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  1. I need to audit my twitter account to join in bounty campaign. Anyone can help me to audit my account please? https://twitter.com/rabbythesr
  2. Whch is most stable coin or token? Bitcoin or Ripple ? Or have any other coin/token which is more stable ??
  3. Where I can learn basic of crypto trade? I want a method that can decrease my chances of loses in crypto trade.
  4. Is there any way by which the government can control the cryptocurrency? Will the government be able to collect the tax on every transaction? If this is the case, cryptocurrencies may be declared legal in each country.
  5. Rabby20

    Invest in IEO?

    Is IEO project is the best option to invest or ICO is better than IEO? Did you guys able to make profit from any IEO project? ??
  6. How do you analyse an ICO project to find out which is legit & which is scam? What I have to see before investing in an ico project? ?
  7. According to you which is the best option to trade with lowers risk? Short term trade or long term trade?
  8. I want to sell my signature space only for 10 USD /week If anyone interested feels free to pm me on telegram: https://t.me/Rabby20
  9. Did you guys ever see any legit HYIP website which have stay for a long time & didn't scam with anyone?
  10. let's share how do we make money in crypto section so that newbie & many other person like me can learn how they make money in this section. I used to work in bitcointalk as a signature designer , bounty hunter. social media manager (booster)
  11. I have seen many crypto trading signal website, especially in the telegram group where they give surety to make a profit by following their signal. Is anyone able to make a profit by them? How they able to know which coin price will increase at which time?
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