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  1. If you are excluding such great and top level coins, then I would go with XLM, XMR, and EOS. Here none knows about the investment and improvement in the price for future. I would suggest you to research your own and invest in them.
  2. I agree most part with you and yes its better to remove the paid to post, but this is a community that have to get messages from different people. Spammers are everywhere so we have to keep clean and stay far with them. Crypto writers are good for blogging not for forums as the Google bot recognize the language and words of a writer.
  3. I think these members and admins are more active on Bitcointalk than these forums. I too heard and seen stake com in signatures long ago. Do you have any experience with Rocketpot? as I looking to join some gamble sites.
  4. I think the forum may convert it into Russians forums soon because of no more languages for people in order to increase membership and ranks. I too asked the team several times to introduce more languages, but their is no response from them.
  5. I have heard about this plugin in the past, but do they provide any money for reading the news on their application. I understand that they provide real news, but they should also offer some rewards to the users who read regularly.
  6. Hi It looks like you spent most of time with these pennies and yeah they are waste for everyone, but still some of them said they make more money. I don't know how it possible for them without a proof here. mobile apps = Time waste
  7. These scammers are getting our ID's from group chat and they come up with new chat. In last week a person was acted as a girl and looking to ask more and more questions like she is interested in marrying me. I just asked the Whatsapp no to find out whether the person is really a girl to invite video chat and the chat broken here.
  8. Ive too joined for earning in the beginning as we all are money makers, but as time goes on started to invest in crypto. I am now looking to make money from Signature campaigns too, but here the worst case the posts goes under deletion all the time. The admin still not yet mentioning why the posts are getting deleted. Anyway Happy life.
  9. This happens in most cases where people are lazy and I too lost money by forgetting the password, but it was small amount. It is good learn this thing for everyone so we all should check twice the address and the website too. Mistakes happen with everyone, but no one regret it.
  10. Well this happens only when the wallet ID's are similar, but my suggestion is to handover the coins or money that belongs to the investor. How do you feel if you are the same person who tried to buy those coins? If you don't know the buyer, then keep that coins with you and sell them when the price comes.
  11. Sorry to hear as you encountered this problem, but you have learned how to deal with strangers. I have encountered such type of problems in the past, but didn't lost anything. Could you tell me what is the site name of that?
  12. There are several topics about Dogecoin here and you must have read those things. This Dogecoin founder had died and the development stopped as per the other members who reported here. I would suggest if you have doges in your wallet keep it or sell it and don't think the price might increase as it will never happen even the bullrun comes.
  13. Ive used Blockchain wallet and never ever had a complain against except the wallet cannot be recovered without a seed. I lost once on a time by forgetting password of Blockchain and seed too. I would suggest never click any links from the unknown emails or people and keep safe of your computer or android.
  14. I got recently 100 Doge coins for free and most of them got 400 I think, but if you could check daily, then you can make some decent money with them. I am not a fan of such new born coins since lost hopes when I used to do bounties.
  15. As of now the Bitcoin is too strong so it is not easy to collapse. If you are believing to get collapsed by it, then you have to wait for the end of this year and see it. I don't have any hopes in falling, but just moving forward is excellent.
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