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  1. You're absolutely right about your content. If the price of bitcoin and other Crypto currencies be fix then there is no opportunities for traders and investment. If price is down and up then this is the actually beauty of this forum.
  2. Don't worry friend, it's happened sometimes but it is temporary technical problem, check some time later I'm sure your problem will be resolved soon.
  3. Absolutely, Yobit gives great opportunities to their users where referral program is one of them. Where we can earn enough money by just referring to other people to join this forum.
  4. No doubt yobit is actually perfect platform for trading, investing , mining and many more. Yobit is actually best ever exchanging site which i ever seen. I really appreciate you for sharing such a useful content with us.
  5. I don't have any idea about halvening but i read some reviews about your topic, everyone giving his own views don't know who is exactly giving perfect idea about halvening but some reviews are sane also, may be they're right.
  6. Absolutely, we should respect everyone here especially seniors because they are our teacher. If we respect other members then they will also respect us and will give us positive feedback and good reputation.
  7. Exactly, i would like to suggest everyone that don't ever mess with rules and regulations otherwise you will be banned completely. So always make sure you're following guidelines and instructions.
  8. It's just because of lack of experience or even we start anything any work we scared about that but if you get knowledge about investing then many seniors can help you in investing and then you can invest easily.
  9. Absolutely, it's very hard task to earn 1 Bitcoin from this forum or any other beneficial forum but working on just one site we can't earn this amount. By working on different forums with hard working and consistently, may be we van earn enough.
  10. Absolutely, i 💯% agree with your content, knowledge is everything. Without knowing anything about crypto currencies you can't guide someone about this and ignorance is the greatest enemy of your success. @zasha @Healer @Amna06 @Ali Rizvi @Abrish Zahra
  11. Dear friend, in my opinion I'm not seeing in future that Crypto currencies will ever replace national currency because every country has its own money as his indication do i don't think so it gonna be happen ever.
  12. Dare mate, greetings to you. It's very easy to understand the meaning of this sign, actually it's shows that you recently commented on it and no one commented yet on this topic after you.
  13. Dear mate, if you earned Bitcoins and talk tokens and sent to your balance then if you banned, you can withdraw your earning but there is limit on balance for withdrawal if you have less than this limit then you can't but you can invest your talk tokens when it increase then you can withdraw.
  14. Always start after getting knowledge about trading from seniors and well experienced members which are involve in trading for many times. It will give you more tips about trading, then it's on you how you keep it further.
  15. Emsaal

    Withdraw fees

    Every coin has its own exchanging and withdrawal fee according to their value in market. Bitcoin has a high trading and exchanging fee also withdrawal fee. But i always trade in Litecoin, I think Litecoin is better than other in less fee.
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