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  1. Yes I like kyc exchange because my money is safe if I done kyc. its good as I think for every good traders who fully involved with trade. I just support kyc. so u should talk it positive
  2. Well said. It is not so easy to touch $10,000 as soon as. But it can be happen in few years, we can not give any guarantee that it will be touch soon.
  3. Agree with you. Multiple account create a spam any website or forum. Such like that, admin need aware to restrict multiple account creation.
  4. yes, it is right decision to restricted copy/paste word. Need a generic/new something which can help to spread knowledge about crypto.
  5. Actually, this forum needs more topics to difference topics category. Category wise topics is more helpful to find out the fixed one. So it is need urgent.
  6. BTG is Bitcoin gold. After Bitcoin fork Created BTG (Bitcoin gold). Although price also low $7.95 USD, But Marketcap volume is high and A lot of exchange listed it.
  7. Bitcoin is king, we can not difference between two (bitcoin and ethereum). But Now Ethereum used a lot of companies also and public also interested about Ethereum.
  8. Of course, you need to gather knowledge to get profit from crypto trading. Better option look your eye on trading section
  9. Some types/ways to make money in crypto sector. Most of the newbie work as a bounty hunter and do social tasks. Not only that, who have capital and has knowledge about trading they working into trade and getting profit/money.
  10. The volume is cool and they are working very nice. Take a look please - https://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/hitbtc/ & https://www.coingecko.com/en/exchanges/hitbtc and its top 31 number exchange 😍
  11. Binance is always rocks without any doubt. If someone talk about a Super fast exchange, I recommend binance crypto exchange.
  12. yes. Coinmarketcap showing the big volume of Hitbtc exchange. I didnot fallen down any problem while using the exchange.
  13. https://withdrawalfees.com/exchanges/hitbtc yes found changes of withdraw fees. thanks for saying your valuable feedback/news. Hitbtc processing a good job, but not for last 20-30 coin.
  14. Конечно, вы правильно сказали. У монеты нет светлого будущего, а самое плохое время и деньги для инвестирования этой монеты.
  15. Can you provide the valid post which have you done? And how replace their policy? Is it legit, or just a line? one things that fees some of coin is high but not for all. Like KIN coin withdraw fees high.
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