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  1. Yes no matter your rank or experience on this forum you are not exempt from warning points, if you violate any of this forum rules you will pay the full wait, we all need to be on the safe side and follow the rules.
  2. Cryptocurrency trading and blockchain development will be full time jobs for many people in the future cause it is a highly profitable areas and many money is going into it, block developer are highly needed and crypto traders are making way more than other trading currencies.
  3. Well yobit is a cryptocurrency exchange, it is one of the oldest and trusted exchange online, it is Russian base and offers many cryptocurrencies for trading, it has automatic deposits and withdraws and also doesn't require KYC.
  4. You can not really earn anything now from faucets, you will spend all your time on faucets and still not make anything reasonable, faucets are the past now, focus on this forum, what you earn from this forum in a day will take you weeks to earn on a faucet.
  5. The easiest and good way to profit on yobit is by using the investbox, with the investbox you don't need to do much just invest and you will get daily profits on your investment and yobit is a safe place to keep your funds.
  6. The best way to avoid high withdraw fee is to convert you bitcoin to another cryptocurrency, I prefer litecoin or waves cause they are fast and cheap, using them it wouldn't take long for your transaction to be process.
  7. This method is only for Russian users but this forum comprises of many nationality from all over the world, the best way is to send your coins from yobit and find a exchange that can send to your bank.
  8. Trading is profitable to me cause it is so easy to do and it has less stress, I can trade at my own time and earn small profits all through the day and make more money than any other earning method in the crypto world.
  9. I love to grow with cryptotalk too, I spend a lot of time here writing and earning from my posts, I hope this platform be around for a very long time and continue to provide good services for its members.
  10. Cryptotalk is useful for learning about cryptocurrency and learning a bit of cryptocurrency in the process, cryptotalk is now the most popular place in the crypto world for cryptocurrency discussion.
  11. Yobit have various offers for withdraw flats on there platform you can check for a way that suits you, they have flats to visa and mastercard withdraw and they also have many others e currency withdraw there.
  12. I don't really follow cryptocurrency prediction, in fact the only prediction I can trust a bit is weather prediction, cryptocurrency market is just to unpredictable, you should be careful when analyzing crypto prediction just don't rush and react, think well before doing anything.
  13. Yeah I too have been finding it so hard to share my experience about cryptocurrency to my family, they just so not believe in digital currency, they are used to their traditional currency, I have try all I can, I think educating people about using and accepting cryptocurrency is not easy.
  14. After I completed my first 100 posts, I started saving all my earnings cause I know that prices will increase soon on the market and all I need to do is to hold my crypto assets and I will greatly benefit from the high prices in the future.
  15. I join this platform to learn more about cryptocurrency and earn in the process, when I hear a new forum was online that is similar to bitcointalk and it was paying, I decided that it was where I want to be and learn while earning some coins.
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