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    Btc and Ethereum

    The price point is the only difference between the two. Bitcoin is more expensive by far, but Ethereum has faster transaction speeds. I like both of them to be honest, but Bitcoin is better because it's worth more. Maybe give Ethereum a few more years, and it might surpass Bitcoin, but for now Bitcoin is still king.
  2. I just hold my crypto hoping the price goes back up. I have a certain point that I won't let it get below. Once it reaches that number, then I'm selling the crypto, and cutting my loses. A good rule is whatever the price is most stable at, then cut it in half and that's your selling point. For example Bitcoin seems to hover around the $9,000 range, so once it dips to $4,500, then cash out. You still want to recoup your money, and invest it in another crypto that's doing better.
  3. I hate to say it, but that is correct. Long term holding is bad because in the time you're holding your crypto, if you would day trade you can make 10X what you would by waiting for an increase in the market. Learn how to trade if you want to make consistent money. By the time the price goes up on that crypto it's not going to be worth it in the end. You can long term hold with half your crypto, and day trade with the other half.
  4. Seeing those lines go down they make me appreciate it when it goes up. You never really know how lucky you are until you've tripled your money. I accept everything that comes along with this crypto game. The truth is it's a gamble every day, but that's what makes it so exciting. If the Bitcoin market was stable, I don't think that it would be as popular.
  5. I would love to scan those QRC codes at the ATM. How cool would that be? Hopefully they adopt cryptocurrency in the banks as well. The teller would ask you, "Cash or crypto?" That's music to my ears. The good thing about crypto is you can do your transactions, without receiving money at all. They could just put the Bitcoin in your wallet, and you just walk away. This would stop people from getting robbed.
  6. I'm interested to see what comes out of this business endeavor. I noticed that if this works, it will bring awareness to crypto on a massive scale. Almost everyone on this forum is trying to make Bitcoin mainstream, but if Zuckerberg succeeds, it will change cryptocurrency as we know it. I'm hoping it is a success, but I still have my doubts.
  7. I wouldn't do that if I were you because it's against the rules. The two IP addresses are from the same internet, so it will get you banned. Another person made a thread about this already. He asked if him and a family member could make an account using the same wifi, and the answer is no. Try to look for the answer to your question before you post. There's a lot of duplicate content here already.
  8. Unfortunately Libra isn't fit for the public right now. It seems like the project is rushed, and I would like to see Mr. Zuckerberg take his time learning what cryptocurrency really is before he dives head first into it. I was excited to hear that he was getting in the crypto space, but it became apparent to me he has no clue about how it all works. Judging from the outside someone is just using his popularity to promote Libra, but Zuckerberg doesn't seem to care either way if the project comes to life. He seemed uninterested with the whole ordeal, and I don't think that I would put my money into Libra just yet.
  9. Yes, trading is so strange sometimes. I often panic about making a risky buy/sell, but in sometimes minutes after trading it will work itself out. The whole thing with trading is that it's a big mind game. When you think you should sell, you should buy and vice versa. Trying to predict the market is tough sometimes, and you may want to cut your losses, but holding on is the best idea.
  10. I would be up to do it, if they pay me. I wouldn't care because it was my idea after all. They could just let me see the person post 10 times, and I can tell right away if this person is a good writer or not. There's not thousands of people on this site. There's only 2 people in the recently browsing list right now. Hiring people from the forum to help out would be a good idea too. Of course you would have to know English very well, otherwise it would be the blind leading the blind. I'm trying to get a filter system in place, so we can get rid of low quality content.
  11. I usually take about 3-5 mins in between posts, unless I have something to say I will do less than that. I like to take my time and post. You have a full 24 hours to post, but some people think they only have 10 minutes. If you post too fast it looks very unnatural. You can't possibly create good content, if you're racing through it everyday. Try to slow down and gather your thoughts, then post them. I notice people always type one sentence, and they expect payment. You didn't really your job did you?
  12. Working in blockchain would be a great job for most of us. The best thing is that you would have access to how everything works. Like an inside view with the in's and out's of the program. I'm sure after a couple of months you can start to make improvements to the code. It would be very beneficial to Mark Zuckerberg to get a job at Blockchain, so he know how his Libra coin works. I wouldn't mind working there myself, but I also have a lot going on right now. If the pay was right, I might think about doing it.
  13. I found success in crypto when I started to really take it seriously. You need to read blog posts, watch videos, and ask more experienced users for help. You can't do everything on your own, and it would benefit you to accept that you're going to make mistakes. Even if you have try to do everything right, no one is perfect, so try to be the best trader you can be. Having a backup plan can also be the way to success in crypto. Just because it doesn't work out the first time doesn't mean you can give up.
  14. I was thinking the same thing that maybe the best writers would get paid more. Leave the people who write two sentences will make zero satoshi's. The average writers can earn 1000-3000 satoshi, but the best writers can make up to 4000-5000 satoshi's per post. I'm sure you will get all kinds of people complaining in the threads about their pay scale. Saying why aren't they earning more, but they refuse to actually participate. Hopefully something will change soon, and we can get back to work.
  15. If Cryptotalk had an app, I would like a messenger or facetime feature. This would be helpful if you want to discuss insider trader information off of the forum. I also would like to see easy integration between CryptoTalk and Yobit, for new users. I've been hearing some people had trouble signing up to the site. Maybe have a link or have it automatically put them to the page they need to sign up. I would like to have the server time visible, so there's no discrepancies about the posting time.
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