of the times. I have faced such problem. They steal your rewards by abusing. Better you participate in campaign where spreadsheet is public.
  9. It depends on the network activity. If bitcoin blockchain are having a lot of transaction with high fees, you are unlikely to get faster transaction with low fees. Check the recommended fee here- https://coinb.in/#fees- Alternatively, if you are using Electrum, you will get the recommended fee for having a transaction faster. Electrum us easier to use. You can try that.
  10. Bank account is safe because they are holding your fund, utilizing your fund for their benefits, keeping track of your fund etc. It's true that they are safe but never more useful than crypto wallet. Crypto wallet has a lot of advantages. By the way, always account the macro economic factors when you think Bank account is safe. It's safe for holding your fund, not safe for holding the value of the fund.
  11. If you check the previous pattern/curve of Dogecoin, it was always follow the same trend. I believe it will cross 100 satoshi certainly.
  12. Slow transaction and high fees reason are well known to you, although transactions are not slow all the time and fees are not high all the time. If you have problem with 1MB max block size, you must not talk about both block size and Segwit at once. I believe I don't need to explain what RBF, LN is. You are more expert than 99% people here. To me, BCH & BSV are same as the other ICO, they are stealing bitcoin.
  13. Electrum version 3.3.6 or above (I can't remember the exact version), there's no chance of being victim of downloading fake wallet. Anyway, it's always better use official website. Good to see contribution from you as always. Keep up mate.
  14. I would report a post if there was too bad use of grammer. A minimum quality of grammar is needed to post in global board. However, we need to account that there's no other local board than Russian, so, we need to be a little soft while reporting bad posts, not everyone is good at English.
  15. We are a community here and our admin's goal is to build an active community. Then, why do we need another medium for discussion? I think no telegram channel or another medium of communication other than this forum is needed.
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