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  1. yes explained about the tag word very is not just a word it is just a way of getting attraction of thr some specific person whom we want to interact through the chat.and for this we have to use person's username along with @
  2. yes before sharing our identity to any website we have to make sure a proper research about the website and we should check the purpose od providing our identity to the wwbsite.if we dind all the things to be good then we shall proceed
  3. it is very easily possible that from the crypto people will create a great future.and already there are lot of people made their career and future which even were not te crypto we just need a good capital,Knowledge ,trading skills and strategies
  4. it is very sas to hear thiis from you.moat od the people accidentally makes aame in this case either you have to wait for filling the order or you have to sell at a minimum price..but don't be panic here .
  5. getting a profit is directly related to the amount of Knowledgebwe are having and the hunger of learning.if we are having these both things thebwe will have a great profit in any field.and if we Talk about the crypto trading thrn as much as a person having knowledge and experience then he will be able to gain the pofit
  6. the main intention of mine workingsl in the forum is both learning with earning.there is no good platform as compare to this forum who is providing a outstanding opportunity to all the members to learn and earn from this platform with zero investment
  7. this exchange is looking like a bittrex. and it also lists many good coins on its platform and also the transaction fees is as normal as other exchanges.i would like to register on this exchange.and they ask kyc then will verify my kyc too.
  8. i got 7 million dice coins 5 days ago..and i made a research over the coin and found that it is not having trading market yet.we can just use it in invest box as dice .but i would like to hold it for thr future .and i hope it will give some profit for all of us
  9. my point of view on this is many peoples havung fear of deleting of the posts so thats why they don't create topics in the forum.i also want to create but because of lack of knowledge i have a little fear of deleting of the posts but i will definitely try to make good topics in upcoming days
  10. i noticed this feature just now.and i found ut very good because if anybody wants to give more than one reaction then it was consider as the reputation cheater.but now it is possible to give 5 reactions in a single tap.
  11. i am hearing this site for the first i wanna say that everyday we experience many mining sites in crypto some of them are genuine ar some of first we have to Work on those sites with our own then we should peomote it to the public
  12. i understood that on this site we can earn something by watching advertisements .but i just want to know about the earning how much we can earn in a single day.and what is the withdraw policy?
  13. yes the coinns which you have mentioned are evergreen.these coins having small and stable proce so that any one cn have trading over those and get profit.i always prefer trx coins for any investment and transactions.
  14. this site looks like a opportunity to get business deals and also for earning.i will surely browse this site to get more information about the site and i hope it will give a good profit and will be worth for our time
  15. the same issue also happen with me also yesterday.but now it has been resolved because all features are working properly now.may be that was a browser problem or any some technical i Check my Account and it is working properly with all the features
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