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  1. اهلا وسهلا 

    1. nasirbadawai


      did you have some way to earn 50000 Catochi on per 30 mint if you have please contact me  

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      No i dont know 

  2. Good day ma-am, I like your work on this forum and would really like to be mentored by you.

     A respond will be appreciated, thanks😊

  3. Hello guys

  4. What is the topic all about and what have you written? This is you guys for whom the campaign is now stopped. Spam everywhere. I really can't believe that spam has increased on such level.
  5. Hope you are enjoying the trade
  6. I'm sorry that I had questioned the moderator. To be honest, it seems that modeator was not trying to be fair but the result says everything was okay. I am really sorry for that. Thank you for the fair competition. @Bigpat Please close the topic now.
  7. Did you check the contents of the messages? Let me give you some example content to check. Check this with 1398 replies: Have you tried to bring friends to the crypt? Check this with 1243 replies: What can make you leave crypto? Check this with 998 replies: Vangue Bitcoin exchange rate for October 2019 Check this with 1723 replies: - the oldest crane Are you really kidding me? Anyway you think you do not see any moderation issue here? you do not see the difference how the two sections are having so many differences in moderation? Are you really is the main guy of this forum who has spent over 10 BTC for signature campaign in Bitcointalk? But here he is giving away everything that earned (reputation) even when the facts are clear from the references I brought in this topic? Are you still saying that your moderators are helping this forum with unquestionable moderation? If they were then we would not see this topic and we would not see this unhappy face from the users here. Bro! ARE you seriously not seeing any difference?
  8. The facts shows it very clearly but I am really surprised that the admins are not aware about it. I hope they are not. It really is not making sense to me that after spending all these money in bitcointalk signature campaign and for paid per post they will do this kind of things only to favor 2.3 BTC? The forum and yobit really started to restore the reputation in the crypto space with this forum but for this tiny amount of money I dot think the admins will let it wash out. I really want to see the responses from @Admin and @Bigpat Another thing is that since they have this off topic and other board introduced, in publicly no one can verify who has how many active posts for contest. I think we need a tool or something to verify the numbers for the winners. After all we are blockchain community. We believe in verification not in trust.
  9. I have nothing against you but the actions from mods are questionable. It was not only your post that I reported for referral links, at that time I have done the same for a lot of users in English section. Those were deleted in fact immediately but your one had time to edit? This proves the level of intellectual some of our moderators have. I really want to know what @Admin has to say about this manipulations. Have you seen the facts I have pointed which are publicly visible? What do you think about the number of deleted posts? What do you think about the megathreads? What do you think about moving topics to off topic? These three ware publicly visible facts!!! Image link for archiving See, don't you think this is is raising another question here? If you were spamming and if they have spotted you then how in the earth you have only 113 out of 3191 and @cryptokram has 915 post deleted out of 4143 I told you that I have nothing against you. Mods, you think all the users from English board are wankers?
  10. Sorry that offended you, I really do not care about you or anyone except the community. I think my facts will talk in my favor. I really hope that two admins @Admin and @Bigpat are not aware of the manipulations and the poor jobs all of you are doing. The evidences are clear. Come on, mate! Don't think that I have a very poor sense of justification. Anyway, I would not consider anyone my friend yet. Yes, I had some good times with some of the users in here and I will keep it that way.
  11. Because I am busy in real life, I am not able to give much time to the forum but this does not mean that I gave it up. I loved this community and in one stage I was in the race for 1 BTC contest but lately I think I am lucky that I did not continue for the race. Why I feel lucky? Because there are very unfair manipulation is happening lately. Mods, this is a forum, everyone has their rights to continue their discussions as long as it is constructive and providing value for the forum. Please do not delete this post, lock this post unless you have my permission. For some of you (mods) the forum is losing it's value, the reputation which it earned is in high risk. It is very clear that your jobs are questionable. @Desais @ayatoslaw @epidemia @Alex077 =========================================================================================================== ****Attention to dear admins*** >>>> @Admin @Bigpat I created a topic few days ago and I was thinking that something fishy was going on with @cryptokram account. His actions were questionable but I really did not realize that he was just a system damage. Your mods made it very clear that they want @Dimarrik and all the users from Russian section to have the prize money. Poor @cryptokram, @xBDT Script thought that they will have a race for 1 BTC. Even @hexwin was thinking he will be able to get at-least 0.2BTC from the competition. But I am pretty sure none of these guys will be able to win the first prize. Really feeling sorry for you three. Okay let's find some facts for you two (admin) to