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  1. DIY Tube Video Community now has three parallel video processors. This means that at any given time three servers are processing video uploads day and night. DIY Tube is growing and more new content is being uploaded daily. Now members can upload multiple videos at a time without waiting.
  2. Yes, anyone can upload their own creative content. And yes we are working to create awareness of our site and blockchain.
  3. DIY Tube has its own official discussion forum. You can ask questions about DIY Tube, our blockchain and DIYT Coins or give us suggestions for improvements. Not sure if I can post the link here but its on the bottom of DIY Tube Video homepage.
  4. Hi, yes please PM me with more information. We need to get on an exchange that reports to coinmarketcap but our funds are low. We have not had any fundraiser yet.
  5. There is nothing hidden to channel owners. I was programming on the homepage and lost the views but will bring them back. Right now I am working on other things which are more important at this time.
  6. Well, you can get in and use your free credit and see for yourself. The amount earned depends on the percentage of a Masternode that you rent or stake.
  7. Thanks. The amount paid for views and writing comments are listed on our about page here: Make sure to read the notes about the increased payment rates. We dont even require you to enter any real personal information. We dont collect any data or sell any either. Write a comment today and see your earnings increased tomorrow. Then please come back and let everyone know your results.
  8. The layout is based on YT from years ago back when it was good to use. We only just started to promote the company so it will take time to get it going well. The price of the coin is affected by YouTube trolls. When someone buys DIYT Coins, raising the value, the trolls sell to one another at a few Sat to artificially reduce the value in hopes of wiping us out. Look at the pattern. Time and time again, someone buys DIYT, raising the value, trolls sell to one another pulling it down. It repeats. They wont stop until they run out of coins.
  9. The amount of earnings is not limited. You can keep earning for views on your videos and comments you write as long as DIY Tube exists. The pay rate per view or comment is set but can change based on DIYT Coins value at any given time. You can find information about payment rates on our coin page
  10. Come on over and upload your videos. Everyone is welcome to share their videos on DIY Tube
  11. Yes, we are still paying and this project is still going. It will continue to run as long as DIY Tube Video exists
  12. Well, if you got views on a video, then you already have earned. Its automatic and pays out every 24 hours. Keep going and earn some more. Later you can sell your earnings on the exchange. To see your earnings, sign into your account and on the top center, you can see how much DIYT Coins you have earned.
  13. You will notice a pattern. Someone buys up some coins and then YouTube trolls who mined some coins sell to one another at a few SAT and then come on here bragging about how "low" the value is. Then someone buys coins again, raising the value back up and the trolls do their thing again. Repeat and repeat. Until they are out of coins. Our plan is to invest 50% of our ad revenue into buying coins once we get ads running. We will need the coins to pay for video views and comments on our platform anyway. The coins are rewarded fairly to miners and Masternode holders right now. So we will have to buy the coins on the market for DIY Tube Video Community. It was planned this way in order to stabilize the price and keep them circulating. So once ads are running, there is no way the trolls can harm our price again.
  14. YouTube is changing the rules all the time now, often without warning. If you know someone with a YouTube channel, tell them to back up their channel on DIY Tube just in case. And they can earn cryptocurrency at the same time.
  15. If YouTube wants to make changes to their platform, that is fine but they need to issue warnings ahead of time and be transparent about their plans. NOT shut down channels and delete videos overnight, silently and on a holiday when nobody is looking. YouTube cannot be trusted anymore. If you know someone on YouTube, tell them to at least back up their channel on DIY Tube Video. That is what we are here for. Then they have somewhere to fall back on if they lose their channel. And they can be earning cryptocurrency at the same time.
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