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  1. Cryptocurrency is a great site. Promoting people by giving a lot of importance to people and the various currencies that are helping us a lot towards the meaning of cryptocurrency. That is why we have to avoid scamming.
  2. Yes Brother Satoshi is provided by Cryptotalk, and we get 1000 Satoshi through each post daily, we have 30 posts daily.
  3. Jonok

    Need help

    Yes of course you can help if you are new to crypto if you have completed 100 post permissions on the Kipate forum. Then you can post 30 daily. Through this you will be given 30000 Satoshi daily.
  4. Yesterday the BTC was at $ 212 but today it came to $ 200. There is no reason to worry about this as the BTC will go down a bit but it will reach 300-400 later this month.
  5. The price of LTC is currently going from $ 44 to $ 45. But it is expected to go to $ 50 and if you buy one LTC you can benefit from it will reach above $ 50 LTC coins.
  6. Yes I also think that the technology that cryptobar uses on the HTC Exodus phone is great and it has come at an important time for crypto users on the Exodus phone. The HTC platform has taken an important step to make it easier to use.
  7. With crypto usage and Bitcoin transactions being big traders I would think they need to pay a tax. So the tax that Brazil paid and fined them in the economy is actually correct, because the government must make a Bitcoin transaction by paying a tax, which is required in the case of crypto.
  8. আপনি কৃপণভাবে বিনিয়োগকারী বিনিয়োগকারীদের ভয় পান এবং মনে রাখবেন যে আপনি ক্রিপিকে অংশীদারি করেছেন যদি
  9. In the Best Exchange site I think Iobit is the main one. Because I can still make currency transactions with Yobit very easily and get the money properly, I support Yobit.
  10. This move from South Korea seemed very appropriate to me. Because it seems like a really important thing to grow and implement crypto in South Korea, this country is entering a good point in crypto.
  11. Yes, Bitcoin transactions will have a significant impact on the Dummization and in the case of Dummization, Bitcoin transactions can be done very quickly. This technology has been very good for Bitcoin.
  12. I don't really know how much calculations will help us as a new business. I didn't use it. Will these apps pay for us?
  13. In trading, I like day trading and swing setting tie. Because these trades can be done in a short time and with little money,So these two training methods seem beneficial to me.
  14. Trading pairs usually help us to make currency transactions and to convert from one currency to another. If we need to change Bitcoin like this, then we need more fees, but if we transfer it through other currencies then the fee will be lower in the currency.
  15. In the case of crypto trading, many may not be profitable at all, once twice it is eliminated when time cannot achieve success. In fact if we notice it in their case then we have to stick to it and we should keep trying for it even after two or three times.
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