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  1. I don't think only polling on the post on a post counts as a post. But you have to post upto 100 minimum characters and you should post very useful post.
  2. This world is developing into digital era and this is the digital world where all the data are stored digitally and people can get access to their files and folder from every where. Cryptocurrency are the digital currency and we invest in the coins which can be used as our fiat currency.
  3. Never give information to unverified sites and never use your main account which is linked with the payment system. Never invest your money to unlisted coin. Never go for the doubler sites and to telegrams group which tells to give money and they would return double.
  4. Rather than being victims of clipper apps I suggest you to use clappers app named clipclaps where you can earn money by watching funny videos and you can get your payment into your pay pal account.
  5. Reading and gaining knowledge is very important for our life because it reflects our identity. If we learn more than only we can earn more. So, every member should read more than writing post.
  6. You would receive 10 talk tokens for each post as a payments and you can post only 20 post in a day but first you have to complete your first 100 post to start getting payment. We can trade this token after September.So, you have to collect as much as possible.
  7. I think the leader boards show the members who have done more post or more reputation. It creates the scenario of the competition and motivates the member to post more post.
  8. $5 weekly is very difficult to collect from the faucets but first invest in yourself. Learn and gain information about the cryptocurrency then you can easily earn talk token which can be traded with bitcoin from the September.
  9. I think earning crypto currency is very difficult and we can rarely find the good crypto earning sites. But this forum is one of the best forum where we can gain knowledge and earn the crypto for free.
  10. I don't have good knowledge about the investment box but for most of the time I have only heard about this USD coin and I have never invested in it. But I am going into invest in this USD coin.
  11. Yeah, getting restricted for some times would be very sad and I think this forum is already attached to our lifestyle because from morning to night I used to surf in this forum gain knowledge rather than in social media life. So, you should always post useful post and share knowledge and always learn form mistakes.
  12. Yes, referral programs would be very good features but there are some bad impact like the members would invite a lot of friends and if all the friends join this forum but they don't know how to write then only it will increase scams and duplicate posts. So, it's better not to introduce this feature in this forum.
  13. Telegram is very good chatting platform and most of the cryptocurrency investors communicates in telegrams but there are also lot of scams and fraud. So, you should always keep your account private.
  14. The main thing you have to know about the cryptocurrency is about the blockchain technology and how the transactions occur because they are the main without knowing them investing in crypto is waste.
  15. We should work as family and cooperate each other and make this forum the best forum and every one should remember this forum if they have any question about the cryptocurrency. The best part of the coin is the fluctuation of the price where we became nervous where the price goes.
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