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  1. You should add Monero and BNB as they were too good coins, but what you suggested was excellent in 2020. You may missed Bitcoin as this is the head of the family. You too missed for Monero and also Litecoin, but I am hoping your predictions might come true.
  2. I tried today for free coins and doge was around 0.00001 per click and I left it. Free coins are worth only some time not all the time we get more coins per click. Did anybody got 100 doge coins in a day?
  3. Currently the price is dropped to 50 cents, so I would suggest you not to buy of hold that coin because it already lost 20 cents in a month. The developer is responsible for price dropping, but they won't tell the reason or they won't work hard to bring profit for our investment.
  4. In the past Ethereum price boomed because of more projects are relied on Ethereum tokens and now no one is coming up with Ethereum so the price won't pump in most aspects.
  5. Bitcoin is not connected to Monero or Litecoin and may be some others too. I have seen in the past that Litecoin grew it itself even the price of Bitcoin dropped. I am too looking to buy monero, but don't have funds and may be if the price falls down. Do you think Monero will reach $100?
  6. Ok Good luck bro and you were real brother to Mc Afee as he told you Bitcoin will reach $100,000. Think wise first Bitcoin need to reach $20 to $50k without this it will never happen, hope Mc Afee dream come true and people will become more richer from Bitcoin.
  7. Here is the link of their site and what I believe is these ICO's are just trying to fool by telling you can trade those tokens before distributing. I don't think this exchange will benefit for the bounty hunters in the future. Anyway we will see by listing the tokens and how much time it required for selling.
  8. I thought there may be private groups and joining them can increase our money. I mean investing with them shall be free from stress. The thread has helped me better to make offline friends and trade simultaneously.
  9. Ohh so when will be the prediction date end? He had tweeted a lot of shit coins by taking bribe, haven't you heard about this any time?
  10. I have just saw some news about this coin which was commenced a year back and all the time the coin was 10 cents only. Presently the coin is 8 cents and some of them were saying the price will pump in 2020, is it really the price increases? I had only 750 tokens and they were thinking to make it for coin, should I need to buy or just sell them and leave it off?
  11. I think the ICO is running, but they didn't distributed bounty and I think should have to sale my stakes on Tokpie. Their ICO will run till next year September 2020 and these much days is waste of our time by looking their site.
  12. Privacy coins are good for storing, but I am using only Bitcoin as here no one accepts in selling privately rest of the crypto. Dash is a Private coin? as it was already launched in our country for few days and then went back. I understand about the privacy coins where we can't get information about total coins and how many were adding daily. I thought privacy coins are the better way to use, but from your post it shows we don't have any calculations.
  13. Some of them already accepting Bitcoin into their businesses as you XRP is accepted in most banks and using its functionalities world wide. The only problem is happening because of its volatile prices. An example A employee will get the payment $10k when the price was at 1 BTC is $10k If the price falls the company will be in lose or if the price the rises the employee have to spend all the amount before the fall or may have to hold until it rises. Do you like to accept your salary in BTC? Most hotels are accepting Bitcoin in world and now some of them are implementing for small business too.
  14. You can earn some money in gold too, but not huge and yes we cannot able to transfer gold, but we can transfer BTC to anyone with a less fee. BTC can bring huge profit in no time, but also loss in some moments. Investing in a wise method always make us profit and boom for rich.
  15. I didn't read that page, but seen others those who barked Bitcoin is a PONZI, SCAM and finally they invested into Bitcoin. They were top investors and owned some of the businesses. If I am the Bitcoin owner then I could have deleted the wallet of Wikipedia, but I think someone has wrote Bitcoin is a scam on it and not Wikipedia.
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