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  1. Many people think holding is going to make them rich, but trading can really make your money grow. I had that same way of thinking when I first started, but now that I trade all the time, I prefer that over holding. You're right holding is boring, and who knows how long you will have to hold, before you see some kind of money. Holding is for people who don't want to work to increase their money, and trading is for hard working people that get reward for their efforts.
  2. I bet there was a line around the corner, when it introduced to the world. I'm happy to see such progress with Bitcoin, and I hope that this continues. Buying plane tickets with a Bitcoin ATM is something I never thought that I would see. At least for a couple more years, but technology is finding new ways to better everyone's life. If they accept something more than Bitcoin, then that would be even better. I guess they don't have to because you can always convert your other currency into Bitcoin.
  3. You can invest in stable coins to avoid this from happening. Also you can invest in gold/silver to counteract the fluctuation of Bitcoin. There are many different ways to still make money, in spite of a failing market. Just because the price falls that doesn't mean that you're losing all your money. Having a back up plan will ensure your money is working for you, even when the odds are against you.
  4. I recommend Yobit because they don't require you to have I.D. I know a lot of other exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, and Bittrex that require you to have identification documents. The only thing that Yobit needs is to upgrade is their UI (user interface), but other than that I think that one is the best. It really comes down to your personal preference, and some exchanges have access to coins that others don't. Try all of them if you want, and choose the best ones that suit your needs.
  5. I learned most of my trading tips through YouTube, and trial and error. You can read forums and blogs to get a more in depth look at crypto. It takes a while to become good at trading, so be patient. You may feel like you're not getting better, but hang in there it's going to work out. You can also take classes on money management because you need to invest your earnings, so you won't go broke.
  6. I'm not sure that the admins would give you that kind of control. You can't really care about who is posting, just let the admins do their job. I understand that it's frustrating, but they're doing the best that they can, so you have to just ignore them. If everyone could lock their topics, then you wouldn't get an open discussion. That's kind of what a forum really is an open discussion, so I don't think that would be a good idea.
  7. I would recommend Yobit for sure. I haven't really tried any other exchanges, so I can't compare it to anything. Yobit has the cleanest layout, and it's very user friendly. I have seen other exchanges with a complicated user interface, but Yobit kept it simple. They also offer great prices on new ICO's and the investment box is one of their key features. The only downside is some of the withdraw fees are too high. Also Yobit doesn't let you deposit or withdraw some coins. Other than that, I would definitely recommend new users to give Yobit a try.
  8. The writers in the forum are already hired, but getting new writers would give Cryptotalk a new voice. This is why it's better to bring in new people to get a new perspective. I see so many people that aren't adding to the thread, but they're just posting poorly and expecting money. Hiring real writers is the solution. They are more knowledgeable about the topics, and we can have better discussions.
  9. They are basically the same thing, but the only difference is with Forex you're investing in a business, and with the other you're investing in crypto. That's the only thing that is the difference. I'm not sure if you can pump and dump a whole company, but you can do that with cryptocurrency. That's one of the things you have to watch out for if you trade crypto. The Forex market is a bit more stable, but that doesn't mean that you can't make money with crypto. You just have to be smarter with your investments that's all.
  10. Using Yobit codes is the best way to avoid transaction fees. I think more of the exchanges should use this as an alternative way to pay people. The transaction fees should still be there for people who don't have a Yobit account. If everyone started using this thought, then the site could make less money, but it would be an increase in new users. I think the Yobit codes aren't used as much as they should. I'm definitely going to use it more now that you posted this thread.
  11. That's my point, the hired writers will replace the "average joe" writers, and there will only be professional crypto writers. You are getting paid to post, so Cryptotalk should expect quality posts. I can tell by your response that you could use work in your posting. It should be a job for real writers, and not so much people that post in their spare time. Does it make sense now?
  12. I'm seeing more honest and helpful posts, and not a bunch of spam. I think the admins were tired of it too, so they did something about it. I remember when I first signed up to this site, the posting was bad, but now it's getting much better. You can actually get helpful information, and there's not so many filler posts. I want to see how it changes in the future. Maybe the spamming will be just a distant memory.
  13. You can invest your crypto and let it gain interest. That's the best thing that you can do because it doesn't matter the price of your crypto, you still earn compound interest every day or at least monthly. You can also borrow money against your own crypto, so there's no real cause for concern. People that are being bullish are holding and waiting for that moment to cash in, but you can do the things that I just mentioned to make money in the mean time.
  14. I've been paid so many times from crypto browser, so I can confirm that it's real. I think that is the only browser that I know of, but it takes a while to reach payout. Especially if you have a slow computer, but if you're not planning on making a lot of money, then it would do just fine. The Crypto tab browser is a good way to get introduced to BItcoin. Many people can't buy BItcoin, so I think this and a faucet would be great ways to get money, without investing your own.
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