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  1. So far so many hackers had hacked wallets, but now they are doing hacking to exchanges. It is hard to maintain an exchange because of Bitcoin is digital asset so it cannot be stopped offline. In these days most exchanges are taking care about their exchange and wallets security.
  2. A single word can breaks the friendship and some people desperately hate for just not liking their post. We all are humans and treat similarly as the forum grows up. I saw most of the members here working hard to build this forums great and the admin should take care for future development. Life is too short so don't be hatred with anyone and just give a smile to them so they can start to love again.
  3. As far as I know they had Twitter account a I saw it somewhere, but don't know about Telegram channel. This is good forum to spend time here than on telegram channel.
  4. I think you have low money in your wallet so investing in Ethereum is good as you can able to convert int o fiat at any time, so no need to worry. If you have more money then try to share some with Bitcoin too.
  5. I am not sure about these things, but they should operate as it is big exchange. I think their is some restrictions, that's why they are closing down. I think you are right, hoping they can soon finish the war.
  6. It's good to hear for withdraw when we want. So Dogecoin might be the best I think investing 1000 Doges might be good. Do you know how much we get for 1000 doges per month? Can you calculate and let us know how the system works.
  7. If it doesn't cost anything, then the tokens are shit tokens that don't have any value. I got few times in Airdrops, but they all gone into waste of time even though it is few seconds to fill up the form.
  8. Then why people tell fake stories, that they are making great amount from Gambling. I have seen in forums somewhere they mentioned it is easy to make money from Gambling, but as for me it is loss only. If it was so easy, then who will be the loser?
  9. Well I already looked into the investment plans and thought to invest something in any one of the coin, but still got confused and when we should withdraw from investbox? There is risk involved in investment and we have to think twice before putting eggs in unknown basket.
  10. I don't know which coin you are talking, but if it is Bitcoin, then I would suggest to HODL and also you said HODL not hold. These two had difference and the one you chosed for your dream. I too Hold for sometime and later may sell it because of financial issues.
  11. I joined Crypto in the year of 2017 and sold all of my BTC for fiat since I have to pay my bills and other things. For your question If i bought anything during that time, then I could had sold it for less than $500. I never thought that it could go that much high value. I even sold more BTC when the price was at around $5k, but if had those amount today then I can
  12. Does anybody tell me what could be the real reason for removing from 31 countries. I heard a long back here about this exchange is closing and now it is Closure to do. This is bad such a big exchange is closing without giving any reasons.
  13. You won't get more than 30k sathoshis per day even you are able to post more than 100 per day. The admin has made a limit for everyone so it can be paid to all members. I don't know how long does this continues for paying everyone since we all had financial problems.
  14. Well I spend most time here, but from next month onwards I have to do other things because of ongoing work as stopped. Everyone has different type of problems so we can't expect everything is perfect for us. By joining this forums I am thought my life would change, but my hopes were losing here too.
  15. I suggest you to better to stick this forum for a long time and then you understand the best possible ways of earning. Everyone here is to make money, but everyone cannot make money from the beginning. Some people invest money in BTC or altcoins to become rich, so this could be another way to make money without hard work.
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