support my accusations: 1. Deleted posts (Format: deleted posts/Total number of posts) Individual deleted posts for Non Russian users @cryptokram : 915/4143 @xBDT Script : 492/3712 @hexwin : 316/2480 Individual deleted posts for Russian users @Dimarrik : 113/3191 @Кукуруза : 73/2997 @Pyatka :38/2962 Let's not bring the others because we already can see the differences now. How in the earth Dimarrik, Кукуруза and Pyatka has not many posts deleted while most of their posts are as much as less value, useless posts like these English section users? I am not denying that Кукуруза does not have good posts. Some of his posts are really good in the Russian section. And in the English section xBDT also has some very good posts like Кукуруза. But obviously there are a lot of spams from them too like others. But this does not solve the question of the sky high difference of deleted posts from English guys and Russian guys. Do you see my point? I hope you (two admins) have not noticed that until now. 2. Spam Megathread: I think I need to bring some example threads from Russian section. Dimarrik Topics sorted with most commented Image: Have you tried to bring friends to the crypt? 1382 response What can make you leave crypto? 1238 response Wanging the Bitcoin exchange rate for October 2019: 998 And so on... My question is what do you have to talk about which generates 1382 responses? Read the responses and if you start filtering then you will see most of them are spams. Just talking nonsense. Most importantly doesn't this deserve the off topic section? We have seen some similar topics from @hexwin, @cryptokram and @xBDT Script moved to the off topic section even in some cases they were better than the topics from Dimarrik. For example Bad Translation Posts Issue, Newbies excluded from receiving rewards moved to off topic. Back to megathreds, the same goes with Кукуруза : highest 724 response Pyatka : highest 662 response See the number of megathread they have and all filled with nonsense posts. What do you have to talk about a topic after 50 to 100 posts or 2 to 4 pages? You just repeat each others. This is exactly we are seeing on those threads. Now come to English board cryptokram: highest 177 responses xBDT Script: highest 266 response hexwin: highest 462 response If you compere English with Russian then you will see Russian section is filled with spam megathreads and a huge percentage on the responses are zero value. What are the mods doing there? 3. Moving topics to off-topic and the boards that does not count for competition Two admins, did you notice that some of the English board topics do not deserve to be in the off topic but they were moved there? I have seen topics from hexwin, xBDT and cryptokram those deserves in the old sections they were but your mods moved them in the off topic section. Not only their topics but a lot of topics from other users as well. The excuse is cleaning the forum but what happened with Russian megathread topics? I thought all of the mods are Russian speaking but seems like they do not see it. Example: Moved to off topic- report members, from hexwin ; delay discussion from xBDT ; cryptotalk expenses from cryptokram and a lot of topics from others. So far there are 8 pages of off topics! Archive: Now let's move to the Russian section. They have this megathread but only 2 pages of off topic? Archive : Are your mods trying to say that Russian section is this much clean that as they go they were deleting posts (interestingly keep reading my next point)? No! They did not!! If they did then we would not see these megathreds above. 4. Editing reported post This is a personal experience I am sharing which happened with me when I reported a post from Dimarrik. The forum rule says that any referral link is not allowed. In the very early stage when we were fighting against the spammers (possibly in first week of this month), Dimarrik made a post with referral link. When I report a post, I bookmark it to check if this was taken action. But later when I checked I saw the post did not have the referral link which means one of your mod edited the post instead of deleting it. It's your job (you two admin) who was it to find? This was the topic. They delete a post when it is reported in the English section but they edit the post when it's in Russian section. What the hell is this? Admins, you already have spent a lot of Bitcoin to advertise this forum in bitcointalk, If I am not wrong it's almost 10+ bitcoin so far, you have paid over few bitcoin for pay per post, I get it that you have complete trust to your mods, But after reading this post if you still think that your mods are doing their job properly then I am sure that this forum is going to lose everything that it had earned so far and are you really okay to let it happen. Question is about only for 2.3 BTC, the context fund. These mods are manipulating the contest and they are trying their best so that the Russian section gets the most from it. Who knows, may be they had some internal deal? It's your forum, your headache. If you really care about the forum and care about all the money you have spent so far to earn some good reputation then investigate. Let this competition fair so that none dare to ask a question.
  12. Does this mean that there will need only 31% to have a 51% attack. I do not think this will be a good thing for Bitcoin. The community needs to do something about it or what?
  13. So you are saying government can have a closer look at my financial activity even if I use cryptocurrency? This is a nice tool but hell, it will share that I am spending money with gambling site and it's illegal here, lol. How much they are trusted with the information? I guess government investigation will have a significant incident where data leakage may cause much damage.
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