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  1. Oh, I forgot to mention the blog post. We changed the payment for now but did not change the whitepaper. We are paying 1 cent worth of DIYT Coins per comment now. And video views for content creators is up to $5 worth of DIY Tube for 1,000 views. Thank you. Once we sell some coins we will start advertising our video site as well and increase views.
  2. You will find the pay in your wallet tomorrow. Payments are made 1x every 24 hours. I like your idea. Its a good thing to consider for the future. Thank you. That was part of the original plan as well. To make crypto so easy to use that it will be more widely accepted. In a few days withdrawal of your earnings onto the blockchain will be as easy as a few mouse clicks.
  3. We are open to mining. Our algo is nist5. ASICS are on board so the network hash is high though. Renting is probably the best way to go now. Here is the mining pool: http://icopool.club/site/mining And our wallets: https://github.com/The-Do-It-Yourself-World/DIY_Tube_Wallet/releases/tag/1.01 Thank you. Half of our team are/were YouTubers ourselves so we know what the community needs. There is no "reputation" rank on the site overall. But rather there are thumbs up and down on comments and videos, which affect the payout a very tiny bit overall. This was set in place to allow the community to help wipe out spam and harassment. Down vote abuse is limited by the number of down votes allowed per day. I do not at all understand what you are saying there because there is no cost at all to the members of DIY Tube. DIY Tube pays for everything and the entire platform is free for the members. And you get paid for your activities. I have been on YouTube full time for 7 years. I had a good income and a $1,500 a month mortgage, all from my earnings on YT. When they cut my pay to $800 in a months time but would not tell me why or how to fix it, I lost it all. My story has been repeated thousands, maybe millions of times around the World. Now they censor and delete channels without warning. Not good. Its not to be trusted anymore. So two years ago I founded DIY Tube and now we are in position to put money back into the pockets of content creators once again. DIY Tube pays like YouTube did about 3 years ago, so now its more than they pay because they keep reducing pay to channel owners. And DIY Tube monetizes immediately whereas on YT you have to work for months/years to get monetization. We pay in DIY Tube Coins which reduce our cost for accounting, allowing us to put more money into improving the platform. In a few days you will be able to trade our coins on the exchanges.
  4. We have had the video platform for two years but we made sure that was solid first. Then we made the blockchain. We only released the blockchain to the public yesterday. Now we have to get listed on an exchange. That will take 2 to 5 days.
  5. Although we put the KYC form in place long ago, we do not require it at all. We chose to go with virtual wallets instead so we dont need your personal information. Even your email is optional but without an email, you cant get a password reset later. And I would think, with money involved, you would at least want that possibility.
  6. Yes, this site has been up for two years now. We just went public with our own DIYT Coins and blockchain. Some time next week members will be able to sell their earnings on coin exchanges. You get paid every 24 hours in the virtual wallet for writing comments or views on videos you uploaded. You can find our terms here: http://www.diytube.info/terms-of-service/ Thank you
  7. To join DIY Tube Video Community you go here: https://www.diytube.video On the top right side click on the login button. On the new window, down lower, you can click the button to create a new account. Membership is free. You can start earning right away. Payments are every 24 hours, run once a night. I hope that helps.
  8. People dont have to do anything. They can use the wallets now or wait. I have been working on this for two years so it wont bother me if you wait two more days for the new updates. The wallets are there. People are mining. People are earning coins on our main video site. Some people will wait. Its all good.
  9. Hi, thank you. 1. $0.10 right now. 2. In 2 to 5 days we will be on an exchange. We just made the coin and blockchain public so it takes some days to be listed. 3. 0.1 DIYT per comment = 1 us cent each. $5 worth of DIYT per 1,000 video views for channel owners 4. Yes here: Yes it would make perfect sense but we found a bug we have to fix that does not affect the operation of anything at this time, nor can it be exploited if we do not release the code to the public. We will fix it and then open the code back up to the public no problem. We are all quite exhausted so we are taking tomorrow off from programming after long, late nights the past weeks. Then maybe Monday we will get back into the code.
  10. I have tried searching for help on the forum all day but cant find the right place to report someone The member DCC has only posted negative comments and lies about me since he started his account. He is now excessively down voting my account, removing my reputation. He lost his previous channel for the same thing and came right back with this account.
  11. No, I do not understand your point. Did you know that one of the key factors to look at in a blockchain is an active development team? Definitely not a negative point, rather positive.
  12. Nothing is "asic" to begin with but machines are being manufactured as fast as an algo can be made. I guess, with a mess of asics battling it out, rewards are "bogged down" as you say. The system can support one or two more of them before its not profitable at the initial release value. The asics are actually helping to support our blockchain now with their efforts. Its good and stable now. But the market will change and the coin value will fluctuate. Miners will come and go as the value allows. Source code is being edited at this time so only wallets are open to the public. There is a mining pool listed on our coin site along with instructions to get going. We will soon be on an exchange. We cannot reset now. Too many people are involved now and its up and running full blast. We will most likely be listed in about 2 to 3 days (max 5) and post the exchange here.
  13. Our own coin DIYT Coin. You can upload videos and get paid for the views on your videos. Or you can write comments and get paid. Currently payments are equal to 1 cent per comment or $5 per 1,000 views. You can mine with GPU or get a Masternode to share in block rewards. More details: https://www.diytubecoin.com https://www.diytubecoin.com for info on our coin, team, project and all.
  14. nist5 algo. Mining pool: http://icopool.club/site/mining There are some big boys on already. Looks like one or two asics and some renting.
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