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  1. The activity od making multiple account to earn more from here will result in banning if those we all should use a single account with a songle ip address
  2. Yobit is a exchange like other exchanges in which you should forst register a account .and here no kyc is needed dor the transactions.yiu can deposit and withdrawal your amount without kyc that is the good thing of this exchange
  3. If you are not getting profit from a long time then somewhere you are doing something wrong you are adopting some useless strategy which is not working to the profit upgrade yourslef and your strategies with the current requirement
  4. Yobit exchange provide a high security to their users has a transaprent service with a low transaction fees.also the exchange provide a quick deposit and withdrawal service
  5. I spend about 3 hours daily in the crypto and cryptocurrency.each day i learn new things from the crypto market and aslo from this forum.and most of the time i spend in this forum
  6. Bitcoin can never be only experience ups and down in its price which doesn't mean it will be collapsed.every price dump indicates a high pump in price in the future
  7. Wallets are the apps or software system in which we can store our bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency .wallet provides us a high security for our cryptocurrencies.
  8. Crytotalk is the best platform to earn free bitcoin .there are more sites who pretend themselves to be free earning sites but they are not the real and legit.cryptotalk having payment proofs .and im also getting the pyament every month.
  9. There are 21 millions bitcoins are created and in supply only 18 millions circulated.and rest of the bitcoins is using for mining
  10. To avoid deleting of post you should comment on some popular topic which are having zero chances of deletion.i think you are commenting on some useless topics.
  11. Price pumping and dumping is depend on the users and investors of that coin.and it very normal .also there are many factors like the news regarding to the coin we should have patience when price goes down
  12. I don't think this idea gonna work here.because its only forum's team right to decide or design the forum's we are users we just only give suggestion and feedbacks related to the forum services .
  13. Whenever you see duplicate topic just report that topic and don't comment over there.anyhow the moderators will find such activity and eliminate those topics at the end .
  14. Cryptocurrencies may end but crypto market never have ending.everyday crypto is coming up with great currencies project which is having good potential and good future.may be in future most of the cryptocurrencies dead.but in the same quantity lot of cryptocurrency will be launching
  15. I don't think physiological training is necessary for the newbie trader.just we have to control our emotions and mind to avoid the loss in trading.there is nothing specail training required.
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